The Symbolic Meaning Of Storms

You cannot force anything or anyone to do anything for you. Seasons they come they go. People fall in love with you and then right back out of love with you. It’s a cycle of choices, transition and movement. Seeing the storms in dreams, waking life, visions or pictures foretells the forthcoming of storms or having to deal with those who create them/ or going through them.

A storm is simply the desire that someone or something should be in a particular way, shape, form or fashion it was never intended or doesn’t intend to take form of. Storms could also be forewarning of A transitional period in YOUR life, where you will have to be patient, kind and forgiving of these people entering your life or those already there and simply coming to the surface.

“Lean not to your own understanding, (Translation) “Don’t take anything personally”

No one has to smile, speak, or acknowledge you as long as you’re doing this for yourself, That is what counts. No one has to offer forgiveness or accept it from you. But if you forgive yourself and request for Divine forgiveness you can do anything. Smile because you choose to, speak because you choose to, BE because you choose to. DO because you choose to.

To weather every storm of life you must acknowledge that all storms past. Storms are lessons, the more you face them, the more you become prepared for life and It’s journey’s.

Anything that is willing to disrupt the spirit or desires to is after the calling, the ground beneath your feet.

This life you have is in your own hands. How you choose to experience it is in your own hands.

Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes the answer is yes. You have to be receptive to both worlds. Shake off the worry of the world from your shoulders. Write a new normal: It’s natural and Normal for me to choose what is personal & what is beneficial, I choose good things every time. I naturally and normally choose what works together for my Good. I choose naturally and Normally that which serves a purpose, & choose also to eradicate any action or thought pattern that no longer serves a purpose here.

xoxo Quornesha S.

All rights reserved

Thanks for sharing so Kindly & With all due respect to the author. 

4 Prophetic Sessions, Healing/Reiki/Distant Attunement…

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*Intuition Tips

Storms are great for

  • Grieving (Sometimes we hold in an article of pain, and so a storm is a way to get it out, at last)
  • seeing truth of a situation
  • Forgiveness
  • Insight
  • Acknowledging your truth/purpose and to follow it.

It’s important to invoke a power animal to illuminate the way through the chaos. Also carry some obsidian stones to get rid of these negative frequencies/vibrations or to aid in the forgiveness process. All thoughts & actions are notated even when you do not expect them to be. These will be your lessons or your blessings. ©

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