Rainbow Symbolic Meaning

Rainbows are symbolic for the end of a transition, crisis, change or upheaval. The End Of construction or reconstruction, a sign of a a breakthrough. When you see the rainbow, it is confirmation that what you have been through is done and over and you can look forward to days being more afresh and renewed.

Those of us who may experience a spiritual change of some sort are reminded that as we leave our old life or norms behind us, we can look forward to new. The rainbow is in resonance with the number 555, which is associated with substantial change.

Know that as you move ahead, what you have been through will not be repeated. Also note that as you move ahead you are releasing some karmic influences that may have held you back. But your chaos or crisis has served a purpose and it’s safe, natural and normal now to release it with kindness and love for what it taught you. Forgive what you heard, where you’ve been and how it made you feel.

The lessons ahead will be a lot easier to deal with as you step into your new normal.

Misunderstanding is an obstacle all by itself, you have to decide whether you will leap OVER it or allow it to run circles around you. Don’t be defeated, DEFEAT IT!

It’s time to stand in your power, stand in your beliefs about life. Orchestrate the light to shine a path for you to follow, & Continue to lead from within. Bravo!

xoxo Quornesha S.

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Thanks for sharing so kindly & With all due respect to the Author

4 Prophetic Sessions, Healing


Intuition Tip (what I know for sure):

Once you choose to close a chapter, you have invoked movement and forces or powers that assist you in moving forward.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Symbolic Meaning

  1. Hello Quornesha and thank you for this wonderful website. What does it mean when you see a double rainbow? I was driving to work listening to Earth Wind & Fire’s Shining Star when I saw a double rainbow. I had to pull over and snap a picture. It was breathtaking.

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  2. Good Morning Quornesha, Yes, I agree with Mae! Many thanks for your wonderful, and insightful website. I too, saw a double rainbow last, early evening at appx. 5:30 pm. Both rainbows were breathtakingly beautiful!! I was awestruck! The rainbow to the far right began with a spectacular emerald green color. The rainbow to the left of the first rainbow began with a deep red/orange color. Each rainbow had green, blue, orange/red, peach, yellow and lavender colors. What does all of this mean ?? Thank you, Michele xoxo

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