Symbolic Meaning of The Human Brain

Channeled by Quornesha S. When seeing the human brain in your waking life, Dreams, visions or synchronicity. 

Being Mindful: Brain is symbolic of our consciousness and subconscious. Our thoughts and cognitive. How we receive and emit information.  The brain is a reminder of mindfulness.

What draws the brains energy down: When we find that those around us are emitting negative energy. Although this is no reflection of our actual thoughts it is time to step aside. This battle is not yours to fight.

All Love, The Divine Source: Connect with the source of all that exists. Love. Patience. Kindness. Giving. Receiving.

And all things work together for the good of those that…: Use these situations as confirmation that all is working together for the Good of those that love. (You)

Answered Prayer Requests or hopes: You may have asked for further signs. Further confidence in your actions. Know that these are occurring for this reason. Or you will clarify the specific reasons in hindsight.

Help is on the way: Know that when you are not needed in one place or space. Someone else is praying for the help and clarity you can provide. And you will be rightly distributed in kind for your actions. In short, appreciated.

Love, Real Love:  Love does not oppress. If you find yourself in situations that do and you still stay, you are clinging to it with fear in your heart.  Let go.

Time to heal your mind: It may be time to practice some physical form of meditation or healing practices to do with exercising the mind. And the body. Meditation can take place in the form of visiting the local zoo. Viewing fish at a local aquarium.  Getting out to walk a few miles. Watching a show that helps you to unwind and relax your spiritual body. Changing your word routines. Praying. Looking into the mirror at your reflection to center yourself.  Turning off all  social networks for a moment and sitting still in your thoughts.  Blessing yourself in your mind. Listening to music.
Doing some yoga. All are great ways to stretch the soul and cleansing the mind.
Release judgment for a moment: If only  For a moment do not judge yourself or others. Let it all go in this moment. Ask for help whether heavenly or through others on earth to sweep your surroundings to put more positive energy into your life so that you can brilliantly illuminate in your purpose.

Intuitive Conclusions: It’s time. As your life needs a little order and decluttering to move ahead beyond all obstacles of doubt. It may also be a reminder that we need to set aside logical thinking and being overly analytical or discerning of situations and simply take action in the direction of wherever we wish to go.


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Thanks 4  Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

All rights reserved ©



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