Donkey Symbolism

Channeled By Quornesha S.: Master of Healing & Natural Born Medium, Intuitive, Channeler: Seeing a Donkey in your waking life or dreams is a sign of High esteem. It is also a sign of luck in travels.  Donkey’s, in modern times, are rare forms of travel(s). But if the Donkey comes to you and chooses you, your travels are blessed. If the donkey strays away it could be a sign that you yourself are not ready for the changes are ahead. You are inspired to get out of your own way if this is so. But it is super lucky for a Donkey to approach you in your dreams or waking life as this conveys that you are ready, so the donkey reflects that. If you have some inner conflicts with decisions that lay ahead for you the Donkey will mirror this back to you.

If you are comfortable and complacent, the donkey will reveal this also by not listening or shrugging off your requests, as though they do not matter. If you are open and receptive and eager or ready…the Donkey will mirror this back to you.

Donkey’s that appear before movement or travel should be noted as a blessing. And it is such for very mystic reasons. Leap into the unknown with an opened mind. Know that all you will need will be abundantly supplied. You are to shrug off easily anything that doesn’t serve you along the way. As with new blessings come small tests or such for you to easily overcome.

You will feel blessed with where you are going.Do not worry. Give up your fears if you cannot go through them. As they are not for you. If there’s anything in your life overwhelming you it is not a source of highness or light. It is that of oppression and you are to get going and release them. You are loved beyond what you could possibly believe right now. And this is with good reason that you have a little doubt. But also note that your faith outweighs negative thought patterns.


Donkey Can be symbolic of Stubbornness, confirmation, royalty, wealth, acknowledgment, wisdom, enlightenment, Good Luck, Providence, and Support.

Know that it is safe to use your own Stubbornness when you are unsure and really want to say no in certain situations. Be authentically you and never settle for less than the awesomeness that you already are. It’s spiritual message and lesson is to lighten up! Release whatever isn’t serving you any longer with laughter. Listen to your feelings, this is your intuition at play/work.

To dream of multiple donkeys is a sign that your prayers for fortune have been heard and the higher powers see that you are looking for life-changing blessings and you are assured that you will receive them. Know for sure, that the perfect opportunities have formed for you and you can rest assured prosperity, providence and stability have laid a foundation for you. Be encouraged to continue moving forward, as the most perfect blessings are due for arrival in the most perfect of ways.

Something prophetic is coming to pass. You reap what you sow. Continue moving ahead and forward. Positive and great things are on the horizon for you. While the Donkey can be stubborn in nature it can also denote something very positive. Donkeys’ are also for good times, and often used as symbolism, of fun times in celebrations. You are stepping into a new sociable level in your life and it is time for you to fly high. Spread your wings beloved, spread, your, wings!

All is well from here on!


Quornesha S. 


NLP Is a hands-on version, of Hypnotherapy. However, can be done via distance. Quornesha Is a Master healer who practices: Reiki, Shaktipat, Obeah, Root Work, Egyptian Healing,  Yoga, and Meditation. And Who was born a Medium & Intuitive who channels information from the afterlife, angels, deities, spirits, and spiritual and metaphysical realms.  She is avail. for Live & Behind the scenes consultations & events. Her abilities are not limited to but include Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizant, Empathy, ESP, Prophecy, Channeling, Telepathy, Telekinesis. Etc. Please contact her via Powerfulmystic8

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