Lady Bug Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: The Lady Bug is a symbolic message that we are each unique in our own way. A reminder that:  that we are indeed very different, and that, no one could ever teach the lessons we are meant to teach and the way we are meant to do them. While we all may be very powerful. We are in our own way. No one can teach the lessons the way you are meant to teach them. The beliefs you have are beliefs you are meant to learn from as much as teach. You are to not allow anyone to shift or change these beliefs, until they have served you and you have energetically ‘decided’ to move on from them.

You cannot release habits until you are absolutely ready for them. Often the Universe will oppose changes in our lives. Our plans and decisions are not set in stone. Therefore, we have the power to change the direction our future’s will go. The future can truly be predicted. But it is timing and options of others that we are not allowed to impose upon. We cannot demand anyone to go in any direction. We are each allowed to choose what is right for ourselves.

There is no one, that exists or will ever exists that will have the authority to impose on your own free will. We each make our own decisions. Often boundaries do not work because we must be the ones to enforce them. When you set positive and loving priorities for yourself, be gentle and do not judge yourself to meet them. Instead, trust that you will because it is a joy to give to yourself the things that matter.

The Lady bug is a reminder to be kind to ourselves to speak well of our intentions. Do not use another person’s success or failure as excuse for where we are. For example: “Well that’s easier for you to say, Find your strengths because you have your own. You are strong in areas, where some may feel vulnerable. Do not accept labels about yourself. Do not change who you authentically are, but remember that there is always room for change.

Right now, accept the help you are getting ready to receive. Be open to help from all around you. Be receptive to being a listener first and then express what you can use and what will not be of most benefit you to suit your long-term goals. IN other words. Take time out to receive the generosity from others that is forthcoming. You deserve all of the help you are set to receive. Be open hearted and minded in regards to the changes that will be made.

If you are considering a change of any kind, know that you will have the help to make the transitions you are intending, or the ones that are required along your life journey, along the way. Know that your needs can and will be met right now and as you move forward. Be open to releasing anything that isn’t moving forward in your life at this time. If you feel the need to ‘let go’ now is the appropriate time.

Know that you will receive kindness from others and you will reciprocate kindness in return. Your life purpose and the journey that surrounds it is ever evolving. You are growing in many areas. And this is quite remarkable. If you feel you cannot do things in love and light ask that the angels give you the energy to step aside.

Do everything in meaningful energy. Give of your energy/time in meaningful ways. Love all that you do. Because it matters most to the world in ways that are not always directly expressed. Yet these are beautiful. Accept all abundance with gratitude in your own unique way.

Pay attention to the beauty that will be enhanced around you and within yourself and in your own life. Commend yourself.


Quornesha S. 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Technique 11 * Egyptian Healing*




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