Symbolic Meanings of Mountains

Inner Wisdom + Knowing: Seeing Mountains in one’s dreams, visions, flashes, waking life, paintings, in syncronicity: 

The mountains’ message, is, you are a seeker and therefore you are aware of the challenges that comes with the journey. Dear soul, you are undertaking this journey because you have chosen it for yourself. When you complete each course you will move onto the next. There is much work for you to do.

You will climb many steeps and slopes, but you will never give up. It is your faith that will allow you to move each mountain. With each mountain comes brief rest, so you will then be guided on how to take care of yourself and nurture yourself along the way. There will be minimum time to rest, but you will have everything you need that requires you to step into the next level of yourself.

You will meet many faces and you will know you are supported, you will also know which faces are incompatible with your own journey. You will then leave behind those frequencies as you will know within, these faces, are not of your own direction. Two paths will cross but none of them will ever be the same. You will find the joys that companionship, friendship, career and everything else that will keep you in harmony while you experience your journey on earth.

Climbing these mountains means you accept the challenges, hardships, lessons, victories and joys each way will bring. There will always be plenty to quench your spiritual, material and emotional and physical thirsts.

You will learn that Believing in yourself is also a form of prophecy, the moment you acknowledge that you can do it, you will do it. You will also learn that it is only yourself that hinders your way. As nothing that is formed has the essence to withhold you from fate, your destiny or blue print.

Prophecy: Many angels will be with you along this journey. But you will fulfill it. Being grateful for your blessings will empower more of that frequency. Do not celebrate mediocrities as you’ll have more of that energy, celebrate your uniqueness, your highest value, your highest worth, your highest way of life, always, and you shall attract more of the energy you praise!

Intuitive Conclusions: Marriage is likely for the course you are taking, this union could be to a dream that will carry you on the winds of fate throughout your lifetime. In other words. What is before you is now unshakable. Just remember no obstacle or mountain ever too great to climb.

Wishing Mountains of Success + Blessings to You and I,

Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + With all due respect!

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Image Used with permission! 



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