European Bison Symbolic Meaning [Bison Bonasus]

Inner Wisdom: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience: Seeing a bison in your waking life, in visions, dreams, paintings, is symbolic for long term success and achievements. Whatever your plans, ideas or thoughts about the future are, at this moment should be implemented.

Bison is persistent prior to mating. Often their goal of whom they desire is achieved. If you have an idea you’d like to put into action at this time, do so. If it is in reference to a relationship/mate do not settle. Go after the thing you want and you will have it.

If you have been patiently waiting to see fruition whether in dreams or assured that a very special person + project is set to enter your life now. The lessons between such union or partnership may be that of structure, intelligence, magnificence, providence and business.

The European Bison is confirmation that the two of you will lead together. Compliment each other and fully support one another. It is for your long term progress. If a project or business is in question, build your practices upon ethics, great ethics. You shall have success once you do so.

You must put your entire effort into your goal, as with any. It is more important for you to do so. As if you do not, it will be challenging.  And not in a constructive way. Challenges assist us with growth, however carelessness, Does not bring challenges of such kind.

Be fair and truthful as giving false information may not immediately affect you path. It may do so in the long run.

Prophecy:When you are considering a mate of any kind, know that long term resonates with right now. In order to have something in the future, you must take that action now. To set the course, as you do not take a ship off course without knowledge as to where you’re headed toward.

Call forth your desire into your present.

Channeling: You’ll find that you yourself, will be more open + your realizations will begin to overflow with possibilities. Know, that what’s in front of you are challenges for your good. Release what doesn’t matter. Look + love above trivial matters + trivial competition. Your soul has a mission, and each day you give breath to that which you war with. Breath + resources that come from your road of purpose.

Intuitive Conclusion: Over time those frequencies don’t go away, they just get bigger by the air you fill it with. Move forward. Sidelines are to get your head together, the mind doesn’t stay out of place for too long. Take back the steering wheel.

xoxo Quornesha

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