What is Reiki?

Reiki can and will be interpreted in many ways. As each healer has his or her own unique style in delivering healing. Reiki is the flow of energy throughout one’s body, mind, spirit and heart selves. It is different for receiver and sender. Reiki is the act of sending energy to raise vibrations.

Reiki is for one’s highest good, so there’s no need to worry for judgment or criticism. It is improvised, shall I say. Although it is clear on what it intends to heal. One must direct their energy to send or receive it. One must also himself or herself be clear of negative or lower vibrations in order to send it. To receive energy one must be willing to accept it.

Vibrations can be high or low when you receive it. Either way, the energy will be balanced or elevated, whichever is for your highest good. The energy of reiki is always light and positive and lightly and powerfully faces the physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical self (or higher self). I use these energies in movements, (7 Minutes for 7 Days, 26 Days of™ Etc)

I am a Psychic Medium + Intuitive reiki master to Spiritual Business Owners and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Using abilities to clean and clear business, emotions, psychic debris, karmic challenges or karma, family issues, the physical; mental, emotional and higher self.

With reiki you communicate to your chakra points and lead the energies. Thereby placing everything into it’s Divine right order. Which is to bring and produce harmony.

Reiki Orders chi, and transmutes negative or lower vibrations. Reiki can be sent to your home, your work, your environment, your business, your ideas, your dreams, your life, your mind; body, spirit and heart, illnesses, Reiki can and will be sent at a distance. Whether through the hands or through telepathic abilities.

However these are the positives of reiki, there are those who may believe that the energy is Negative, witchcraft or voodoo. While I can go through cycles proving this theory wrong, I will simply ask those that live in this fear based mentality to not even consider it at this time. As you will get what you believe about it. Just come back to reiki when you feel better about it. You must always trust your instincts and it’s up to you to decide if it is your fear standing in the way or if it is actually what you think.

There are many malevolent forces but reiki is not one of them, a can of aresol spray can be quite deadly if used inappropriately. Too much of the contaminants which are good for the home and uplifting negative scents can be toxic to your breathing systems, lungs or immune system.

It is the same with reiki.

When you are ready to receive, no fear will stop you, your fears will be the reason you act upon change. And you’ll understand that change is good. -Quornesha S.

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Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect.

Quornesha S.


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