Angel-Confirmation Number 232

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: 232 Is a Divine message that you should not lose contentment over your present circumstances, as a Divine plan is underway at this time.

You should expect an increase to your spiritual awareness and blessings pouring in from different aspects in order to balance your life in every way. Pay attention to the repeating numbers in variants of 2 and of 3. As the angels are communicating to you the blessings that are unfolding. Know that what is manifesting in your life right now are what you deserve and not simply something that you desire or seek to manifest into your life.

It is time to keep a positive momentum and continue to bless yourself and clear your environment. Right now is the best time to declutter and free yourself of anything that is no longer of further use to you.

The angels are seeing you through these upcoming changes and the changes that are at present underway. You can assure that any fears or doubts you have can easily be swept away.

It is the most important time to release concerns that keep you worried or concerned. Know that the angels commend you and surround your environments each day with positive vibrations and energy it is up to each of us to seek out these opportunities and windows and truly open them up.

Be receptive to your blessings both physically and spiritually, and be sure to understand that your present position is always a blessing or lesson for you to learn from. 232 Is a reminder that we are not perfect and we each make our own mistakes and we each have our own flaws/sins.

232 Encourages diplomacy and compassion. This is a highly spiritual phase in your life at this time. Take note of the forthcoming changes and find ways to stay energized in the areas of harmony, happiness and balance. It is safe to surrender the things you cannot change.

2+3+2=7 Indicating that the present changes have much to do with your personal spirituality. Pay attention to reoccurring thoughts and dreams or daydreams and further that visualization power in your own unique way.

It is time to express gratitude for the abundance that you receive at this time. Represent where you started from in a graceful manner, knowing that it is simply a note that you remember, where you started from.

Do not fear getting started in a new direction. And know that you have it within you and around you, and in those who love and support you, the power and gift to complete forthcoming tasks. Do not worry how it is all going to work out, because, it will all work according to your highest good.

Know, that everything happens as they are meant to occur and you are not a victim of anything that happens to you or in your life, or in the world around you. Express gratitude daily.  Know that you are loved. And everything is working out the way that it should, beyond what or how you can see it.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consulting By Quornesha S. 



2 thoughts on “Angel-Confirmation Number 232

  1. im 15 years old nd right before the 2016 election i said to myself i want to be president in the future. but i started to think how, what is my 1st step wat do i do after a couple weeks or days i started to see the number 232 i thought this was just a coincidence but it wasnt till i saw it every single day it was just like 2-3 times a day. but after i searched it up i was shocked i said omg is this what this angel is trying to tell me is it trying to help and guide me or is it just a coincidence? still im not sure what it means but my goals are set to be president of the u.s.


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