The Symbolic Meaning Of The Cockatoo Bird

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian healer (Media + Personal) The Symbolic Meaning of the Cockatoo Bird. The Cockatoo is a symbolic message that You have friends ‘on the other side’ standing by, commending you. You have a special ability to speak and communicate with animals. This comes naturally and you will see it come into the forefront more, along with the rest of your Unique abilities.

The Animal kingdom understands you a lot more than you anticipate or think. Take notice that animals come to you a lot more than often. There is special and unique meaning for the nature and colours of every animal that shows up in your dreams, visions, synchronicity or waking life.

The Cockatoo is a message that miracles will begin to take place ‘in the forefront’ for you. While this may look or appear to be overnight success for you, behind the scenes you’ve put in your work or effort. Your Divine mission will become more obvious and you will begin to work more and further with the special gifts and talents that you have innate within you.

It is of importance that if you are building a spiritually-nature business things will flourish from here on. There are successes to come about for you. While things may not have worked out in the past, know that change has come and you will move forward as you were always Divinely intended.

Do not argue with any skepticism, Whether from others about yourself or any other matters of skepticism. You know who you are and what you are capable and destined to do. You may see yourself more respected and attentive to the reason why you are here. Constraints are lifting and you are well on your Divine Life Path and mission.

Know that whatever it may be, it is now catching up to flow more securely in your life. In regard to any concerns about anything in general. Take note of the new flow of well being and ‘centered’ feelings and emotions. Everything is balancing itself out in your life in miraculous ways.

The best part about being authentic is that we get to walk away whenever we feel we are not received. There is no spiritual law that requires you to show up anywhere you do not feel welcomed. We are all free to be our own uniqueness.

The Cockatoo reminds you to take the high road. Take the high road in situations. Knowing that when your purpose isn’t going to flow as it is intended (live up to it’s potential, those doors will close. When your purpose excels as it has the potentiality to do so, those doors will open, as that is part of your destiny. Always remember that the doors, you walk through are doors intended by God through his will for you.

The Cockatoo reminds you to never forget, you cannot be everyone’s ideal. Whether that is friendship, companion, life or business partner. The Cocaktoo reminds you to free and break through illusions within yourself, as YOU know how. Trust your instincts and do not cling to judgments about yourself or anyone else for that matter.

You will tell your own story, as it was meant to be told. Know that everything that happens to you right now, is happening according to your destiny. Everything we succeed at doing is a part of the purpose of fate. The cocatoo reminds us, that life isn’t perfect. But to make the most of it all, as best as we know how.

Do not judge how others are teaching the lessons they are meant to teach in the world, focus on your own journey. As these are all lessons we as individuals have to carry. Pay attention to the words that come about in the perfect time, space and moment.

We are each flawed in our own way. Do not concern yourself with others who judge yet have things they can be judged for themselves. Focus on you, that is the message of the cockatoo! Your dreams are possible, with the ‘right’ people, who are bound to show up, in perfect space, time and alignment. Always express the best of yourself. As you activate the law of attraction and activate the power of deserving, when you do!


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so Kindly + with all due respect! 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 


14 thoughts on “The Symbolic Meaning Of The Cockatoo Bird

  1. Wow, this is so perfect for me right now, as I noticed sweet, funny, raucous White Cockys around me in a more special way than normal over the past couple of days, hence me looking this up, and even this afternoon during my walk in nature, I saw for the first time, a cockatoo tending to it’s nesting hollow in the trunk of a beautiful tall eucalyptus beautiful. And yes, to the animals and deep connection with each of them. Thankyou for your beautiful gift and words, Quornesha! Blessings xx


  2. Thank you so much after reading that i felt so happy and relaxed regarding the dream about the cockatoo first time having such a dream as I’m a spiritual ,Traditional healer i feel so blessed at this moment …let God and my Ancesters answer my prayers …….
    Your words of encouragement had grown my spirit right now , will carry those words with me along my journey till i go to my resting place.
    May the Lord and our Gods , Angels that guide us protect and keep you long


  3. Hi Kornesha I saw a white cockatoo on the side of the road today in a really random spot and I remembered I’d seen another one in a random spot which is why I was searching it out and what you have written is speaking loudly to me so thank you 🙂


  4. I love partots and i wished partots would come to my garden. Today i b the morning i saw white cockattos on my deck but they picked my newly planted plants and thre them 😥 what does that signify?


  5. Thankyou i also had an encounter with this bird it flew down from tne tree and walked towards me with a twig in its beak i feel it must of been a message. Namaste


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