Giraffe Symbolism

Giraffe asks us to STRETCH beyond perceived limitations. If you are stepping out into something new or wish for something, ASK. The power is in asking not in rejection or acceptance. When you’re asking it’s as though your intention is to obtain. And when you’re dedicated the Universe rises to meet your asking with a gentle and kind response.

If you receive a no for anything you’re asking, check your intentions. Perhaps your desire is simply to have because someone else desires or has it also. Step out into your own power. Your path is unique no matter how in relation you are to others. (Similar in personalities, for example)

Giraffes are kind and loving by nature, but there is a fire to the Giraffe and a level of power. Even though you lead others or guide them know this…You may be able to step into their shoes to do so, but never walk their path for them.

Lead and let go. Because of your nurturing nature you automatically attract the opportunities to spread your light. You are asked not to conform to that which is tradition. Step out of your boundaries! Or that of others. (What’s normal or familiar).

When you choose to reign in your gifts with the Giraffe you are binocular, seeing beyond what is visible or spoken or heard. Giraffes are indeed intuitive. See your gifts, no matter how abundant they are as that which is rare and empowering. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS about others. You can love and not judge, you can walk away and not be bitter. You can live and not be spiritless or outrageous.

Giraffes command those around them to stand tall. And is often a reminder that someone is watching over you from beyond the skies. ALL IS POSSIBLE! So think highly of yourself and those around you. Giraffes have a commanding presence, natural leaders. and environmental. They respect the good of all.

You may also be indecisive when this power animal appears to you in your dreams, but it is asking you to trust your instincts about something or someone and simply move on. When you make a choice trust that it was right for you to make it at this time. Don’t procrastinate. When someone is meant to be in your path, they will return. If they are meant to disturb you, all truth comes to the light in time. So don’t worry! Be peaceful

Seek balance always, even when you must deal with difficult energies (people, situations, etc).

Giraffes are also signs of companionship, double luck, partnership and togetherness, duality, double happiness.

xoxo Quornesha S.

All rights reserved. ©

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