Angel-Confirmation Number 999

Channeled by Quornesha S. Medium & Egyptian Healer: Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: You are to serve your soul mission, life purpose and do it well. As you have everything that you need within you to withstand all that will come along with fighting for and standing up for the justices that you believe in. You will have the supernatural support to face the demons that dare rise against you as you stand and serve your mission.

You are being encouraged when the number 999 appears in your life and it is a reminder that you are coming to the end of a period/cycle/chapter in your life so that things will be more free flowing. As things move out of your life, new enters. Remember that one door never closes without another being opened for you to walk through.

You will come to the forefront of independence of home life, so if you are moving in any way. Or this is foretelling that soon, this will be the next chapter of your life. Everything happens for a reason, and oftentimes what happens is to prepare us for what is forthcoming. You are to ascend your every worry to the Ascended masters and angels for healing and transmutation.

DO not fear ultimatums at this time. As these soon will have to be forgiven and all will be well once again. You are to use the time you are allowed here. As you may not always know, when you’ve reached the end of it. Continue to stand up firmly and fight for the justices of what you believe in.

Know that if there’s any oppressive constraints in your life, right now or at present, these will be lifted up and they will pass. And you will feel relieved and upbeat in your surroundings, once it is done and complete. EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and often right at the conclusion of one chapter of your life, into the next one.

If you feel fear or trepidation about anything it is for a reason. Do not immediately sweep these emotions underway. Honor them, by listening to them. You are the mother of your fears, trepidation or instincts, so to speak. You must care for them and keep them from coming to pass by paying attention to the warning signs of danger.

You will understand everything with hindsight. The number 999 is a message about home life. You will be proud to step into an environment soon that you can call your own, where your purpose and life mission can be freely and efficiently served. You are not to take worry to what is going beneath you now.

DO not make hasty decisions. As your trials and tests are in the closing of this chapter, so that you are happily moving forward when the time comes.


Do not take what’s going on around you as a sign to quit. As these instances are quite the opposite and are signs that what’s next is for your best. Not for the worst. NO one has power of us. We only have power over ourselves. It is your choice to allow yourself to be influenced by someone or not.

Eventually, you will need to adapt to what is happening around you, no matter where you are. As what is happening around you may be a reflection of the kind or type of people you’ll run into contact with.

At this point you have developed and have learned how to handle such constraints. Wherever you are, is for a reason. No matter how you think of it at this time. If we ran from every lesson we are to learn from, how do we grow. For we cannot take root, as seeds, always trying to find ‘other’ ground. We are each as seeds of the creator. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, not the expectations others have for your life for you. If someone wants you to live to a certain degree or lack thereof, it is for them to live out and NOT YOU!!

It can be quite lonely, being constricted or contrived to live up to a certain or particular norm. And you don’t have to participate in anything that you would not have YOU to do. You are given the desires you have for yourself FOR A REASON, because this is YOUR potential to live out as you dream from.

Whatever mediocre life others would dare TRY to force you to live out of  or from, is because those are the limits that they see for themselves. You can only throw as far as you believe and teach as far as you’ve gone and age is only a number. It is false prophecy to say that Age Comes with Wisdom, because unfortunately, it does NOT!!

Your biggest trial often comes when you are about to pass, so do not quit do not give in, as Something is about to happen in your life. Push through, you are done with your labor pains, you are stepping into giving birth to something that you’d never thought you’d ever have in your life. I*Divine Source* and the angels commend you for all that you are stepping into.

Begin to place beneath you all negative words, about your path from yourself or others *false prophecies*. Whatever you are doing is a ministry to the world, and you are to keep shining your light and live a meaningful life, according to your own desires. Not that of others.  Do not fear or concern yourself with what others think, especially, when whatever they are saying is worth nothing *is dis-empowering, in anyway*.

Keep valuable energy around you and release with humor/humility that which is NOT!

9+9+9=27 & 2+7=9 Your Divine Life mission is a priority right now and it is confirming through the number 999 that you are to do so, in a manner of letting go of what IS, or how things absolutely are, and move forward. Do not hesitate to move forward, when the opportunity to move forward presents itself As this is a Divine window for you, and revel in this moment. Do not get distracted, stay focused.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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