Real Eststate And Reiki


SaQred Spirit Family!

Do you know anyone in Texas who wishes to sell or buy real estate? When you send a referral my way I will send you a $50 gift card when we close on the transaction. And there’s no competition when you send.

This is also the way to get a free service from me, such as a 10 Minute session or email reading. The good thing is this is not a competition. You just have to send the referral and I will take note of your phone number and name and will pay at closing in the form of a gift card or service exchange.

This excludes visa/MasterCard gift cards. As Trec does not allow us to pay for referrals in cash.


If you want to make/earn some bucks. Feel free to send them to me, with your name and number,and who you sent to me and you get paid when we close.

Feel free to reach out:

Quornesha S. Lemon  424-283-2787

Brokered by JP And Associates REALTORS