Owl Symbolism

Owl symbolizes spirit and serves as a reminder that you need to honor what your inner self guides you towards. Whatever faith or practice you may consider will need to be put into practice. As you are being guided down a journey you have specifically chosen for yourself and for your life.

Your inner spirit deserves to be served the same love you will give to your heart. If you wouldn’t slack on it, honor the spirit also. When you honor the calling of your spirit you find that the people will begin to reflect the authenticity and love you show towards it.

Owls hoot in the night and day, particular in darkness. As in the darkness they can see so clearly. This may be reminding you that even though you may suffer some things, it serves a greater good in your life. And to remember that just as the owl, all will be supplied to you along your journey towards enlightenment.

The owl loves to prey at night as the snakes, and rodents are unsuspecting or they come out at night. SO know that the owl is confirmation that through your darkest hours, there is always someone in the spiritual realm that supports you in your faith or beliefs. You are asked not to waver from what your true self is trying to show you.

The Owl represents illumination and is also in resonance with the number 11 or the Golden Triangle. There is great wisdom if you will allow it to flow out of you. Even through you may experience angst or otherwise. Ask yourself, Would it serve me to live a life that others will appreciate or one that I can be happy with living.

A wasted life may as well be one that shouldn’t have been taken on in the first place. To allow anyone to evict you of your beliefs for their own is to allow a lie to move in.

If your beliefs seems weird to others, it does not matter. Know that there is a forest waiting for you to illuminate the way for all the travelers willing to come for that wisdom within yourself. Your spirituality could be how you choose to date, worship or anything else. It is a journey you must take. Not always alone, but not with everyone either.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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4 Prophetic Sessions and Healing

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