Fallen Angel

There once was a being chosen, by the name of Rafael. He doubted his abilities. And his purpose to serve. God had anointed him. Empowered him. Within him he held the power to calm the seas, and command it to move. He was aboard the ship when Noah was guided to by God through the flood, when it rained for forty days and forty nights.

When Noah thought he would not make it Rafael commanded the waters to be as a beacon and a wheel steering the ARK along the shores. The winds raged and Rafael spoke to them as though a compass was at hand.

One day Rafael decided to test God, he and Rafael spoke, In rage Rafael stood, “How come we must do all the work, whilst you get to be at peace, and simply watch.

I have never seen you do anything but order us all around. God stood before Rafael, SON, To everything there is place, to everything there is a season, to everything there is cause and effect.

Rafael: Father I feel foresakened, watching all the people love, but I, I only get the chance to help them see it in themselves.

God began to lean against the pillars with his Hands, Rafael, My son, My purpose…

NO, I will not have this anymore, Rafael removed the chalice about his neck! God anointed him, and spoke, Be well as the tears from his eye fell into Rafael’s. Rafael begin to fall into a deep sleep. As he fell, his spirit fell on a Guy named Mike. Mike had lost his job, Top Executive Producer of his own show.

Mike Began to feel a great source of energy flow through him.

Within 60 seconds Mike had come up with an Idea for a new show called the Ark. The show was a direct depiction of Noah and his ark. It was a successful run and had even won an Emmy Award. However Rafael was not satisfied. His spirit left that of Mike and Into a woman who’d claimed to have supernatural powers over water.

She’d written several books and had felt that God had finally given up on her. On the verge of committing suicide, she checked herself into a mental institution. That night she saw a vision into which her body was submerged in water along with all the other Patients at Crenway Plaza of Psychological Studies. It was almost as though she could feel her lungs fill with the salted ocean water.

Indeed her vision had come to past. She heard a voice speak to her and a hand pull her through the water, I am with you always. She then begin to send the water through the air. and The other patients followed.

She emerged from the water. soaked and exclaimed. I saw the face of God. It was that of pure light and radiance.

Somehow the water being submerged with bodies, had cured several of the other patients. They then began to chant, I can do all things through Him who wills his strength into me. The earth began to shake, all the patients ran just out front where resided an ocean. Allison stretched forth her hand and the raging waters ceased. From that day forward no one approached her with disbelief. Because she knew one thing, God was with her. Rafael’s spirit Parted from Allison. He smiled at ALlison, Even though she could see him so clearly, she simply smiled  and passed out beneath the sunlight. Which Rafael had flew into, leaving only a rainbow.

Allison became a painter and a Healer, and Empowered others around the world. She got her Victory! She felt whole again. What is the Moral of The Story?

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

All rights reserved. ©

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