The Color Purple Symbolic Meaning

The Color purple is symbolic of royalty, pure spirituality, enlightenment, beyond an awakening. The Mind, Body and soul. The Spirit Realm. Psychic Energy. Representation of the Healer. the supernatural, inner wisdom, intuitive, mediumship, foresight, foreknowing, prophecies.

It’s symbolism: Seeing the color purple in your waking life, in synchronicity, or in dreams. Is symbolic of a renewal in your life. Prepare for sustainability and stability in a situation or time period. If things have been out of sorts, know that, something better is on it’s way into your life or the concrete of a situation is due to come about.

Break Every Chain: Know that anything uprising right now, whether that is emotions or physical or spiritual stress. These are passing away, out of your life. You should feel assured that this is nothing personal. (What is happening around you). Whatever your thoughts are that do not serve you. Recognize them, only as fears, and nothing more.

Trust your inner nudges: Know that you have the ability to read energies and people. Recognize that there are many beings of all kinds. Be sure to interpret the resonance of every message you receive. For example: Human Being, Heavenly Being, Divine Being, Etc.

Opinion vs Divine Messages: Know that, often, some speak only from opinion and some from a higher source of wisdom. It is each, to our responsibility, to make certain we read these energies with clarity.  You must listen to your instincts at this time, even if it does not seem likely, that the messages you are receiving are so.

You are serving your Divine Mission: Purple is a Divine message that you are rapidly honoring the mission, Divine assigned to you.

Purple is a color of harmony and natural order. You will find that all things calm down after upheaval. Know that, When the time comes. Love in the place of hate and forgiveness will be required to release these circumstances.

Listen to your Purpose: Purple is a reminder for you to continue to obey the will you are certain Divine has given to you or written for you to live out.

You will be rewarded for every good deed that you do. No matter what others are interpreting about you and what you are doing, it does not matter, as long as you understand the reason you are given the gifts that you have.

Inner power: Purple is also a message that you understand with clarity your soul purpose or mission. Know that you can and you will fulfill it. Just continue forward. No matter how many times you doubt Divine, know that his love goes beyond what you can see.

Purple denotes the ending or conclusion of an awakening and the lessons of a path and also, new beginnings. It is the highest vibration and representation of one’s own power, faith or belief. It is also a representation of the number 9  and 1


Quornesha S. 

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