Marshmallow Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Medium, Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master Healer, Channeler, Crystal Reiki Master Healer, Hoodoo Priestess, Life Purpose Coach, Ordained Marriage Minister & So much More| Seeing a marshmallow or group of marshmallows in your waking life or dreams and synchronicities is sign and symbol of concerns of traveling alone in this lifetime. You may have or desire many friends. This synchronicity is a message that you will never be alone and that you are to enjoy the sweetness of life.

If there are concerns about your companionship with your life partner/husband/wife, this message signifies that through the challenges of life, others will help you to see the brighter side. Meaning, your life partner is meant for specific reasons, which are karmic. Many blessings are on the way whenever the marshmallow appears to you. It is a sign of better times ahead.

Feel free to move forward and ahead along your present path a some good news and memories are forthcoming. You will make new ventures and even travel the world in your lifetime. The marshmallow symbolizes well being and wealth acquired along the way. The Marshmallow reminds you, that through every hardship, there’s always a blessing. Do not subside your pain, for without it, you do not truly grow and learn. It is appropriate to go with gut feelings. Go with what truly resonates with you from within.

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The Marshmallow reminds you to step outside of the box and do things that interest your soul. Live in this lifetime and allow blessings to flow. The Marshmallow reminds you, that everything is alright. You will receive assistance in getting through whatever you may be going through, whether this is emotionally, physically, mentally, or otherwise. The Marshmallow is a sign that struggles are over. And that a new beginning awaits you with blessings that will extend in your lifetime.

You are to find your voice and if you already have, a new phase of your life has begun, which will require you to express this voice to use it for the benefit of all involved and those affected by whatever they may be going through. The marshmallow reminds you to release the past. As you are a product of your environment. If you decide to dwell in your past, this is where your emotions will dwell also, if you decide to dwell to much on what is happening in your present this is where you are leading your life and the direction of your environment, to think too much of the future, equates to imbalance. Be balanced and act with grace and integrity always.

The marshmallow expresses kindness and that you will receive kindness and that your reputation is appreciated by many.  Not that you need others’ and their approval, yet, that you have made an impact on someone and it has made a difference in their lives. You can feel assured that peace has come whenever the synchronicity of the marshmallow has appeared to you.

Get ready to flush away some negative thoughts, patterns or forms, that no longer serve you!

Many blessings,

Namaste & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Oder

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