Train Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom + Study: Clairvoyance + Claircognizance + Clairaudience + Clairsnentience+ : Trains are favorable, particularly in relationships. Especially when a man is in question, it is confirmation of great sexual power. This man, is highly compatible. easy going, + will never stop to offer a seat to outsiders which is confirmation of his loyalty to you.

Sixty-Nine is prevalent here. Confirming the compatibility. His weakness is of an erotic nature yet also his strength. He adores patience admires kindness + desires direct honesty.

When a woman is in question, safeguard your valuables + avoid over compensation of your energy to her. She may not be as loyal as promised + may possibly be successful on behalf of taking away all that you have.

When trains appear of a woman we are asked to do our regards. If this is not the case beware of her friends whom may persuade her in vulnerable times.

Positively: The woman in question may be able to now meet you upon your horizons, things are looking up especially when there are dual engines. This expresses confirmation of a very open minded companion. Exclusively between two people. This relationship may be imminent in a very auspicious way. Pay attention to surrounding signs to do the math.

Intuitive Conclusions: Trains are sudden and swift. Yet when they reach a specific goal or timeline they are there for as long as desired as long as either choose to or as space allows it to be so. However derailed trains could mean an imminent end. Not particularly in relationships but what is going on in general. Are also notions of obstacles that can be easily overcome, it simply involves some risks. When unwilling, expect delays. Leap.

-Quornesha, The Supernatural Healer

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