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The Symbolic Meaning of Brooms

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Egyptian Healer) Seeing a broom in your visions, dreams or waking life is a message that something has come to a definitive end/conclusion. You are clearing away from old habits, beliefs, concerns, etc. The ascended masters and guardian angels would like for you to know that changes are forthcoming in an unexpected way.

You are not to feel angst, as these changes will be swift, smooth and will bring peace in many areas of your life. If there are any fears of the unknown in your life, know that they will be quickly swept aside. It is important to listen at this time. As the messages forthcoming are to be from unexpected source(s).

Continue calling into your life through the power of your manifesting tools and abilities. As these have played a viable part in the making of these changes. You are co-creating with the Divine realm and you are empowered to continue. A concern will lift or a burden will ease. It is now a time for new beginnings.

Know and assure yourself that you are protected and safe from harm or fears of any kinds. Know that your travels will be safe when you see the broom in your waking life, dreams or synchronicity. Know that your home is protected. Know that there are blessings of many kinds to enter your home life or home aspect at this time.

In some traditions the broom is used in ceremonies/rituals of variant kinds. Therefore the broom is a reminder to call into your life and upon that which you hope to see in your life. Right now is a very successful time in the home aspect for you. Take note of others being of assistance to you along your way. As these are also many answers to your prayers. Prayer is a powerful tool to draw things into your life and into your favor. Remember, that if we do not ask, it is assumed that we have no need. It is important to balance yourself and be willing for relationships or dreams to grow and expand at this time. Know that whatever you do in the world, a blessing comes along to nurture and support you so that you may continue doing and being in this vibration.

There is ancient energy moving in your favor, whether the broom is seen upside or right-side down. You know how to handle life and it’s challenges, and for that reason, many things will begin to flow your way as opportunities to share your wisdom with others. Be uplifting, and inspiring as that is what you create and will receive in turn. Know that everything you send you receive in turn.Be loving, be bold, be kind, be receptive and respective in both directions (towards others and towards yourself).

If there is a special prayer you’d like to make, or request or affirmation, now will be the auspicious time. If there are any changes you’d like to make to your business, your brand or home, now will be the time. The broom sweeps energy into your favor, in a non-direct way.

Know that every move you’ve ever made, every trial you’ve ever faced, every mistake you’ve ever made. It all mattered. Nothing was ever a mistake or by chance, it all happened for a specific reason and purpose. As long as you are willing to believe it, you are not a reflection of your mistakes, your trials, your tribulations or the things that you go through. Every situation is a different story, a new window, a new door. Keep moving forward. Everything has a purpose, and a time to end and begin/renew.

“These changes are ‘clearing the way’, for you to walk without restriction or restraint” express gratitude. A Broom is confirmation of good energy or feng shui being brought or sent into your direction.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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The Symbolic Meaning of Combined Colors

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The Symbolic Meaning of Combined Colors in your waking life, dreams, or synchronicity.

Orange & Purple: Creativity, Passions, Purpose, Enlightenment

Orange is a representation of your thought processes. When you are in a time of expression, it is auspicious to use the color orange. When you combine the color purple with it, it generates philosophy and prudence.

Purple & Yellow: When empowered in the right directions and aligned with your purpose, it can help manifest recognition for your work and your cause.

Purple & Yellow: A Representation of power, resolve, illumination, enlightenment, empowerment, blessings forthcoming, Purple is a symbolism of royalty, grace & elegance, when combined with the color yellow this meaning is empowered. Yellow is the color of loyalty,  light, and purifying energy.

Black & Yellow: Black and Yellow together generates a sense or appearance of opulence and is therefore a substitute for the color gold.

Black & Yellow: A representation of power, Light and nothingness, potential & thought. Black can be used to balance out energy and vibrations to stay grounded or humble. While yellow will help to boost your inner resolve and help you to boost the way you convey your messages to the world.


White & Purple: Is symbolism of purity and grace. When combined together, it generates a feeling of ease in mind, body and spirit and conveys inner knowing or intuition.

White & Purple is beneficial to anyone who seeks excellence, in any degree or to any level. When you are creating your visions or visualizing what you want to do, use the color purple and white: IE; Candles, scarves, or purple and white paper, etc. Purple and white exceeds and is often in resonance with the number 4 and creating what you truly want. Purple & white encourages you to dream really big.

Green & Gold/Silver: Adding Gold or Silver with the color green is a representation of automatic success and prosperity in whatever you are doing. Seeing these colors is a message/Prophecy of Financial Stability and knowingness.

Green Combined with Gold is infinite wealth and financial well being. Green combined with Silver, is a balance of your higher thoughts about money or material gains and possessions. Silver and Gold combats negative vibrations associated with receiving and spending money. Know that your finances will be increased and maintained with these colors in sync with each other.

Black & Red: The colors black and red denotes balance of passions, and purpose. It also denotes, a balance of past and future lives. It is an expression of power/mediumship. Whatever you are meant to be doing you are meant to do it in an immense way or capacity. You have a lot of lessons within you, from the past or mistakes you have made.

Black denotes intuition in this case as Red denotes fire. Whatever you’re meant to do in the world you were meant to do it in an empowering and uplifting/authentic way.

Black & Gold: Black and Gold represents opulence, extreme wealth and overall stability in mind, body and soul. You are resonating at your highest vibration and living in the vibrations of potential, into doing.

Black & Gold Combined assures wealth, assures success, and assures acclaim and victory

Silver & Gold: Silver & Gold: Too much focus on material things. Can also represent celebrations. But will need to be balanced out and maintained or grounded. Silver is a representation of higher light and realm while Gold is more prestigious and is a color of Heaven.

Gold & Silver combined sends a message to Balance out emotions or intentions, they may be too focused or overwhelming.

Red & Purple: Red & Purple combined is a message from the Divine realm of All love for what you are doing in the world. Know that all of your needs and requirements will be met as you travel well along your journey.

Red & Purple together is a message of love. Love from yourself and those around you.

Purple & Gold: Purple and Gold combined is confirmation from the Universe that you are supported and it represents stability of your spiritual purpose. You are fully aligned with your cause, purpose and intentions in an authentic way.

Gold & purple Together equals legacy and the completion of your dreams with positive determinations.


Gold & Red represents fire, passion and achievements and is a reflection of the fire Pheonix. Be assured that you will walk Divinely into your blessings and achievements gracefully. You will put away fears and doubts and overcome negativity quickly.

Gold and Red Together represents the dragon & and Emperial realms of heaven and earth. You will find treasures and your achievements will not be overlooked.


More colors are to come…


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 45

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel number 45 Is a message from heaven that, as of right now you are facing many changes at once. You have a lot going for yourself, either right now or behind the scenes. Either way, it is a prosperous and abundant time.

Know that any pauses or delays will soon end and you will come into the fruition of progress and renewal. Know that delays or changes to plans are only challenges for you to overcome. Right now is an auspicious time to set out authentic and realistic commands or expectations from the Universe on your behalf.

In which case, ask yourself, “Am I doing what i am doing at present, for the right reasons, the right cause? Am I involved in situations that benefit my life right now and forward? It is a time to sit with yourself and ask these questions, by doing so you will gain clarity and wisdom from the higher self and higher realms.

Ego can be both positive and negative, negative thoughts accumulate from the ego. As much as positive thoughts, our minds are made up many aspects. Not only our brain(s). It is now a positive time to clear habits, worries, fears, doubts and concerns to generate clarity so that the mind is open and receiving new wisdom, daily.

It is important to not argue with others at this time. As much of the energy may be from this time and space of the ego. Do not intervene when others are ranting, as you are allowed to do the same when it is necessary.

Anyone can make suggestions as to what is possible for you, but what matters is what is right for you at this time. Know that when anything happens to you or you make certain mistakes, it is aligned according to your blue print and was a destined lesson.

Our pasts repeat in our minds as much as automatic negative thoughts are accumulated from the ego, a space where all things are held onto. Because we have not maintained our past. It is time to place things into direct order, time and space. Do not look upon your pasts. Look upon the successes you have today and be thankful of your blessings. Reflect upon someone who may be less fortunate than you, and then return your focus forward.

Know that when you are in the vibration of your purpose, opportunities effortlessly flow your way. When you are in the vibration of the ego, things seem or appear confusing and you begin to fear. Your confidence is of great importance for the work you must do in the world. Learn to play, and let go of ‘serious’ constraints or convictions within your spirit that are unnecessary and stubborn.

Right now you are in an opportune window to review yourself in all ways and let go and loose yourself of old habits. Know that what you want wants you, especially when it is aligned with your destiny/calling/or purpose.

Right now, any changes you make or happening in your life, will be for your immediate and long-term well being. Cleanse and clear your aura, through yourself, your healer of choice, or in the Divine essence itself. Choose where you will focus your energy and allow your soul to breathe, and make it’s own mistakes. There are lessons to be taught where you have fallen.

Be ready to aim and score.

See also the Number 9


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Scottish Black Face Sheep Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the black faced sheep in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity is a message directly from heaven that Your worries, concerns, issues or prayers have been heard. It is also a reminder to surrender your fears to heaven so that they can easily be overcome.

Your needs will be cared for and honored at this time. You have entered a new chapter in your life. Now is the time, to continue and further empower gratitude in your life. Know that as these blessings come into your life, something else will be clearing or completing.

These blessings are to be expressed in your surroundings, with those you love, and in the direction you feel passionate and called to be of benefit. There will be more than enough blessings to save, spend and increase.

A personal dream is set to be realized at this time. Someone/Something magnificent is set to shift and walk into your life. Know that there are many more blessings ahead for you. As you face any new challenges, know that you will have the wisdom, determination, confirmation and support to follow through. Know that you will be provided for all that you require to move forward. Everything is going according to the ‘masters’ plan for your life.

You have stepped into a whole new you. And you are in the atmosphere of change and progression. Believe in your blessings by commending and acknowledging how long you’ve had to go to arrive where you are.

Knowing you deserve every blessing, contentment makes way for more. You will receive further confirmation as you need them, per your intuition, per synchronicity. Know that you are on the right path in all ways. Blessings are entering your life at this time.

You can assure yourself with forthcoming signs of confirmation, that all is happening as it should, when it should. All will be provided, all you need to do, is lead the way, and shine your light.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Cotton Plant Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing cotton plants in your waking life, or dreams is a message that you are awakening. You are receiving a prophecy from the Divine realm that assures financial and material well being. Know that good news you receive right now is valid.

Heaven is the place where you do not need money or material possessions. It is now time to being open and receive your present and forthcoming blessings. You are loved in more ways than one. Every blessing you receive at this time is because you deserve them. Understand that your blessings have also chosen you.

Cotton is a promise of wealth and well being in your life. Be assured there will be plenty and more, to continue doing the work you are doing in the world. The Divine realm: Angels, God, Ascended Masters, ancestors and Spirit guides, commends you for the work you are doing in the world. And wish to congratulate you through further rewards and financial responsibility.

Know that you are healing yourself and those around you. Appreciate every step you are taking. Express gratitude for what you already have. Know that at this time, your small blessings and beginnings are set to grow and empower further. Know that you deserve everything you are receiving, even if the blessings forthcoming are unexpected.

Your work is very special to the Universal & Divine Realms. Be appreciative of your present and forthcoming blessings. Even though you’ve made mistakes, have a past of your own, or otherwise, you are an angel in this world and in the next.

Open your heart to receiving Divine knowledge and wisdom. Be assured that your hard work or toiling will be paying off at present. You can assure that your life will feel empowered and you, awakened to further blessings.

Your best self is emerging and you can sit in quietness or stillness to gain more of these vibrations and opportunities. Further awaken your present blessing(s), through prayer and meditation. You are a conduit of prophecy in your own unique way through your music, through your writing, through your acting or through your speaking. Whatever avenue Divine has provided for you to empower and be a light, you are a prophet through it.

The Love that is known for you in the beyond will begin to flow your way, at present. Be open minded and empower these blessings through grace, receptiveness, affirmation and gratitude.

Picking cotton in your dreams is connotation that you will be successful after all of your efforts. It’s time. That is the message that is appearing right now. Success, abundance and prosperity is assured. Being given cotton, is a connotation that you will blessed far more than you are expecting. Your dreams will be exceeded or you will excel.

Card 1 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ Also Appears out of this interpretation


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Angel-Confirmation Number 44

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel Number 44 is a message that Divine blessings are on their way into your life. As these blessings enter your life they will uplift your spirits and empower you to act further in the light of your purpose.

It’s time to focus on your light and what you feel you are called here to do. You will notice your fears diminish at this time. Know that a phase of your life to do with your past has come to a close. It is time to set aside constraints, constraints can be in regards to the understanding others have of what you put out into the world. Part of being authentic is to only take responsibility for your emotions, not that of others.

We are each responsible to gain knowledge and to understand the knowledge being presented to us.

There are financial blessings to enter your life. It is time to push through to the next level of your personal spiritual journey. Your personal spiritual journey involves being of service and teaching from a reflection of what you know for sure, and what you have learned and experienced.

Set aside fears and walk through upcoming doors of opportunities with faith and confidence. It is a new time of life for you. It is important to carry your vision with you on a daily basis. Right now is a powerful and auspicious time. Only attach your thoughts to that which is positive.

It is time to cast away stones of judgement. See your surroundings positive and uplifting and every stale thing that isn’t part of a lesson or path for you right now will uplift and dissolve.

Detach from negative situations and without fear. Knowing that better is to be replaced with it. It is time to embrace your greatness. As right now is the time. You have come into your own. Now you will be able to put your confidence to good use without delay. Know that the greater you have been praying for is on it’s way into your life.

Know that if you feel tired in mind or body, it is a time to shift your focus for something new and refreshing to energize you and keep you going. If you feel pain in any area of your body it is time to listen to your inner wisdom and intuition. Begin to express your light in ways that you will feel uplifted. Release concerns and fears.

Right now is a very rare and auspicious time of life for you. Trust that it takes a village to guide you. Know that God, the angels, ascended masters, and your ancestors are working together for your good. Trust that blessings are coming into your life. Know that new beginnings will occur in your relationships.

Trust that you have gone through what was necessary, do not feel discontent; and move forward to receive your blessings. Right now, you may see a reflection of what you have been through in the happenings around you. You are not to fear. You are not to intervene. You are to step aside and allow God to work in others, as he has done also in you.

4+4=8 It is a powerful time for you right now. You are being honored for the work you are doing and life begins to reflect what you are capable of. Your innate gifts are being blessed in a kind manner.

You have nothing to fear in regards to your mission or purpose, know that Divine is guiding you along your course in a powerful manner. Know that you are being positioned to be in the right place and time to receive.

Also see the number 8


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 341

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant; The Number 341 is a message from the Angels and the Ascended masters that they are currently in charge of a new beginning or change happening in your life at this time. Know that these are blessings, that are to come about or to occur in your life at this time.

Know that your life will take a positive change on the social front. You will find that your circles’ are harmoniously balanced. Know that you will find peace in your surroundings. Be at peace with your life in every way. Be at peace with your pace, and the flow of the order of your life.

You an expect your financial aspects or money to flow with ease, and relatively. Know that right now is a very prosperous and abundant time for you. You can be assured that many blessings, in all ways and areas or forms will begin to flow easily and effectively in your life.

You will not have to concern yourself with issues, know that every issue and concern is only temporary. Do not be a victim of pain. You’re walking in alignment of purpose and the power of your authentic intentions. Know that your vibrations are high at this time, and you feel balanced in your life for a reason. Even if that reason may not be prevalent to you as of yet. Know that all is happening for a Divine specific purpose and intention.

You are strong for a reason, you go through things for a reason, you succeed for a reason, you fail at certain things for a reason, you end things for a reason, you begin things for a reason. Every reason has a season, it too, has come to pass.

Know that nothing is permanent, know that your blessings today, you will outgrow them and will move onto new ones. Know that you will be empowered and uplifted at this time. Know that you will feel encouragement from the universe and others, more importantly, turn every compliment you’d like to express towards yourself.

Begin to love who you are, who you TRULY are. Flaws and all. Accept the gifts that you have innate within you. Know that the old is old for a reason, and what’s new is new for a reason. Know that you are stepping into your greatness and you are encouraged to feel good about the work which you are doing in the world.

Make authentic desires or hopes and dreams at this time. Be rid of negative thinking and surrender your fears, if only for today. Just let them all be as they are.

It is now time for a new chapter in your life. And the universal energies, God, The Angels, Ascended masters, energies of heaven are all provided and there with you, to be of courage to you through these changes. Be assured you will prosper, you’ve had your past failures for a reason, every door closed (those that closed) for a reason. As well as the doors that are preparing to open for you, are opening for a reason.

3+4+1=8 Know that your spirit will feel at ease about many things at once, at this time. Know that blessings of many kinds and opportunities will be offered and received by you at once at this time in your life. Continue your kindness, generosity or whichever work you do in the world. Know that it is now of benefit to you and others. Know that you do things your own way, for a reason.

Also see the Number 8


Quornesha S.

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Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 

Blessed, Be.

Angel-Confirmation Number 858

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When seeing the number 858 In  our waking lives, Dreams, Visions, or synchronicity. It is a message of Business Success and Financial acclaim and changes. We can expect changes to allow financial abundance to flow more smoothly and with ease from this moment forward.

There is a balance occurring right now, in regards to your finances. The present changes you are making in regards to making a living and being successful with your purpose is being commended. You have learned to free yourself from habits, concerns, worries or beliefs that do not nourish or empower you.

The sun is shining in your life right now and you are to be grateful and receptive to your blessings and new insights. You are experiencing an awakening of some kind, as to how you communicate to the universe. Being extremely grateful for newly found abundance brings happiness to your surroundings and the changes that are at present, taking place.

Your positive intentions or affirmations are heard and are now manifesting. You can expect some much needed good karma to flow your way as of right now. Be free to receive and do not worry or concern yourself of past mistakes or memories. You are moving forward in every way possible at this time and you are receiving the auspicious energies to maintain your blessings.

It is of importance to do as you say you are going to do, as that is energy of integrity and the Universe will continue to reward you with more. When you are working for the good or betterment of others aside from yourself and your needs, more will come your way. Consider sharing your financial rewards with a charity or cause of your choosing at this time. Know that any blessings you give at this time, will be reciprocated.

Know that harmony is being created in regards to your financial relationship in your life. Know that your work on earth is very much appreciated. Once again, release all constraints of past mistakes, as you deserve every blessing coming to you. You will begin to create a lifestyle for yourself, one you are able to relax from, love,  work and appreciate.

Keep in mind that any synchronicity you receive at this time, is a message of the forthcoming steps or happenings, set to occur in your life.

Be very grateful and happy with all of your present successes, and those that are yet to come.

8+5+8= 21 & 2+1=3 The angels are making sure that you receive the harmony required in your finances in order for you to gracefully serve your life purpose and soul mission. Rest assured that you will fulfill your destiny when you receive the Number and the meaning of the Number 858.

Blessings & Namaste, 

Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 


Money Tree (Feng Shui)

Flowering Bonsai TreesFlowering Bonsai Trees

Decoding The Quote “Dream Big”

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When seeing the Quote Dream big, in your visions, waking life, synchronicity, or otherwise. It is a message that there are positive changes on the horizon. You are working in the vibration and alignment of your purpose and that of your highest self, or ordeal.

You have reached a breakthrough of some sort. As cheesy as it may seem/sound, it is very important for you to continue to believe in your abilities or yourself. Your abilities may include, what you do in the world. And the light you shine in it.

Dream Big is a message for us to see our dreams evolving and growing. To elevate our vision for where we are trying to go. Something positive and beautiful is on the way into our lives when we are shown the phrase/quote ‘dream big’. It is also an omen that we have completed a phase in our lives.

It is of importance to write/speak your dreams into reality. It is a most auspicious time to let go of judgments about yourself and judgments from others about yourself. Do not carry stale frequencies with you. Keep your aura bright by focusing on the positives within yourself and in your efforts.

Dream Big Teaches us to be luminaries of/for our generation and A Light to the next. To act and speak in resonance and response to our dreams. To see the bigger picture and to see outside and beyond our present intentions.

Do not give power to what you think you cannot do. At this time, you are being supported. Give up old thoughts of how it’s impossible for you to achieve a dream or goal. Stick with what you know. Create a vision and stick with your vision. Truth can easily be misinterpreted as a lie, when we are unwilling to stay with what we believe. Do not limit yourself or constrain to the situations of where you are at present. Change your dream, only when you have achieved it. And do not fear making changes, when and where you need to, or when you feel that it is time to do so.

Know that everything you desire is possible, especially when Divine has allowed and supplied you to do so. Work in the vibration of your abilities and for what it really is and you will see yourself and your goals blossom on levels you were not expecting.

Put in the active steps or measures to your visions. Remember to knock on doors, when you intend on behalf of your purpose, you are destined to breakthrough to success on a level, even if it isn’t the end goal. Always work in alignment of your strengths and accept your weaknesses as opportunity to learn and strengthen them.

Be open and receptive to the small blessings that you feel, lead you to your dream or goal. As often, blessings come in small packages, as tests of your faith for your big dream. Know that before you can fly, you must walk. Before you sprint you must prepare, before you can soar you must spread your wings. Before you can exhale, you must inhale. So do not fear starting from within or where you are. All is possible right now, So, dream Big!

Quornesha S. Power questions?™

  • What is your Dream Big goal & What way are you willing and ready to achieve it?
  • Right Now, do you truly believe that it is possible?
  • What are some blocks hindering you right now?


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.  

Lapis Lazuli To Boost Self Belief 

Scalar Pendant to Transfer Negative Ions In Your Body

Coconut Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the coconut in your  dreams, visions and waking life is a symbolic message of generosity between friendships if it is cut in half (revealing the fruit within) if it is a closed coconut, it is symbolic of triviality and uptight energy or frequencies.

When the coconut is revealed to you closed or unopened. It is a prophecy or forewarning to beware of false friendships formed. This is not an indication that you do not deserve truthful relationships through your friends. It is a message to choose your friends or circle wisely.

It is a message to take caution and wisdom in forming alliances. As these do not benefit you at this time. It is of importance to take caution whom you share your past with at this time. (When the coconut is presented to you closed).

When it is halved it is a message of abundance, generosity and caring and opulence, also wisdom being reciprocated.

The coconut is a message to avoid making positive or negative judgments based only upon first impressions. When you see the coconut in your dreams in your waking life or dreams, it is generally a confirmation of general well being and happiness. It is of importance at this time to be guided from within first. To listen to those messages, that come about through synchronicity.

Make the changes in your life that you wish to see in Your world. Know that everything happening to you can be used as tools to obtain your gifts and blessings. When things happen to us, they empower us to use energy we never thought we had.

Use the energy within you wisely. Know that everything that unfolds in your life, that helps abundance to flow into your life, is a blessing for you to pass on to your loved ones. The coconut is a reminder to share your abundance in a manner that serves you. IE; Creating an Heirloom for your family to honor from generation to generation, Giving to a charity of your choosing. Donating supplies to relief funds or aid. Volunteering your time and energy where it is of use to you in a spiritual way.

The Coconut reminds you to use your energy and vibrations in a light and fulfilling way. And not in ways you do not want to use.

The coconut is also a connotation of a happy home life and travel and success of many kinds. Rise above every ‘bump’ in ‘the road’ and keep moving forward. Coconut halves speaks of win-win situations.


Quornesha S.

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 


Angel-Confirmation Number 849

When seeing the angel number 849 in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity.

The angels are aware of your patience in regards to your wealth, spirituality and purpose. Know that they are watching over you at this time. Know that a time has come and passed from your life and path. Although you must face other courses or situations, know that you have learned what is necessary and you are ready in your own way for what is next.

The  angels communicate with you daily, you can call upon any angel, spirit guide, animal spirit, or essence at this time. Know that anything that uplifts you or your environment that serves your highest good, your spiritual team, fully supports it 100% all the way.

Know that your blessings have come about for a very special purpose and right now, you are confident and you know that all will be okay, as you can foresee or sense the fruits of your labors coming about at this time. The angels are sending you visions, dreams, prophecies or words in your thoughts.

Know that as you put the pieces together and you feel confused in anyway you are able to ask the angels to help you learn to decode these messages that they are sending out to you. The angels understand the lessons you need to learn, and will only place challenges in your life, they know you will excel, and succeed from. Even when you doubt that you can.

Know that the angels are confirming your promises by sending people who are able to empower you, whether that be through your friendship circle or otherwise. There are Divine beings aiding you at this time.

The angels want you to know that every action you have taken at this time, has led you to the fulfillment of a dream close to your heart and home.* Even if you do not understand what you have done to receive your blessings. Learn to be grateful, be thankful, as it is a practice, and you may always grow into your awareness of the prosperity and purpose that you are meant to flow into.

Whatever spiritual work you are doing on the Physical plane is taken account for. There are beings from beyond watching over you and guiding your actions in a Divine way. Do not fear when things go right, as you have done a great job so far with your challenges. Do not listen to doubts or “reasonable” advice, as 849 is in resonance to abundance flow. Your next steps are up to you. As you will have all that is required to assist you along the way. We have times where we may feel like nothing can go right and times where it feels we have obtained a little piece of heaven on earth. Enjoy the moment through gratitude. And know that seizing the moment is of importance.

8+4+9=21 & 2+1=3 The angels are assuring that all goes well in a project, idea or course of action. Learn to be receptive of this love energy. We can go back to our realities when we like, as long as we enjoy the blessings in between.

Take time out to smell the roses. Release old adages that do not serve you. Appreciate the moment. As they too, have come to pass. We will all experience the ups and downs of life. But embrace every moment as though the good or bad, is your last. Yes, we will continue to learn through trials, blessings, tribulations, but no lesson or message or blessing will ever be the same, when we learn from it, move on and look forward to greater. For it is, to come.


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Heaven Luck Activator


The Law of Reflection: Caution of Your Energy + Vibrations

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When we are convinced with our whole hearts, we are sending vibrations, (However negative or positive out to the other person or situation/circumstance.

Which describes the reason and sensitivity of sensitive beings or empaths (those with heightened sensitivity).

But keep in mind that what we send out vibration-wise, is what we will receive in turn. It’s not just biblical, (dig one ditch, dig two).

The Law Of reflection, Whatever you see about others, you see about yourself. Whatever you require-desire-need-or despair others to do, you have the ability to do yourself.

If we are fearful of the world, the world will be fearful or intimidated of us. If we see the positive in others, more than likely, the negatives we have prior, foreseen will be absolved also and will be reflected back to us.

If we look at others as though they need to attain any status, or acclaim, before we receive them unto ourselves, then that will be required of us also.

How you treat others is not only a message to consolidate good manners in others, but it is also in alignment with the spiritual laws of the universe.

If you declare out into the universe, the universe can only copy what you think about yourself, and reveal it towards the world, inwardly and outside of you. This is so because, we have made up our minds, rather than procrastinating about whether we deserve it or not. When you know you deserve it the Universe, or HIgher power, believes this about you also.

We are allowed the gift of being received first and the opportunity to show others what we believe we can do. But more importantly, we must become what we believe.

Always participate in beliefs you believe will serve your soul. With this truth, this advocates that, we cannot only get into an idea for any reason in particular only that we are truly interested and ready to discover where the path may lead us.

When you design an intention for the universe to pick up on and serve up to you. Whereas, have it perfectly aligned in your mind how it is all going to work out, you are giving authority to yourself, thereby taking action on behalf of the Universe or Divine. When in all, we are only meant to ask and receive. When you are doing all the work, you are telling the Universe, Or Divine or the Christ Mind, that you have no further use of it’s abundant resources.

When you surrender your dreams and the end goal to a higher power, you are allowing a relationship to happen on your behalf. Thereby, empowering you to accomplish your grandest dreams.

Whatever you declare and affirm on your behalf, you must take it to the highest power, therefore you are giving your trust and giving it over to the source that promises that it will provide all you need, and work things out for your highest good, even if it isn’t all that you want. As opposed to sharing your dreams and ordeals with someone else, who may not see the bigger picture. Not that we are greater, but our beliefs reflect where we are or where we stand in our spiritual evolution.

Therefore you cannot present higher knowledge to someone whose mind, still lingers in their absent reality. When you are higher consciousness, or in vibration of your higher self. You must pray, speak or share your Dreams with Divine, or The Christ Mind alone and they will work out the details for you, and  bring into your life the right people, places, opportunities and materials or abundance to help you serve your mission in a graceful manner.

You must use discernment and serenity. Accept what you cannot change (others) and you must use discernment for whom you tell your dreams and ordeals to.

~The Law Of Reflection by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant


Quornesha S. 

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Coyote (Canis latrans) Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Coyote symbolic meaning, it represents illumination and empowerment. The Coyote as a spirit or power animal represents a person with strong will, and intentions. When the coyote appears in our waking life, dreams, visions, paintings and synchronicity. It is a message that, you are a very powerful being. 

It is time to direct your energy where it is welcomed. And where others are receptive. The coyote, reminds us to not force our way into the lives or environment of others. So if you are working on any public projects, be sure to go where your energy is receptive and welcomed, in order to plant your efforts in stable ground.

Know that your efforts matter. No matter whose receptive or not. The coyote, helps us to find our tribes and therefore symbolizes being authentic in order to display efforts we intend to display. Do not put in actions where you are not intending.

The coyote is a message to act with caution and wisdom, to assure that we are planting seeds and not just throwing out our intentions where they are not needed, wanted or desired.

Everything you intend to do, must be received as per the law of request. Even if we intend to help, heal or suggest or advise, it does not mean our voices will be heard, unless others and we, ourselves, really wish to hear, see and know. Know that all that are receptive to your sharing of energy will acknowledge you by frequency or otherwise.

The Coyote, asks you to understand the value of your intentions. You are being awakened at this moment in regards to your value and intentions.

It is of great importance to only share your ideals where they will be appreciated and welcomed. Using your affirmations in a way that is Private and beneficial to yourself first, before sharing with others. When you are filled, you will know and have the balance in body-mind and spirit as to how to share the energy. You must care for yourself first.

It is time to trust your instincts and know when to keep quiet and when to listen. Know that answers are pouring out right now, and you have the ability to take away what you wish and leave what you do not want.

Do not worry of any interpretations about yourself at this time. Forgive in your mind and move on. Know that when one door closes, another is opening. As that is the law of balance. If there is any information being delivered to you without tact, move on and know, that all things happen for a very special reason. Know that all people, show you who they are. As much as we show others who we are, and know that also, it is not our responsibility how others interpret us. As we are not responsible nor can we control, how we are seen in the eyes of others. Nor others, how we see them. As we are allowed, per our own interpretations and instincts.

Learn to be patient of others when they are going through something. Always choose to see the good in others and when you cannot look beyond what you see, move on and change or shift your environment.

Respect the boundaries of yourself and those of others. Know that the only way is up from here and stay true to your own personal beliefs. NO matter who you deal with. No matter their beliefs, you can be respectful of your own and that of others, but always be true to who you really are.

Always put your dreams out into the universe, even if your idea or dream seems silly or you fear others will say no. Because even though some will say no, there will be blessings that develop for you later on to give to you, your dreams and desires. Do not fear being uninvited to anyone’s circle. Know that if they mattered, they would not mind. Knock and doors will open for you, even if that door is next door or the one over from it. Seek and you will find opportunities. Your efforts are being rewarded, including, behind the scenes. Know that there will come a time, where you will also have to say no and deject some ideas, as not all of them will suit you, or your goals, both immediate and long term.

Know that there are things we can learn from others and others from us, but you must be willing to be receptive (choose) and others must be receptive to your teachings or knowledge (when they choose). You equally have the right to select your group or tribe, as much as anyone else.

Coyote is also in resonance to the number 71 And a reminder to rely on your instincts. Meaning the coyote is a representation of power (power Animal)


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.   

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King Fisher (Alcedines) Symbolic Meaning

Seeing a King Fisher in your waking life, Dreams, visions, and synchronicity is a message that now the time is ripe to actively take the right steps in alignment with the direction you want to go.

Your dreams are being activated for success and manifestations in a very big way. You are supported by the universe with your biggest ideals at this time. It is time to release your trepidations or fears and get going. Know that all things have fallen into place in the most perfect of all ways.

A new chapter has begun for you and you should expect some increases in your life in abundant ways. Expect your blessings to arrive in your life at this time. You are being, empowered. Let go of fears that make you believe negatively about others. If others are successful, they will empower you to continue forward with where you are trying to go. If they are not, you have to decide whether their being in your environment will empower you or not. We are each responsible for uplifting our environments.

We each have to begin somewhere, but if you feel you do not resonate with those who are trying to go somewhere also, you must then position yourself in the presence of those who are already there. You will meet those who are trying as you are trying, but you will decide how that relationship will be. Whether that be through collaboration or equal encouragement between the two, etc.

We may not be lesser or better than anyone else, but we equally have the opportunity to shine, and to be our best selves, without the need to compete with others, other than competing with our own past successes and becoming greater than past failures.

Release all fears of being rigid, or afraid, you are not here to impress anyone, other than who you were before this moment. Be proud of how far you have come, and truly make an effort for the opportunities being presented around you.

The best person to inspire your dreams is yourself. Not because others are not capable, but because only YOU know the depth and the unlimited potential you have inside of you, opposed to someone looking in from the outside.

Allow your inner reflections to show. And learn to be your authentic and original self, no matter the environment, no matter how superior you see others. Once upon a time, your superiors, learned from their superiors. It Is up to you to bring to the surface your compassion, love and care, as you are not ‘all tough’ or ‘completely confident’ etc. Embrace your flaws and your imperfections, Because all of these, make you, who YOU really are. Do not show the world your dieted self and then question why no one sees you for who you are. Be prepared to stand stable and grounded under a microscope. Ir is now a time to work gracefully under all forms of pressure, not in a manner that is oppressive, but in a way you are intended to handle.

Know that everything you must face externally or internally, you have the gift within you to face it with conviction and grace.  You have the ability to attain and maintain your dreams, and it is up to you to do with the opportunities, what you feel you are capable of doing. Make every opportunity your own and do not wait for ‘yes’ opportunities.


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

Cloak Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Oracle of Divine Wisdom + Symbolism

A Cloak in your waking life, dreams, visions and synchronicity: A Cloak in general is a sign of protection from harm.  It is also a representation that Worries or fears are now diminishing.

It’s Supernatural: It symbolizes the supernatural, the spirit realm, the hermit, a journey (spiritual) Represents the mind, body and spirit. The avoidance from danger. The Cloak is also a talisman from harm, keeping one safe and secure throughout transitions.

Power: It is a reminder that our inner divinity or wisdom is guiding us in the right directions. To steer clear of habits or a series of thoughts or imaginations that do not provide balance nor harmony.

Soul: The Cloak is a representation of the soul. Often, Our own thoughts can be a representation of false prophecy. We are asked to decode our dreams or visions as we need to look closer or stand afar to see the broader or grander picture.

Interpretations: Signs, prophecies or interpretations are not always obvious. Instead illusions that veil the truth of matters. The best interpretations of any dream or situations happening in your life, is to put all puzzle pieces together in order to solve the mystery that is hidden. You are to understand that at this time, people are speaking of their own story and their own testimony and it is for you to decipher what it means for you at this time.

This is only a test, your final test: Signs are appearing at this time as your final examination before your transition into new territory.

Working together for your highest good; Seeing a cloak in your dreams and waking life or visions and readings it is a reminder that while there may be forces at work, all is working out for your higher good. You may find that what you were concerned about is no longer a priority. A time of struggle has come to an end in your life. And you are free to move ahead toward; victory, success, stability, happiness, peace.

Revelations: What is done in the dark, comes to the light at this time. Know that the reason behind your present actions, are between you and whom you believe your creator to be.

A new vision awaits you, so pay close attention to upcoming prophecies and remember, that anything you do not resonate with you are free to let it go and change your thoughts or belief patterns in order to change your final outcome.

When you are a tarot card reader, whatever you see in the cards for others is also a representation for you. Prophecy a conclusion, and a conclusion will come to you in some way. Prophecy pain and no way out, you must go through the tests, trials and storms with no way out also.

Take caution in predicting other’s’ future, as you are predicting your own in some way also.

It may be time to change perspectives if all you can foresee is doom. Maybe the way you think about life and the people around you is filled with doubt and less faith. It is now time to work on these situations or constraints.

Affirmation: [And as for me, I see others supporting me, rather than hating me with envy or jealousy]

Do not worry: You must not worry about your foes or enemies. As they are also an enemy unto themselves. It is in perfect timing that they will soon realize this, however, it is not your responsibility to teach them this.

It’s time for you to shine, and a path of struggle and difficulties has finally come to an ending. A new ‘book’ is opening, just as one is closing. You are asked to tell your story, as only you may tell it.

Black cloak: Mystery or Mysticism, Power, 

White cloak: Purity, sanctuary, The whole self

Red cloak: Passion, Grace and Spiritual Abundance

Green Cloak; Nature, Earth and grounding

Blue Cloak: Can represent the lapis lazuli  stone and a color of more empowered protection, rather, all cloaks symbolize protection. 

-Quornesha S. Oracle; 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel Number + Confirmation Number 800

Channeled through Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant The  Number 800 appearing in dreams, synchronicity, paintings, visions and waking life or even through Clairaudient abilities. Is Symbolic for Monetary abundance. Empowerment from the Divine realm into your abilities to generate Prosperity in all ways.

The Lesson IN Disguise: It is time to discover what giving and receiving really means. To be both, a giver and receiver. It is your Divine order in your life or path as of right now. To attain stability and prosperity in your doings or dealings. Moreover, there is no need to persuade anyone, as, if your guidance is not needed, they will not want to buy it.

Knowing the Difference: It’s time to discover, which people want a slice of the cake to celebrate with you and whom of many wish to purchase the whole pie. There’s no need to crank up pitch after pitch and try to present it to all. Whom are you placed to serve? Do you serve to teach compassion? Do you serve to teach empathy? Do you serve to teach confidence? Do you serve to teach others budgeting or time management?

The truth is, many people will only need a piece of what you are offering. And there are plenty or many others who will need the entire pie. It’s up to you to determine who those people are. It’s time to discern your intentions and actions. And align them according to your niche, or your end goal. What goal are you intending to reach? You cannot reach it, throwing it at a wall. In a metaphorical sense, that is what we do when we try to over deliver to someone who just wants a taste of what we have and not the entire confection.

When you truly want something, you put your all into it. It’s time to identify, where your giving path is, and where lies your receiving path.

You are being guided to be receptive to giving and receiving. In order to create or generate further stability along your present course. Once you identify these avenues, things will run more efficiently and you’ll be able to demonstrate freely and gain just as much in return.

Do not force your work onto others, don’t try to over deliver your product or services. Remember, those who want your entire pie, will receive it. There can be no teaching when the student is not ready. So interpret and discern. Give from your heart and be receptive to receive in resonance with your heart also.

Heavenly Help: There’s a whole team of ascended masters, angelic guides, your soul guides, your life purpose, and people in the physical realms, awaiting you to shine your light, so that they can aid you in the process. Belief within your abilities and within yourself means you stand confident, regardless if you give or receive.

  • You can use positive serenity statements so that you will be able to release the attachment on how you are going to receive.

Serenity Statements: No matter what happens today, I am prosperous and I will and shall succeed.

800 Your finances are taken care of at this time. You are brilliantly serving your lightworking mission and this activates the good that will flow into your life.

Giving Vs Receiving: Detaching from the need to request donations for your giving, gives you room to be authentic and compassionate with others. Do set in place a way for prosperity to stabilize into your life. This may be indicating that your writing or speaking or giving will eventually turn into a viable income flow for you. Whether that is a blog, a volunteer experience or otherwise.

Remember to never deplete your energies if you have a say in how they are to be used (self employment).

This time is abundant and prosperous for you.

However we cannot give and then request that donations be given.

Decoding the Difference in Giving and Receiving: We can allow others to give to us as they wish. But to give with the intention of receiving is not giving at all. It is considered a sale. Have confidence to set a price before offering any services if you feel that by giving alone will not assist you in keeping this up.

Lightworkers, Call: 800 is a lightworkers number and a request to awaken the soul to focus upon it’s mission at this time.

Further Confirmation: 800 is confirmation from a Divine source  that you will receive opportunities to make prosperity flow.

Numerology: 8+0+0= 8 Empowered. The Divine Realm assisting with regards to stability, prosperity and monetary abundance.


Quornesha S. 

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Reiki for Our World + Especially for Paris

Reiki Amulets. To join this frequency, raise your hand above your body and intend for healing to yourself and Paris or intend for healing entirely for Paris and our world. It’s your own choice.


  • Lebanon
  • And all others facing attacks and crisis.

Duration: 6 Minutes


This is associated with Technique 6



Quornesha S.,

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Angel Number + Confirmation Number 022

Channeled through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: A Natural Channel for what is unseen or unknown: The Angel Number or Confirmation number 022 is a message from the Divine realm that you are using your manifesting abilities on a Divine level. You are realizing that your thoughts, both negative or positive are creating your realities. You recognize the things you have to release and on a conscious level. You do so. Keep the faith and continue to take positive actions as this is leading you directly towards your desired and most anticipated outcomes.

While Zero is a representation of the Divine co-creating with you. You have the support from the Highest power, the source of all life. Do not fear or worry of any obstacles. As you will see them miraculously disappear quite unusually and effortlessly.

Things are about to supernaturally appear to fall in place in all merited ways. Your success and victories will be measurable and visible so that you can take on new ones.

Feng Shui Tip: 022 Asks you to continue releasing words, phrases and beliefs that do not serve you or your environment. Using Lapis lazuli in hallways, Bathrooms, and where there is television will help make your home a conduit of positive change. Causing you to use your mind in a more thoughtful and inspiring way.

Prophecy: Even when you do not believe that it’s possible to let go of any beliefs or thoughts about yourself or others, know that these thoughts create your environment. Just as much as beautiful ones.

When you find that your home is out of balance it’s time to reconsider putting what belongs outdoors, ‘outside’ and what belongs indoors, inside. Keep plants on porches if there is a ‘need’ to have them in the home. Or On patios or back porches if enabled or available.

More Feng Shui: Begin to hang your photographs that doesn’t offset your home’s energy. It may be time to remove outdated images of yourself that withhold the essence of your past or past self. Put these away in albums or simply toss them out, if you wish to do so.

Power Question: What part of the home denotes sadness? Are there any paintings on the wall that do not belong? What is the form of these paintings, because that is the energy you will draw into your life and the people around you. You are MORE powerful than you think you are. When you see the number 0 before any number. However with the number 22 being led by it, it is symbolism of the Divine power in support of your efforts to empower self, home and environment improvements.

Intuitive Conclusions: Bringing junk mail into the home, even though you do not want to open it, says you’re okay with welcoming any like minded situations into your environments, mind, body, spirit, home and family life as well.

Put good things in, and it will accumulate more good for you. Even when you’re ‘kidding’ watch your words, As it is most powerful when you are in a vibration of creating. Don’t use your positive efforts for the reward of negativity.

The Angels support the changes you are making. They have invoked Divine will to empower you to do so, without toiling as much.

0+2+2= 4 empowered and is associated with empowerment for your Highest and greatest good on a DIvine level.

Using A Lapis Lazuli Bracelet as a conduit for positive energy 


Quornesha S., 

Medium + Egyptian Healer

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‘Channeling Information Naturally without further Thought’


How To Use nam myoho renge kyo To Manifest Your Desires

So what’s the technique you’ve learned when told to use the incantation ‘nam myoho renge kyo’? Without thinking much about it. I can assure myself that you were probably using it only to chant it or say it. You must direct your intention, ALWAYS. Today is 11/11/15 and Here’s something special to make use of it!

Here’s how to do it…

  1. You’re not releasing anything so do not use words or phrases in regards to what you do not want.
  2. Center yourself and release habits and fears in regards to believing you cannot have what you are asking for.
  3. Forget about your fears just for right now if you cannot let them go.
  4.  Do not write them down (Your Desires/wishes). Instead, While standing in front of the mirror, with a candle (color) of your choosing. Most preferred is white (light and pure colors
  5. Bless the candle with a simple prayer or intention or affirmation
  6. Light the candle.
  7. Be specific
  8. Begin to channel your desires as if you were a reflection of them already.
  9. Do not blow out the candle until you have spoken into the reflection all of your present hopes and desires.
  10. Blow out the candle or put it out if you wish to do so.
  11. Allow the smoke to ascend.
  12. Use the Phrase nam myoho renge kyo to Seal your desires and dreams.
  13. Repeat as necessary, Only need to do it once.
  14. May not work right away…but know that whatever you hope for, is on the way.


Quornesha S., 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel Number 333/ Confirmation Number 333

Channeled through Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant  333 symbolic meaning.

Angels exist even though we may not always see them.
The angels are with you as you make any life changes.  Go through any transitional ones. They are helping you to cut through negativity and illusions.  As things are not what they seem.
It is your Divine right to be successful.  It isn’t only in a manner of thinking but also a manner of how you see yourself and the world.

Prophecy/Power Thought: We cannot work in others and their insecurities all the while being fully our authentic self.

It is not your journey or responsibility to ‘fix’ anyone. People do not change when we tell them to. They change when they are ready to. We all have this right to interpret situations or opportunities to change. Just because it’s available. Does not mean we fully accept just yet. There are many fears associated with life as there is the after-life. Or the beyond. This is the rhythm of the unknown. Understand,  Whatever we do not know our angels are at our disposal upon our request to help us learn new lessons and to take possession of a life and positive beliefs that are already ours.

Too much of anything can result in addiction and obsession.
If we are are addicted to failure or persistence then we will continue on manifesting failures to continue cycle after cycle. Or opportunities to be persistent when clearly an end to that cycle is unending and can be delusional.
An appointed time everything must bend.

Prophecy: When we find that it does bend not even in the strongest winds. That doesn’t mean that it will endure. Good trees fall apart on the outside while being built up from the inside. A whole new you is waiting to emerge.

This new you is awaiting the shedding of your old shell or self.
New cannot grow into the old. At least not without catching some of the past decay itself in a matter of days and lose it’s entire investment.

Psychic Note: Your soul mission is not what you can do for others to build them up. It is often what you will do for your own development. You are meant to lead someone from where you begin. Not from the external plane of yourself.

As our human self. We all hesitate to do something but in the end we make a decision.  When you don’t you move later and return to find out. The decision was made for you.

Yes. Your fate is in your own hands. But when you decide to hold up the soul. All beings attached to it by request are being held down to. Everything happens for our highest and greatest good. Even choices we really don’t want to make but do it anyway.

Intuitive Conclusions: The angels are standing by as support. When we decide to ignore their presence they are allowed to move on as you are making a decision they cannot ignore. Your own free will.

They cannot act on your behalf without your permission and receptivity.  When you’re open to the angels all things are made possible.

Your journey is a one man/woman capacity, in regards to the matters of your individual purpose for being here.  No matter the millions you serve. The people you celebrate.  Everyone is responsible for themselves.

What is more? We all think of making the deficient decisions. It’s a choice you make that keeps you humane and kind.

3+3+3=9 Which is associated with your soul purpose and higher calling.

333 Can also represent, phases and cycles. One after the other, phase one=3 Phase two 3 Phase 3=3 Etc. Be welcoming and receptive, to blessings, and new chapters happening in your life. Can also, represent new births, and new beginnings.


Quornesha S.

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

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Cow (Cattle) Skull Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant:  The Cow Skull Bone In your waking life, Flashes, dreams, visions, channel, photographs, synchronicity… represents Culture. Celebration of Spiritual Beliefs and truth. Rituals in variant ways. Or ritualistic spirituality. Or close ties to tribunal history.

When seeing the cow skull bone in our waking lives or otherwise it is a symbol of protection from harm. Look closely, as what you fear may be a representation of the unknown.

It is important to stay ‘prayed up’ as further protection from malevolent spirits.

One cannot shield without blocking their own life experiences. Instead ask for will, strength and endurance for all you must face. So if you are going through any transitions. Know that you will come out more powerful than before.

Wishes may not be in alignment with your actual desires. You may find yourself wondering, why are my thoughts so scattered. It is then sign that you are in an opportune time for manifesting and ignoring your abilities to do so.

Focus and direct your desires accordingly. CAREFUL putting out energies for your own personal gain, manipulating as it could recoil.

Prophecy: It’s possible anyone you oppose is quite stronger than what they may seem. It is now time to move on from vengeance or vindications, to get moving along in new directions.

If you find that you are vindictive. Know that a time will come and that debt will need to be repaid.

What you put out is also attached to a boomerang, it’s inevitable that it shall come back around. Your giving is an investment, both good and bad.

Psychic Note: The Cow Skull bone can also represent protection from evil in all it’s forms or the ability to walk through fire and face anything. Therefore, you may have a purpose to do with healing others from a supernatural point of view. The ‘darker’ side of healing. . You may find that many opportunities occur for you to provide healing to others. AT or UPON THEIR REQUEST. To help or assist others out of the collective of within you and available to you.

A Healer of ancient works, evils, marks against one’s soul, negative or oppressive energies for you to heal and expel. The power to intercept + clear others on a spiritual level.

Mark your price or value as this is a calling and purpose. Do not underestimate your worth or  yourself  and your time. As your work will require much energy and what is required, is that you’ll need  to set a value boundary so that you can continue doing more good in the world . As this is a part of your soul mission/purpose.


Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

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Power Question + Channel From Dr. King + Mother Teresa

Power Question: Channeled through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master| Psychic Consultant for Relationships, Spiritual Businesses + Entrepreneurs

Every delay is a part, of your faith test. Do YOU believe, you CAN do it?

Channeled through Quornesha S., Through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I feel admirable and grateful to Dr. King’s question. In part it teaches me not to fear. That there is nothing to be afraid of. That is, the very first step. To remove all fears from the equation. Fear but do it anyways.

I do feel a very strong connection with Mother Teresa as though Dr. King and her’ fate are intertwined. ‘In another life’

They are a part of my celestial team, so to speak. Ascended masters. I do feel so lucky and quite honored. I know that they see something within me. In spite of all previous adversities.

Dear, Your strength  + determination, makes you strong. -Mother Teresa for  and through Quornesha S. In response to my thoughts. Truth is fear is not an option, this is something I must complete. An assignment. I am not implying a desperate need. This is me, setting a boundary for the soul to complete. Knowing I am guided to move forward. Although there are others. I choose this one. It’s a choice I know is necessary, good and great. It serves me.

If we allow we can be enslaved by the words and opinions of others, you are not a slave, not even unto yourself. You are free. -Dr King, Final notations for right now.

Mother Teresa Final Notations: Many people say do not change, but have also failed in the realization that Their opinion is an attempt to do so. (attempt) To change you. Remember,  Love and be who you truly are. – To and through Quornesha S.

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Quornesha S. 

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The Symbolic Meaning of Teddy Bears

Channeled through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master| Psychic Consultant to spiritual Businesses + Spiritual entrepreneurs: 

The Symbolic Meaning of Teddy Bears: Love, care, tenderness, children, humanity, philanthropy. Being watched over by someone kind. Empathetic, compassionate. Gentleness. Responsibilities, sensitivity.

A Teddy bear reminds that we need to open our hearts to being gentle and caring and understanding with the situation or question. Perhaps there is someone in your life who may need your loving kindness, rather than your judgment.

Be careful being mean spirited, poking fun or becoming a spiritual or emotional bully for sport or entertainment. As your words have more power than you may intend.

Take caution with your words. As there may be someone fragile in an emotional sense or way. This sign ‘teddy bear’ may also be empowerment for you to pursue a ‘caring career’

  • Social Scientist
  • Activist (of Any kind to help others and our world)
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Spiritual Guide/Counselor
  • Relationship Coach
  • Economist
  • Empowerment Coach
  • A Prayer Minister
  • Efforts or focus towards children
  • Pediatrics
  • Child therapist/therapy
  • Licensed Child psychologist
  • Board certified Family psychologist
  • Licensed Marriage and family therapist
  • Social worker
  • Volunteer
  • A child psychic/mentor
  • Day care
  • Raising awareness surrounding children
  • Building emergency facilities specifically for children
  • Making your specialty or niche about children
  • Writing children’s books
  •  elementary/pre-k through K School teacher
  • Being a stay at home Parent: mother or father
  • Designing some form of play for children: IE gaming, arts,
  • Becoming a theatrical leader for child performers

Choose your avenue wisely.

It can also symbolize the need to construct your children for further wisdom as they grow up to provide stability and advancement in life for balance throughout their lifetime.


Quornesha S.,

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect 

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Aura Clearing

Traffic Signs, Symbolic Meanings

Traffic signs. Channeled and Observed through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Business Owners + Entrepreneurs| These Symbolic Interpretations apply to your waking life as well as your dreams, Visions and flashes. 

Pay close attention to the repeated messages in traffic. Billboards often depict messages 4 your highest good while street signs forewarn of oncoming dangers.

Turn back high waters.
This relationship or project May not be a match for the soul. Causing deep wounds such as depression or anxiety. There are many ‘secrets’ associated with the person or project in question that may cause the person inquiring to leave a mark on the soul and psyche. Listen and let go.

Messages on vehicles are often blessings in disguise. Pay attention to the symbolic message of the numbers associated with vehicles and any letters or words if any.

Messages that caution to slow down.

-ARE we taking things too fast?

-What areas of our lives are we being wreckless and careless about?

Walk signal, it’s time to move forward after much patience and stress.

The hand, the need to wait your turn or look to inner resources as what you are requesting you already have, open your heart and be receptive to your spiritual truth.

Train: Depending on whether the train is sitting still or in motion: In motion this is an obstacle you’re easily overcoming. A standstill train represents an obstacle you have the option of rerouting from. This is in your own hands if you’re willing to speak up and take another direction.

Not too much traffic? The opportunity to contemplate the next steps.

Stop Signs: change your thinking, these are only fears.

Yield: Time to consider others and being caring towards another

Dead end Streets: This project or idea does not serve you, in part, because your authentic self does not shine in it. Time to switch lanes. 

Too much traffic, a fair warning to plan ahead in projects. This project is associated to be bigger than you may foresee or believe. 

Green lights one after the other. Means a smooth transition or mobility ahead. In your dream. Product or idea. [Flashing Green Lights] What are YOU waiting for, all roads are open, take your direction and look closely and carefully.

Caution:  Someone  or something may not be what it or they appear on the surface, take caution.

Yellow light. Take time to meditate on a situation.  You are being urged to slow down [Flashing Yellow Lights]: Hold on a little while longer and things will pick up, shouldn’t be years or even months, this situation is only momentarily.

Horses or carriages in traffic? There is another way to get projects done and achieved in a more efficient way if you’re open to it. Also represents fortune in business. Dreams and ideas.

Constant Red lights. Its time to let go and move on from something that may have you waiting on an answer. Response or otherwise.  Anyone who hesitates has already made their decision.
It can also symbolize the need to stop and think yourself. [Flashing red lights]: The need to speak up about procrastination in order to move ahead.

Curves and slopes often depict a reminder that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Ask your soul or higher self  Is it worth it? You’ll know what is and what isn’t and make your decisions accordingly.

School zone lights. The need to offer genuine concern for those who need it. Humanitarian projects.

Freeways: the need for an avenue of self expression and the prerequisite  to consider, You’re not the only expressive individual in the room. Time to consider others and let go of hoarding everything for yourself.

What do you see around you?  What type of vehicles frequently pass your way? Time to consider others.

The routes we frequent are often our next steps to take until we meet our next steps and the next and the next.

Traffic Cones? Something slowing you down, it could have a purpose or perhaps it is someone’s ego trying to block your way from progressing forward. See yourself in a greater way and all subjection to ego will pass.

Taxis in traffic? The need to lean on others for support, there’s no need to be obsessively independent when others are willing to offer help.

Police cars in traffic, Competition and quite often not for the benefit of all involved.

Fire trucks and ambulances: the need to let go of a situation and surrender it to a higher power. Angels can offer some assistance and clarity at this time.

Emergency vehicles represent a change in the home life or where you live. This move is Divinley orchestrated and cannot be undone once complete.  It’s up you to trust what is ahead and the roads you are guided to make. A conclusion to your present circumstances is now underway. Face the inevitable.  Although these Changes or move(s) will be painful.  Letting go of relationships. Friendship and neighbors it is necessary and for your highest good.  Time to move on.

Emergency vehicles *fire trucks. Ambulances.  Etc*  foretells a move is imminent and this will be a move you cannot revert from. Prepare yourself for a residential completion.


Turn Pikes? Big changes in one’s life are ahead. Be careful what you wish for.

Roads that merge? A reunion of some kind.

Roads that part or separate? Moving on from situations that have ended.

Construction while driving: The resources to build upon your dreams and plans.

Up hill roads? Giving it your all before giving up or in.

Snow or sleety roads: The Need to prepare and insure, to take heed to your inner intuition so that you will arrive at your destination with all required no matter what you may have to face.

Signs are all around you. Take time ‘out to look’.

*Be sure to obey the laws and rules of your state comptroller, as this is a symbolic perspective of traffic signs and ‘wonders’. *Also note,  I hold no liability for anyone’s driving or lack thereof. All are self responsible for paying attention and staying safe on the road when driving.


Quornesha S.

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master 

All rights reserved ©

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Angel Number 1007/ Confirmation Number 1007

Channeled through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master. Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Businesses + Entrepreneurs| You, finally have the clarity needed to move forward. You are not only channeling information. But you are understanding it too.

This will bring you clarity  into living at your potential. You are at your highest vibration. Continue moving forward. There are no doubts in your mind at this time. You are very confident. You feel empowered, and Have the ability to ‘back your talk’. Continue using positive ‘instruments’ to empower your life + actions. IE: Affirmations, prophecies and/or decrees.

Psychic Note of 1007: You are taking/making bold steps. They are paying off in the most positive of all ways. It took faith to leap + now abundance will support you. You are being encouraged by life + the universal force. You are an automatic Divine channel for love, light and confidence. Congratulations. You can look forward to some victories for well thinking + actions, taken on your own behalf.

Prophecy: You are beginning to understand your abilities, as you grow into new ones. You have made the right choices + the angels + ascended masters are proud of your achievements. There will be many spiritual rewards for your dedication, passion and hard work.

Intuitive conclusions: Move forward, as you have aligned your steps in the blueprint of your purpose. Bravo, on seeing through to the essence of situations, + your abilities. Your intuitive nature is now or being empowered. Look forward to the signs + follow your heart’s lead.

You may be or feel guided to write about much of what is swirling around you. Choose the avenue wisely. ‘How you wish to serve your life and soul purpose’. You are supported by forces beyond, time and space. You should applaud yourself for the efforts you have made. Take time to celebrate as many victories lay forward now.

Affirmation: I am open to angels of prosperity + abundance, teaching me to grow more wealth and abundance.

1007 * 1+0+0+7=8 With 7 Being empowered and 1 Representing new beginnings that lead toward more spirituality and all numbers equaling to the powerful Number 8 which represents stability and continued prosperity for your journey.


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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Praying Mantis Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Businesses and Spiritual Entrepreneurs: The praying mantis, when seen in dreams, waking life, paintings, synchronicity, during or after an awakening period Is a prophecy of assertiveness and spirituality.

The praying mantis is symbolic for: Awakening, Completion, New beginning, prosperity, spirituality, duality, empowerment, manifesting, achievements, letting go, detachment, going within, inner wisdom, intuitive, knowledge, clarity, understanding.

Spirituality will be heightened and any career based in your authentic truth within your spiritual beliefs, will excel. It is time to release the pain of yesterday. The pain of the past. While it is uneasy to release the memory of situations in particular it is now time to move on from them. Many lessons and the wisdom has been obtained and you are free to move ahead in the news that may be forthcoming.

The praying mantis represents your openness to your own spirituality and beliefs. This period will enhance your life. Taking any courses to enhance your abilities are well noted and supernaturally supported. Or, Meditating to enhance your innate abilities.

Psychic Note: The praying mantis appears as a message that things are clear for new beginnings. Now is the time to build spiritual relationships, beginning within yourself. This is a very positive omen to see the praying mantis, after making much needed changes within your life. Now is the time to discover what resonates with your soul. Doing things that are in the vibration and for the highest good of your spiritual well-being.

Intuitive Conclusions: Being in vibration with your purpose and soul, generally denotes more happiness and is symbolic of putting yourself first. Not in a way that is of the ego vibration but of loving yourself before you can love someone else.

Miracles may begin to occur in your life, remember to be grateful and understand the pain you may have endured to achieve your new level of success(es)

Your angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides have all been activated to aid you in your quest for a more spiritual life, according to your desires and purpose. It is through your spiritual purpose to which, prosperity will flow.


Quornesha S., 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect

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The Symbolic Meaning + Prophecy of Music

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master. Psychic consultant to Spiritual Business Owners + Spiritual entrepreneurs.: There is often a ‘coded’ message to the music we resonate with. Often it is a message for the next steps we are set to take. They forewarn us and foretell of what is coming.

Often the song that repeats itself to you is a prophecy and a messenger trying to obtain your attention. The verse that continues to replay in your mind is your key to understanding your own future or that of those around you.

Songs that are sad in nature forewarn us of the passing of a loved one. Songs that are uplifting foretell of positive outcomes to situations we are concerned about. Songs that are negative rather than positive are reflections of our inner self and therefore a message that we should change if we wish to experience a change in the universe, for our benefit.

Psychic Note: Empowering songs are confirmation that any positive prophecies you have received are now manifesting, Show gratitude and this channel or vibration or energy will increase or enhance.

Songs that tell us to let go of situations are a reminder that once this door closes, one will take it’s place. Or when this door is meant to be, you’ll be presented with an even greater opportunity than the one you may be releasing.

Songs of competition denote and foretell of competitive opportunities that you can consider pursuing or denying depending upon your personal desires. While there is nothing wrong with a little challenge. Do not fear the unknown. And be open to learning from others who may have expertise in a field you are ‘entering’ into. Help is on the way, remain receptive and all wisdom and clarity will surface.

Prophecy: Songs about taking chances and letting go are not the same from moving on. Songs that tell us to let go foretell that we may be clenching or holding on too tight to life. Remember, life is a gift. No one is obligated to be here, yet we each have a purpose, it is up to each individual to decide to live out their lives according to it. While keeping balance so that the ‘human’ experience can be without much stress or without any that overwhelms us if possible.

Intuitive Conclusions: Music that we find overwhelming and annoying or not to our taste, denote that we need to embrace our authenticity and not concern ourselves with how others may be receptive to it. Do not concern yourself with those who may not agree with who you truly are. If these people are ‘friends’ then it is time to move on from them. It is up to you to let go. You either decide to stay with those who, inevitably, will change, themselves and regret. Or Move on.

Surely, the music we listen to is a reflection of the desires we have. We can all change those desires, when they no longer suit who we are.


Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master. 

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The Symbolic Meaning of Sea Shells

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master. Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Businesses + Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Seeing the Sea Shell in your waking life, by the shore, in your dreams, to see them in synchronicity that you have lost something recently which will be replaced in it’s own Divine timing. It is time to focus upon your soul mission and the reason you are here.

Although this loss makes you feel defeated or setback in ‘your plans’. You need to look ahead so that you will not miss out on the opportunities that are unfolding in front of you. Rather than what is lost. If this denotes the ending of a partnership, relationship, or career phase. Get going and you’ll find that everything has occured for a perfect reason. Even though this part of the puzzle has not become clear to you as of yet.

Psychic Note: It is up to you to accept the things you cannot change. You should not lower yourself or your expectations to be anywhere nor in anyway. Always hold yourself in a higher light. Remember to keep a fair spiritual distance from those who wish to complain about life and are not doing anything about it. We must grieve and let it pass.

Symbolic Notations: The Sea shell is also a reminder that no one or situation will ever be perfect. When we cross paths with those or situations that require perfection, these situations or people may cause stumbling blocks rather than empower the steps required to take along your path.

Let go of all negative situations and people. and You will see a lift in the way you see yourself. If these situations cannot be let go of. Embrace your ‘chosen’ world within your mind through meditation. We are not required to love, but to function at our prime we cannot hate either.

If you do not feel that your environment is positive and that it is stale rather than light. Consider meditation and ways to move on from this situation. As it will not serve you for the long term. It is for you to decide. You must choose for yourself. No one is concerned as to how we feel about situations in a manner where they ‘should’ provide pity for our sorrows. Which is why you are asked to move on and get going as you are currently going through transitions that will present a new chapter of yourself for you to enjoy or embrace.

No one is going to hold responsibility for your emotions, rather that is of happiness or sadness. Release the situation and you’ll see the truth of the matter. It is not up to you, what the final outcome may be. At least in scenarios where others may be involved. We cannot deplete ourselves or be deluded that a singular person is worthy of standing still for. You must let go and release all concern. It’s in higher hands.

Prophecy: Although reconciliation is possible when you see the sea shell, it is uncertain. Serve your purpose and new doors will open where others have closed.

Intuitive Conclusions: Moreover, make no vows of eternity to anything nor anyone. Be sure to love the ones you’re  blessed with, as you do not get a second chance, once there souls have moved on.

Do not give your power away by allowing anyone or anything to change you, who you really are. Whether that be views, opinions or perception. Those for you will stand with you, and not intend to mold you, so that they could “love you”.

While these all ring true, your final decision is up to you, and you alone. You cannot fly, holding your own self down. It’s time to reconcile with your inner self. And learn to release guilt about the choices you have made.


Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

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The Power of Expelling

Something Beyond the Power of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo: Channeled through Quornesha S., A Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Businesses: My reason for being so open and generous is to demonstrate that there is some power and influence behind all of the positive talk, all of the messages and channels. So today, I’d love to introduce you to an incantation that I use naturally and normally. This has a lot to do with your thoughts, and thinking processes.

You may need further healing afterward, or not. But just in case the link to this resource is  below. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn to do this in every area of your life.

I now expel any thoughts that no longer serve me to expel, transmute, purify, heal and illuminate to ascend within me and descend upon me now as a great blessing now. © all rights reserved

You need only say this once as this a declare and decree. You may immediately feel the difference or change. That is what it is supposed to do. Shift your thoughts and mindset.

One final thought in this moment: Do not dwell on hurt emotions. Move forward and define whose or what is in control. You or your emotions.


Quornesha S., 

Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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Real Communications With The Spirit World or Realm Serapis Bay

Medium Quornesha S.:  Much of our world lives with ignorance. Some are not ‘trying’ to change. It is as a disease. Not many will accept the ‘cure’.

Serapis Bay: This is true. but this is their opportunity in life, as much as your opportunity. You must allow them to have it as they wish.

Medium Quornesha S., Thank you so much Serapis Bay.

Serapis Bay: Be well my friend, I am here for you as needed.  + for whatever reason or purpose that will help you to serve your purpose as only you can.

Final Notations: I’ve learned to be grateful for prophecy. As it gives me insight into the future.

The cure: Each of us, must find our own way past the illusion that life has to bring us suffering, through chaos, deception, lack of any kind or even rob us from living our best lives. All of these beliefs are illusions and obstacles we place before ourselves because the good we receive we assume that we cannot have it, or at least, not without toiling endlessly. I am certain that as we put in the effort, the results will show. Whether that is in the form of success or lessons through failure.

But a vow to failure or lack is the same as accepting the discrepancy within our world. Of course there are no worlds of perfection. But surely, one does not have to toil through his or her entire existence. At some point the rain no longer falls the way that it used to.

No one can inherit or live out our lives for us. If we want a better life, we must choose it + most of all, become greater.

Quornesha S., & Serapis Bay, Ascended Master

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Black Billed Amazon [Amazona Agillis] Symbolic Meanings

Channeled through Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant: The Prophecy/Symbolic Message of the Black billed amazon is that you are reaching the fruition of a dream. A financial dream or goal will be reached. This pertains to any dream you have been working on from the heart and soul, IE; helping others to bring about more authenticity, life coaching, healing or any other ‘soul avenue’.

Although much of your patience, and endurance has caused much angst of the next steps to take, or the results of the changes you have made. You are asked not to fear. A windfall/happy outcome is due to come about as a result for hard work and intentions. Although you may not have any idea how these blessings should enter your life or present to you. Do not worry and remember to take positively inspired action and affirm your results.

Declarations and decrees will concrete more of the life you want. When you know you deserve something you see to it that it comes about and not waiver or faint and eventually achieve your desired outcome. When declaring something into the universe be as clear as you possibly can.

Decree: ‘I declare and decree that my life will see the changes I foresee to come about, for my highest and greatest good.

You can be as creative as you wish, invoking the Universe on your behalf. Invoking the angels on your behalf. Create yourself if yourself is not a likable person in your own eyes.

Psychic Note/Thought: If these do not work, you do not believe in them. You can manifest nothing, from what you have no faith in. The Black Billed Amazon is about creating and manifesting the things you want and desire. You’ll see things run more smoothly from here. Remember to be forgiving of what has not served a vital purpose in your life. In a way, you chose it at that point in time and it was of use to you then even if it isn’t now.

Prophecy: It’s time to break free of illusions. You may accomplish something that will pave the way for many others. You are in alignment with your life purpose and reason for being here. Remember that you are constantly changing and nothing is forever. We must learn our lessons and then move on. The Black Billed Amazon is then a Symbol of Illumination, seeing the truth of a situation.

Intuitive Conclusions: Although you have the clarity about life, remember to keep in mind the laws of Request, and The Law of karma. As whatever you put out there, will come back to you. Remember not to be afraid of going after the things you want. As that is your ability naturally to communicate clearly with these energies and vibrations. Release all that is of no further use to you. There are some positive changes that await you when coming across the Black billed Amazon, Whether in your dreams, visions, tattoos, or psychic flashes, paintings, synchronicity, flashbacks etc.

Keep moving forward. As there is nothing behind that is of greater importance to that which lies in front of you. Remember, you deserve your blessings, as much as anyone else. Release all guilt for achieving your dreams, and get on and moving with doing more for yourself and those you feel connected to.

Most of all, don’t strip anyone from learning about life, without them asking or requesting for your wisdom or perspective. Become gratitude.


Quornesha S., 

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Dating The Idea

Channeled Through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: First and foremost, there is no ‘one’ true love, mate or otherwise. We must love the person and their ever changing character. Otherwise, we love only the idea. An infatuation. I am certain, that “I fell in love with you” or “I am in love with you” is beyond what love really is or what it truly means. Which is why true love or mate is unlimited. Beyond, one person, as long as we are evolving we are allowed to let go and release that which no longer serves us.

As clinging to any person out of fear of what they may think or do, is not a vibration from the higher self nor is it for our highest and greatest good. To truly love, means to commit to loving this person even when or should they change.

Psychic Note: If we are a people who prefer consistency and stagnation, then perhaps marriage is not an option for us. All the while though, marriage means you’re willing to call this person a part of you. Although there is no spiritual law that says we have to do it. There are many benefits, such as, not dying alone, being able to parent children together that come from having a relationship.

But then, marriages do end. And that just brings me back to my point about dating the idea. We become so infatuated with who the person was when we met them, that we do not want them to change. The truth is, they can and should change, it is their love that should be unrelenting and undying. But we are all human beings and therefore unpredictable. In this manner. We can fold, raise, or bluff, however we see fit.

Prophecy/Power Question: We are not demanded by any ‘spiritual law’ to cling to anyone out of fear. Or fear of the unknown.
Therefore choose love wisely!
“Anyone who professes their love for me, I am allowed to ask, Are you also willing to fall in love, again and again, because of my ever changing character?

Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant

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The Meaning of Coins/Change

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master (Psychic Consultant for Spiritual Business Owners + Spiritual Entrepreneurs)

-Quarters are sign of the next steps to take in your life, such as the states that appear repeatedly to you in this format.

-Dimes are sign that you are quite fortunate even though you may show to others that you’re on a budget. While it is wise to save yourself from ‘lavish’ spending (even spiritually), it is unwise to hoard what you do have as this is an obstacle to the flow of abundance in your life. Time to invest in yourself in the way you choose. Remember money IS energy. If you hoard it, it’s kind of difficult for money to continue having a relationship with you. And is also related to the number 10

-Nickles are symbolic of change. A chapter that is ending and is also related to the number 5.

-Pennies are sign that you are being reminded that this is temporary, so if you are going through any struggles, even difficulties, whether in business, relationships, home/family, life, etc. This situation is temporary, accept the help you receive with gratitude as this is not forever. You are allowed to move on whenever you wish, but you must take some action on behalf of your desire to move on and forward. Also related to the number 1

Psychic Note: Should you decide to live in the moment and the moment is not to your liking you are asked to make the changes so that each moment moving forward will bring you to inner peace and happiness.

Although in general, finding money, is a sign from the universe and confirmation that, it is indeed temporary and you will have the support of the Universe and all of it’s great resources, once you get going and moving. Do not be fooled by any positive word, thinking that it is all that it takes. You need to put in the effort to bring about the prosperity you seek. Should you already be doing so, know and understand that there will be blessings in regards to your actions and intentions to improve your life for the better.

Prophecy: Start by uplifting your life. Start by creating value for yourself and respecting that value. You must do so first and the upheavals will come to displace the penny pinching individuals onto a path that requires their lessons for someone else, other than yourself. Yes, we are indeed exactly where we ‘need to be’ but if you do not resonate with the need to be somewhere it is up to you to change that.

Intuitive conclusion: Allow your life to reflect what you want with inspired action and positive and uplifting affirmations and shifting your life through the principles of feng shui. Do not worry yourself what others think, feel or react to your desires and dreams. As it is our free will, individually, to either choose stability or poverty. It’s up to you. Live your best life, if that is what you choose to do in this lifetime.

Most of all, abandon negative situations, people, circumstances. It’s up to us, to recognize each thought that is beneficial from that which isn’t and align our thoughts accordingly.

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Quornesha S., 

Rich IN Power™


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October 2015 Forecast

Welcome to October 2015,

It is obvious that this past mercury retrograde has been about instant karma!

October will be the month to restore lots of energy misplaced in September. Energy will be more harmonized + balanced. As opposed to energy that is wonky or lack taming.

Much of efforts taken in regards to projects will have the help of Supernatural means. October, A Month of Harvest and attainment. Meaning any expansions will be empowered this month. Whether leisure or business.

Special Dates to take note of:

  • 10/10/15
  • 10/15/15
  • 10/16/15
  • 10/17/15
  • 10/31/15

This month enters on the Spiritual Energy but for one’s highest and greatest good. From 4th-31 which totals the power of 8! 4+3+1=8 431 will be forefront this month. Teaching of being spiritually guided by your angels or ascended masters to create a new beginning.

The dates calculate to  in order:  578/11

  • 10/10/2015 1+1+8=10=1
  • 10/15/2015 1+6+8=14=5
  • 10/16/2015 1+7+8=16=7
  • 10/17/2015 1+8+8=17=8
  • 10/31/2015 1+4+8=10=1

The power of 578 over 11, we’ll be walked through these ‘Supernatural Changes’. Which, will be for our highest good with 5 representing as change and 78 representing highest good.

Quornesha S. 

Quornesha S. Psychic consultant

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Angel Number 777 Confirmation Number 777

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: The Number 777: The meaning of the number Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven, Is that Good Fortune is empowered in your life. Some things may be coming to an end in your life right now. Even though these changes are painful, You are asked to make them. As these are for your highest and greatest good in the long-term.

You’re learning the power of letting go. The Number 777 Combination is that a Spiritual Journey has reached it’s fruition. You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor now. With all that you have done so far, the heavens applaud you. Pay close attention to the recurring information, synchronicity, dreams, psychic flashes, paintings, music, or words and phrases. As these will be confirmation as to the resulting steps you’ll take in regards to the next chapter of your life purpose or journey.

Everything we release we are asked to deeply and sincerely express gratitude. While Letting go, completely. As decency and out of respect for the purpose or soul mission.

7 Is symbolic for spirituality, mysticism, empowerment, the Higher powers, our angels and spirit guides, metaphysical worlds, roads coming to a conclusion.  Also psychic Ability, prophecy, destiny, fate.

Prophecy/Psychic Notations: Changes are being made in regard to your spirituality, beliefs, etc

You may have come quite a way from where you began. But deep within, you know that these changes are rightfully being made according to the request of your soul. Right now You are listening to your highest self. Soon enough your highest self will be in resonance with you. Yet as long as you are here, your soul, spirit, mind or body will continue to evolve and grow to meet new destinations of the soul purpose.

Carry on. Dance. soar. It’s time to take heed to those inner instructions as  you are being directed towards a greater path than you may foresee at this time. All things have a domino effect when the number 777 confirms it’s presence in our lives. This is truly a part of your purpose and mission at this specific time in your life.

Intuitive Conclusions: Pay attention to how it presents to you. What numbers are associated with it? Etc. You are asked to communicate with the angels for comfort and confirmation as you make these changes. Meditation will be of help to get clarity on how you will be able to move forward into this new stage of your life.

With the number 777 Appearing in threes (the number 3), it confirms that you are not alone and that the angels are open to you or you have a clear relationship or channel to converse about these changes with them (7+7= 14 + 7 = 21 (2+1 =3) Things will get better once these changes are settled and complete. SO have no fear, as to what tomorrow brings.


Quornesha S., 

Psychic Consultant *Media Consultations + Egyptian Healer*


The Law of Prayer| Spiritual Laws

Channeled by Quornesha S., The Host of Learning to Pray With Power: The Law of Prayer. Praying requires that one presents without judgement of a person, their will, their request and without pressing our views and opinions toward the other subject or person. requesting or in need of prayer.

We are asked, that if we cannot pray without applying our judgments to another or without hindering our own faith and beliefs. Then we must surrender the prayer to be prayed for by another, who can, in pure energy, aid the requester.

That which we pray for will and can be answered through the belief that it is already done. We are not to interfere with the conclusions of things such as Divine will or order. We are not to interfere with things such as someones faith or system that may or may not be different from our own.

We are not to interfere with the mistakes one has made.

The one reason prayers may go unheard is because of the context of the prayer request. Praying that one should ‘stay’ even though their heart is guiding them away from you, only places a bandage. As Prayer changes a lot of situations. But one thing it cannot do is override the law of request or one’s free will. We cannot force things to happen, if it is it’s Divine time to exit your life at this time.

If one should pray for riches, wealth or well-being. One must be also willing to take actions to make these things come about. Prayer is more of a Psychological tool. Shifting the mind and encouraging, so that you can and will achieve what you are asking for.

Note: It is impossible to pray what we are not. We cannot Pray to be the most powerful force in the Universe, without already having an ability to accomplish such levels. We cannot pray that we become the most influential Governors if we are not in position to govern. We cannot pray to win, if we are not doing something to win for.

Prayer assists with what is already in motion, as opposed to the law of attraction. Whereas, what you cannot see, you call to you. Yet, you you may not attract what you are not. Prayers come about as wishing and asking or even declaring.

Prophecy: Prayer is an empowerment tool. If you are not already trying to do something about your situation, there is no way to start where you envision. Therefore, when you are A president of a company, culture, business or society, only then can you pray for peace among those under your control. You will then be guided to lay some guidelines to put in place the steps the company or the society will take to generate more peace within your facilities for as long as you influence this group, to which you govern.

Intuitive Conclusions: We may all influence many things, with our opinions, perceptions, interpretations etc. But, only those assigned to lead a group of people can make the final decisions. You must be in position to have your prayers heard and answered to.

When you want to become a better wife to your husband or a better husband to your wife, You begin by Loving the man you fell in love with, Loving the woman you fell in love with. It all begins with you. If you want something, you must begin within yourself first. You’ve got to give it to you first, before anyone else can do that for you.

Prayers are only answered through the efforts you begin to make on behalf of your goal. Dr Martin Luther King, was not a dreamer in my perspective. He was a prophet. And with prophecies, you envision, and you make a difference where you believe it needs to be made. So that you can enjoy a life of happiness, prosperity, abundance, love, victory and without restraint.

It’s all up to you. It’s time to take Inspired action

Furthermore, we are not to take it into our own hands what others deserve or desire. Nor, for that matter, what they don’t deserve. That is not our ‘job’ or place to decide. You must not defy the request of others with your own beliefs nor continue to pray for them even when you do not wish to. As this could conduce bad karma or negative vibrations for yourself. Also, those you pray for or with must be in agreement with you. Not against what is requested.


Quornesha S.. 

Clairvoyant Medium

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Symbolic Meaning of The Pigeon Hawk [Falco columbarius]

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master for the Pigeon Hawk, as seen in dreams, visions, waking life, tattoos, psychic flashes, travel, magazines, or more. 

The Symbolic Meaning of the Pigeon hawk is that the Spiritual Law of Request is now being activated in your life. You have learned and listened pretty well about forthcoming changes. It is wise to not listen to what ifs’ from within yourself or others at this time. As you are making the right decisions for your own well being and that of your purpose. 

Law of Request: With the law of request, we are asked not to ‘butt’ in to any situations. As it is now time to release these ‘constraints’. Feeling the need to reach out to others even when we do not want to, means we are being confined and against our spiritual will and crossing boundaries we have laid out for a specific purpose. To keep us aligned with our spiritual calling, that is.

Note:Everything happens for a very special reason. Whether that is debt, emotional instability or obstacles and these are all put in place for us to overcome. You must remember, that when the road seems heavy, it is time to verify whether you are actually within your own vibrations or that of someone else’.

Whatever is going on in anyone’s life is because in a subconscious way, they desire it. Whether we choose to admit it or not. Things do not change unless we are willing to see where we have gone wrong and where we are off course.

Note: When we are on our ‘correct path’ nothing anyone says about us that is negative will matter at all. Because we are confident and are assured that we are being guided and protected from jealousies, hate, envies or evil intentions or eyes. Even from within ourselves.

Beware of trying to teach anyone to be right or live right as whatever choices they are making, is for their own karma. You are not allowed to assist anyone without their permission for your help or guidance or advice.

Do not fear to put your information out there and to support and believe in it. As only you can. Because you will need this clarity in some way yourself, at some time or point in the near or not so distant future.

Prophecy: Everything, all things happen for a reason. There are the laws of cause and effect. SO allow anyone who may feel they are superior to feel that way, as that is there lesson.Anyone who may believe they are excluded from karma, let them believe that as well. As that is there lesson or lot in this lifetime. Do not correct others. Let them be. As if they needed your assistance they would likely and gratefully pay you for your time to do so.

Positively and absolutely, this may be a challenge for you considering your kind or generous nature. But you are asked to stay in your own vibration and allow others to take care of their own when they feel the need to do so. You’re subject to obtaining prosperity like everyone else is. It is not your responsibility to convince anyone that they deserve it too. As how you interpret what they are saying could come from a place of low vibrations. Until you are asked for help, and you have the right to decline anything if you do not wish to do it. Do not intervene. As these are life lessons for each person to learn and grow from.

Intuitive Conclusions: Telling someone what is right does not teach them the morality or the defining truth about anything, instead they are still blind because deep within they still have the urge to discover more.

It’s time to move on now. Even with compliments, it is not your space to do so unless you are Divinely guided to do so. As confidence is also a growing and learning path. Just because someone tells you something does not mean the soul will believe it is true. Which is why, we all must believe in ourselves first. If they feel confident already, and it shows, they will be able to accept our kind words. Until then, kind words will go in one ear and out the other. As that is not your space. And each person is responsible for healing from their own past as they see fit.

With all the questions associated with telling someone something positive, like, ‘how do you know this’ or maybe that’s for you and not me. Etc. These are all immediate consequences and are lessons that it’s time to value your time and advice and reserve it for those who will value it in turn. If you do not feel valued after giving this means you did not give from a space of value.

These messages apply to everyone, including those who walk away and out of your life for no reason or explanation at all. As each exit is symbolic for someone who must go through something you cannot assist them with or intervene towards.

You cannot teach a student who isn’t ready to learn. -Quornesha S.


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Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

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Prophecy For Divine Supernatural Increase

Channeled Through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: There will be a moment of increase. A Moment of Divine + Supernatural Intervention and Clarity as to why you deserve your Supernatural Inheritance. This will propel you to fully be able to position yourself for your purpose and for all that which is to come.

There may have been a void of emotions for quite some time. But it’s over, once you decide to look beneath all of the illusions within your mind. A time is coming where you will see the reason + understand why you are such a gem within the world.

In your life, there may be many doubts and anxieties or trepidation as to what the future holds. You may take all of what you see as a sign that the answer is no, or not yet. But you can be assured that the time has come.

Hold fast to the ‘one’ answer that is surrounded with the most light and you will find that you easily surrender all else.

Why do you feel that you are undeserving? It’s time to be free from the reason why you don’t deserve and move into all of the reasons why you do deserve.

The time has finally come.
It’s a time of increase, and empowerment, a time of encouragement and purpose, not only revealed but clarified. Keep moving forward.

You’re set to discern why you are so blessed and yet why there is so much to unfold for you.
You need not worry so much as to what your future holds. As all answers are clarified in correct or Divine Timing. You’re getting ready to discover why you deserve to have it all. + You will.

Namaste + Blessings,
Quornesha S. , Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

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Japanese Cherry Blossoms [Prunus serrulata] Symbolic Meaning

Channel by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: Japanese Cherry Blossoms are symbolic for one door closing and another opening, Life and death, Balance, equilibrium, stability, rest. When seen in waking life, paintings, dreams, visions, psychic flashes, meditations,

It is also a message that, you should not cling to any belief system, or way of being or living. Claiming it as your permanent way of being. As everything must come to an end, within it’s Divine time. It is a message that you are to get going on your path as this path will soon come to a conclusion. This may be of reference/regard to education or expanding your spirituality or knowledge of your mind, body, spirit. The Japanese Cherry Blossom enters your life as a symbolic message that right now is the time, as this window does not last always. There are seasons that must take place and all must go according to Divine plan.

Prophecy: Never fear the death of  persons, places, or situations as this is the natural order of life. We all must die, things we do must die, as no one else can ever do it the way the we do it. You’re asked to serve your mission as much as possible. Serve the reason why you are here. When seeing the Japanese Cherry blossom, you’re asked to get in touch with defining, exactly what your purpose is.

Your angels will be readily available to work with you through the people you meet, those you go to for healing. You may even consider these people to be angels themselves, yet, it is that they are working closely with your angels to deliver your messages at this time in your life.

Intuitive Conclusions: It’s up to you to figure out and discover why you are here. Only you are allowed to ask, “why am I Here?” and receive the answers, through whatever form the angels and ascended masters choose to allay those messages to you. If you’re trying to discover your niche, or area of expertise, or re-branding that niche, call out to your angels, or your chosen form of ‘higher assistance’. And the people who are meant to help you with this ‘assignment’ will enter your life.

Know that nothing is permanent. Even though things may be free-flowing or ‘stuck’ at this time. Move forward, follow the steps you are guided to make. You’ll find that all is occurring for your highest and greatest good. Lay aside every fear of lack and you’ll find it replaced with love. Sitting still and allowing the angels to heal us and help cleanse our minds. Whilst, breathing deeply. Sitting still outside where we feel safe + surrounded in nature.


“Everything in the end will be fine” or Live for today, + Look forward to tomorrow


Quornesha S., 

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2016 Forecast: Year of The Monkey

Channel by Quornesha S., Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer: 2016, What a year it will be. First of all I channeled the Year to be Lucky colors of Blue, Green and Yellow and reassessed and considered Yellow blue and white. In fact all of these colors are beneficial in the year ahead. Lucky colors = Gold, Blue and White) Very influential colors.

With the monkey being the hierarchy of the Year, It will definitely be some very playful or shall I say sense of humor energy. It is definitely an emotional year, due to the presence of the Monkey.

The Symbolic Meaning Of the Monkey; Briefly: A Monkey’s energy is usually very playful, vibrant and curious. So it’s only natural and normal that It will be a time of play and hard work and lots of energy. And, emotions too! The Monkey is often used in research to record the human emotion. They are much similar to us. But they don’t look like us at all. Only through actions and responses…at least most of us anyway. The lucky numbers of the Monkey are 1 7 8, in numerology and angel or confirmation numbers this is a very high vibration. One where achievements and success or stability is accessible and will be attained.

1+7=8 8+8=16 1+6=7 Thus, 2016 Will have the vibration of the Number 7 and 9 With Nine being the more dominant number. ‘2016’ [ 1+6=7 7+2+0= ‘9‘ empowered! With 7 And 9 Equaling to 16 (2016) and 16 Still coming back to 7.

Much anxiety in this year, but it can be countered by Lots of comedy, laughter and not taking things so seriously. A Very bright year for those in comedy! 2015 was a great year to start anything hilarious, so bravo if you’ve got a head-start. Lots of travel in the year ahead.

Also, to keep family relationships in order or in check it’s best to walk away from situations to avoid saying anything you cannot retract. Acts of Kindness will balance much of the trepidation 2016 will cause all of us. From January to December the Year will be LIVE, it’s not official until February 8! According to calculations. This is neither a WOMAN or MAN year, however, 2016 will call for much compromise and working together.

Prophecy: However, those who dislike authority or being asked to do something, may not find it too favorable as it may call for them to learn some team work or effort. Just remember though, you’re not required to do anything you do not resonate with. But compromise must be made in the year ahead.

Intuitive Conclusions: Don’t be tardy for the Party, as this year will force us all to get out of the house, take risks, travel. A very busy year at the airports. However technology will not be so favorable. I see lots of frustrations with technology and it’s industry. This year calls for patience or endurance, not in projects, but in the lines of course. You may find that you’ll have to wait for a table at your favorite restaurant that before, didn’t seem as crowded. People will be out and about, so what do we expect. It’s best to learn how to be around those you don’t know now, than later. Lots of new and strange faces. Or so it seems. A very sociable year for us all. We need it too, the world is way too silent. Best to buy backup drives this year. Feng shui is one of the greatest cures, yet, we will still experience some offsets. A year of Endurance. It’s lesson? Patience, authenticity!

In relationships, listen, listen and listen. That’s the only way to offset some of the anxieties in this scenario. Much calmer if we go out and play. And often.

An exciting political year, for sure. So close too!

Begin the year with prayer, meditations or mantras and it offsets much stress. No resolutions as these plans will obviously go out the window. No extreme makeovers to self or home. Not a very good year to make such moves (home and dramatic makeovers), all of the noise and it may be out of desperation rather than need.

Monkeys are actually quite lucky, so 2016 will be a test of your will or faith, as to how you’ll be able to handle such high vibration.

Quornesha S., 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

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Decoding The Term ‘ Beware of False Prophets’

Channel from Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: Beware of False Prophets, or so it has been preached over a million times. So today, I am decoding this term for better understanding and clarity as to what it truly means. First off, anyone who is human should not use these terms, as We are all subject to sin, or disorder or causing harm to others through lies, betrayal and the likes.

Skepticism: Until you can prove that it is actual ‘false fact’, you cannot lay claim that anything is false. Metaphor, You visit an Asian restaurant and typically an Asian serves you, he or she is rude and you deem before leaving that, Asians are rude, impeccable and not easy to get along with. In fact, you have not stepped outside of your boundaries and searched all of Asia, All of Where they come from, because to deem that they all come from Asia is also a False Prophecy.

What Are False Prophets: Any woman or man who discriminates his or her marriage vows to commit adultery with another person other than their wife or husband. Any person who claims to know another person without deeply evaluating themselves, as they are placing their inner reflections and emotions onto somebody else.

Prophecy: Any person who rejects another because of what they think they see on the surface, without actual proof. Is considered to be falsely prophesying. Any mother who brings a child into our world and rejects to not only raise him or her is also Falsely Prophesying as, This is an agreement they made with their higher power and Karma is to follow such actions. Any person, who says they are of love, yet hate is considered to be falsely prophesying. Any Minister or Ministry who claims to use funds or resources for the congregation but for his or her own well being instead of being truthful and claiming the ministry as his or her business is considered a false prophet. Any person who calls another out about his or her flaws, yet her or she has emotional baggage or skeletons in his or her closet, is considered a false prophet.

Any person claiming to be of the Christ mind, yet are judgmental of others, as Christ taught all, not only followers to love those that hate you, misuse you or persecute you, is a false prophet.

Any person who imdemnifies another for his or her sins yet is a sinner him or herself, is a False prophet. Any person who spotlights another’s flaws, yet are applying emotional makeup to cover up his or her own.. Is a false prophet. Anyone who Judges another’s judgement.

Anyone who isn’t there authentic self, putting on an image for friendship, social fame, or popularity is falsely prophesying until he or she decides to fully be himself. Remember, only you are responsible for the way you feel. When someone says something that you do not like and you react to it by requesting that they show some respect, is also considered to falsely prophecy. Only you are responsible for your happiness. You cannot make anyone as yourself, or to have courtesy to you, or to give you the respect you deserve. You are responsible for giving that all to yourself. No one has to lower their vibration to respect your space. Until you raise your own vibrations, you are consumed and at the mercy of those around you. Only you are responsible for how you feel.

Intuitive Conclusions: Any person whose afraid to follow his or her dreams and fully live and love their own life, out of fear of what people will think of you.  is A False prophet to his or her own way. Any person who tries to dominate another to get his or her own way, is considered a false teacher or prophet. Instead of being him or herself in order to inherit his or her own voice.

Any person whose personality is different to those he or she claims to love than to those he or she claims admires him or her. Any person who looks upon another, with evil eye or intention to dim another’s light, is a false prophet. Anyone who diverts someone attention from thinking positive into thinking negative and thoughts of challenge and victim mentality is a false prophet.

Any person who commits acts of violence, hate crime, are all false prophets.

Telling or thinking someone does not deserve something that they claim or receive or hope for, is considered false prophecy. As you would not undermine yourself, if you win or receive something. You’ll feel like you deserve it in some way.

Anyone who seeks forgiveness but has bitterness in their hearts.

Any person who interprets another without actual proof that this is who that person is.

Beware of false prophets, that is to say, look in the mirror, sweep around your own front door, take care of your own backyard, as When the skeletons come out of it, You can blame no one but yourself as you were tending to the lawn of someone else instead of taking care of your own business. If you do something/someone a wrong, that is considered to be false prophecy. We cannot do harm and claim to be soul of a Divine creator all at the same time.

Rich In Power℠

Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Psychic Medium

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Channel From Ascended Master, Mother Mary

Channeled through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: From Ascended Master, Mary!

If we do not like what we see about others, or what they may see about ourselves. Or how they may feel about us. Or it upsets us.This is opportune time to go within. We must look within ourselves and heal these aspects. To heal the surface. Begin Speaking good words to yourself, “I am grateful, I know I deserve my blessings’. We are asked to endure. Endurance is a powerful word, as opposed to patience. Where we may have considered it’s definition to be, in waiting without action. Endure, until the end.


Quornesha S. & Ascended Master, Mary

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Gold Finch [Carduelis Tristis] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom/Channel by Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Quornesha S. Seeing the Goldfinch in your waking life, and in synchronicities: IE; Tattoos, shopping bags, logos, dreams, waking life, newspapers, websites, feeling the need to discover what it means is a Prophecy that The angels and ascended masters are trying to notify to you that, even though you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time,  release the outdated thought of being stuck or clingy to this circumstance. As, soon it too shall pass. Instead, know that this is simply a window until the next one appears.

You are asked to look within for your own intuition and to not allow interpretations from others to consume you with fear. Everything that enters our life is a prophecy. When we discover the message it is speaking to us, we can then move on to the next stage or step in our lives.

Intuitive Note: No matter if this is a current residence, position, or state of mind, you will move on from this in Divine time. Ask the angels to help you remove the refutation others may have applied to what you foresee. As these can become psychic debris also known as stagnation when attended to.

You are not trapped within any state of existence, relationship, or state of being, or residence, know and acknowledge that when we learn the final lesson which is to come about at the Divine right moment. You will have the opportunity to release the situation.

Prophecy: Understand that every opportunity that presents to you, is for a reason, even if you decline those opportunities they are for a reason. If any interpretations cause us to fear, we are allowed to release that interpretation and write our own. Remember, even though we move on, every situation has it’s own stresses or challenges. Do not fear moving on as this is a part of your life at this time.

It may be time to reconsider opportunities being presented to you, as these may be to your life time benefit, although you choose to ignore. Whether that opportunity is of relationship, career, financially or otherwise you are asked to see if this opportunity will resonate most with you. As when the door finally closes, it will not present itself in the same format. Enter each new door with gratitude. As thanks, for the universe thinking of you or bringing you closer toward the manifestations of your dreams.

Intuitive Conclusions: Choose uplifting thoughts, if the situations around you hinder you from doing so, consider focusing your intentions and attention toward what will help you to  serve your highest and greatest good. If your thoughts are on moving, sit with the angels to contemplate your reason for wanting to depart from your present circumstance. We are allowed to reshape our future, as long as it is aligned for our highest and greatest good.

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Spotted Dove [Streptopelia chinensis] Symbolic Meaning

Channel, Inner Knowing/Wisdom: by Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Quornesha S:  Seeing the Spotted dove in your waking life, dreams, visions, meditations, tattoos, synchronicity: Spotted Dove’s message is that you’re in position, for movement, love, residential, travel, career and financial improvements. The impending changes, you may sense them and feel them, but these changes may come about in a way that you are not expecting. Trust and believe that these changes ‘are’, for your highest and greatest good!

You may be aware of  the surrounding time or date, but these changes, will be both empowering and happy life changes. Yet surprising. You’ve been having the urge to go forth for quite some time. Now the Universe is on your side.  ‘They’ agree that these changes are in perfect timing, in your life at this time.

You should feel immensely blessed, for that which is to come. This changes will bring about more tranquil, ease, and relief from stress, at least within the confinements of your home environment.

It may also be time for you to surrender some things, to make way, and room for the next steps to occur in your life. The ascended masters are applauding you, and congratulating you for the tests you may have endured.  Maybe now you can exhale, live and be whatever you want to be. As the prime opportunities, are being sorted in order for you to fully take advantage of. This move will be by the seaside, water or lake. This new chapter of your life, will be quite superior to the ones you have taken prior to.

Prophecy: Keep listening to your highest self, and the angelic guides. As this will confirm the messages of the spotted dove. You may have went through some recent changes, and the angels wish to let you know that it is time to move forward now. There may be times of brief grief during this move. But know, this is all for the better life you deserve and have longed for.

Intuitive Conclusions: Continue to transmute and renounce your fears. The resistance to being the victim is working and you’re being commended. It’s better now. As you move forward, apply the wisdom that you now know in regards to not taking on the emotions or trivialities of others. You can have the peace in your life. But, remember, as future reference, when we ask for victory, there has to be a trial of some kind. When we ask for peace there has to be upheaval to make changes for the life you want.

Your guides want you to know that you are in perfect alignment and right now is the perfect time for you to be on the receiving end. Release the lessons of the past. As you have much more to learn, and do. Troubled waters do not roar always, and now you can enjoy this peacefulness and tranquility.

You will now be able to set out and build a life of your own, if ever it was not ‘possible’ before.

Blessed Be.

Rich In Power℠

Quornesha S. 

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Mourning Dove: 

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Angel Number 1111/ Confirmation Number 1111

Inner Wisdom/Knowing/Channel: By Psychic Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master Quornesha S. In relation to seeing the number 1111 In synchronicity, Dreams, addresses, license plates, tattoos etc.

The Number 1111 is symbolic for calling in the Celestial Beings. They represent as guardians to your angels and guides. In all areas, including, and not limited to. Business, relationships, your past, yourself, clarity, purpose and the next steps to take. While the angels are only receptive to being a guide the celestial beings are in connection to your highest self and the steps you yourself already wish to take.

You can call upon the Celestial beings to help you manifest and find comfort with anything. It may be time to consider ‘to which avenue, am I intended to serve and give for my highest and greatest good?”

Part of our reason for being here is to give, yet also receive the Celestial beings will guide you as to when, what where and how you are meant to serve as they are the closest beings to your soul than anything else. Second to your highest power. You may consider the celestial beings as messengers of your deity.

Remember to wish carefully, as they will put together the paths and opportunities, with effort from and on your behalf of course. To help you with you highest and greatest goals

Guidance/Prophecy: Sit and contemplate quietly as you would if you were to meditate or intend for rest. As that is how the Celestial beings will bring the answers to your prayers. If your dreams and visions seem like a riddle it is for you to decode in whichever avenue that serves you.

Intuitive Conclusions: Part of doing things your own way is to know that everything happens in it’s own Divine time. And to not do things when dictated to do so, by frequencies you know are not for your highest and greatest good. You will know the difference from when you are potentially being dictated or potentially manipulated. And you’ll have access to your abilities to release these situations.

When you find yourself troubled by the world, it’s time to go within and only face the things you’re set here to resolve.

1111 Is also symbolic for walking through the doorways of illumination and following your ‘correct’ path. If you do not feel you are in alignment with your purpose, it is now time to find out. They also represent everything working out for your highest and greatest good.

Rich In Power℠

Quornesha S. 

With Love, Light + Fire. 

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Prophecy: What we Need to Address: Reality Television

 Written by Psychic Medium & Intuitive Reiki Master, Quornesha S. Prophecy/Inner Knowing/Wisdom: Taking away reality television will not resolve the issues that go on behind the scenes (in someone’s home, their relationships, etc) Maybe some of it is for entertainment purposes only. But to someone out there it’s a reality. It begins by changing the person whose violent, verbally abusive, manipulative. Taking away the platform does not change the person. You’d still have an issue that needs to be addressed.

If we are passionately disturbed by what we see, it”s time to passionately make a difference to change what we see. This vision tells me, that, if we take it away without addressing the issues or concerns that are displayed on ‘reality television’ means we still have an issue that would debut in another form that which itself will not be good or abundant for our world.

You can try to change the channel to what you interpret as negativity, but the issue needs to be addressed and it crosses paths with you for a reason. Until you start applying to the change you wish to see, it will always be disturbing. Many of us are entertained in some format in what we see. But it’s no longer a joke or sitcom. It’s real.

Something so small can have a huge impact, but until we start showing others how to act, since they don’t yet know or have not been raised to do so, they will continue to display habits that they feel confined to.

If you see everything changing around you and you’re still the same, eventually something will trigger inside of you to make the shift. Each of us, are responsible for our own changes.

Nothing on the outside will ever change you, it’s you, and it always have been.

Rich In Power™,

Quornesha S. 

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Kite Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom:  Seeing A Kite in Dreams and Waking Life, visions, synchronicity, Is symbolic that it is better now. While it may be easier to settle for that which is ‘easy’ without consequences, we become a void to our purpose for being here. Each day we must actively do something meaningful. Even if it is unto ourselves.

The Kite’s Message ask us to relax and to be comforted, that all is well, it is alright now. The kite is symbolic for releasing the pain and going with the flow of things. When you are emerging from a crisis it is beneficial to take notes as you will be able to help others deal with this type of pain or melodrama.

Prophecy: Things will be much more smoother from the moment you get the message (presence) of the Kite. It is prophesying to you that it is time to move on from the past, let it go as the present moment does not supply the same scenario. Even if you feel like you have to hold this memory. The Prophecy of the kite tells you…let it go. It’s time to look forward. Maybe you’ll never forget what has happened. But the key is to detach from the person or situation first and then try focusing on the reason for the situation. Resulting changes are ahead now, for everything you clear.

You cannot authentically forgive if you hold onto the memory. “Forgive but never forget” needs to be surrendered. You have a new chapter to pursue and the next scene holds no space for your past. Part of anxieties are holding on to what was, it’s memories and it’s events.

There are different variations of ‘high’, one where our ego is overwhelming to those around us or where we are living with compassion. It is up to you to live by giving and receiving the good you put out into the universe, or by giving and receiving the negative, lower vibrations you put out into the universe.

Intuitive Conclusions: Remember that whatever you do comes back to you. It is not by accident or surprise that you serve with good intentions, as this is a part of your higher self. It is not by mistake that you feel negative or toxic. Everything you put out into the universe is only the part of you that you are shedding. Now whether or not you attach or release and surrender is up to you.

You are not a victim in any situation it is only what you choose to portray. You are allowed to grieve, to comfort, to empower yourself. Every emotion you exude is due to how it serves you right now. If sadness serves you, it will serve you for as long as you’re attached to it.

Nothing would ever come to the light if it was not intended to heal or grow from the rain that is inevitable to fall upon it. So even if your mind did not intend, the soul is intending on your behalf.

Appreciate and speak with the soul often by praying with it and for it. It needs you and you need it as a guide for your highest and greatest good.

With Love, Light + Fire,

Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting *Media + Egyptian Healing*

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Gratitude Channel 117

Intuitive Knowing/Channeling Gratitude is automatic humbleness, affirmation + serenity! Which allows you to remove from the need to be in the ego mind. Or ‘need’ to sacrifice + into a place of well being. Apply the belief you have within yourself. Because no matter what they say, You’re not going to  immediately change what you feel based upon any immediate opinion. Part of seeing the self in a higher light revolves around, deciphering the authentic self. And being true to yourself. Once you have set these things into motion, you can and will move forward and be grateful that you have done so.

117 Briefly, Is symbolic that you are stepping through a new door of illumination that will empower your authentic way of being. Do not fear taking this path as it will prove along the way, to be the right direction for you to take.

xoxo Quornesha S.

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Dancing In Dreams Symbolism

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Life Coach| Medium| Intuitive, Tarot Reader and Developer, Shaman, Hoodoo Priestess, Channeler, Crystal Reiki Master, Hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher Levels I, II, & III, Animal Reiki Master, Animal Intuitive, Shaman, Reader of the Akashic Records and so much more.| To see yourself dancing in your dreams, waking life, visions or otherwise is symbolic of rising above the times of this world. It’s a sign that all is well, that you will overcome your enemies to many degrees. Especially after working a job to assist you in the matter of life or any enemy workings.

Dancing is traditional in many heritages. But it is a sign of the God’s that victory is yet to come. Have no fear of others, and your humanity is not a weakness. So, it is a reminder, that you are right where you belong. Quiet the racing thoughts. Don’t give into the pity of others. As there is something ahead for you that assures you, everything is alright.

Don’t be afraid, for higher powers are with you at this time. And they assure you, they are on your side, as usual. While you may have been through pain before. Know that as long as you live, there will be times of pain. But to dance is a beautiful thing. See yourself in a higher position in life, as your life and career is about to change. There will be spiritual budget cuts, meaning, some people cannot go with you ahead. You will advance in the times of life, and you are to prepare for some victories to come your way in the not so distant future.

To see yourself dancing in spite of enemies or haters is a very auspicious and great sign. As good fortune is on the way right now. Miracles are about to be assigned and delivered in your name. You are someone quite special to Divine and he is assured, that the best is yet to come. Only he can see your entire future. Only he knows the time it is for anything in your life is meant to die and the time it is to live. Meaning, any aspects that do not serve your future. If a piece of the puzzle does not fit the final outcome. It must go. Remember who you are in every moment. As change is forthcoming.

The love of Divine is beautiful, it is a remarkable thing. And he will see to it, that all that disturbs your way, garner its rightful justice. To dream, vision, or dance in other synchronicities before a court case, is a sign, that things are assured in your favor. Don’t have any thought towards meddling people. Every piece or aspect of a dream plays a part in what is forthcoming.



In other words, a situation is being worked out in your favor. To see your past flashing before you or past life persons, while dancing is synchronicity and validation that you will flourish in your future. Especially when dancing alone. Your future is associated with the next moment, the next few minutes, as much as it is associated with months, days, or years.

To surpass so-called friends in a dream while dancing, is an assurance of blessings in spite of anything going on in your life. It is assurance that you will overcome your enemies, secret and openly. To dance with a loved one who’ve passed on is a sign of their recognition and proud feelings of you and the legacy you are leaving on this world. And is actually a visitation from them. So enjoy. Live inside of the moment, and always be prepared for the next.

Dancing is a sign that you are to remain ‘open’. Don’t be silent about your truths, stand powerfully and in the light of it. As it is accepted far more than you can see, and that the spiritual peers and superiors *higher powers*, appreciate all there is about you. You are someone special to the Powers that serve your highest good.

Being human and expressing your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness, it is a sign of humanity, strength, tenacity, and power. Which represents, your willingness to not keep your silence. Have no fear of your future, as it is and shall be great. As you move forward you will see blessings shower upon you in amazing ways. You will receive the due reward, while that which stands against you reaps what is deserved. You’re stronger than you know. And dancing is a sign of strength, of gift, perfect timing. And grace.

While some challenges appear as daunting at this time, there’s nothing you can do in the place of what God has planned. Remember the Quran’s word: They plan, and Allah Plans, but Allah is the Best of Planners. Step aside from the things you cannot change. What matters, is the person who has to go through it. No matter how we feel about it. We must stand strong and strength is counted when faced with Adversity, not when all things are well. As there’s nothing to be strong about, other than gratitude. Know that there’s a force, preparing to shake the way and impact of the enemy over your life. Divine will give you an anointed sword when enemies rise against you in whatever name or form they claim to appear. This ‘sword’ shall be used to cut the roots of the enemy. And disable their supposed power. Even the ‘powers that be’ shall kneel to the command of Divine on your behalf. Watch and see.

I hope you dance. Remember, supposed opposing forces or alleged powers working against a child of Divine, usually only talk the talk, yet, never walk the walk. Be fierce. And surrender any fears to Higher powers. The Ancestors will watch over you, in your lifetime. Be assured. And know that Dancing is a sign that you are strong and assurance that you are protected. You’re next in line, for miracles.


Quornesha S. Lemon 

Priestess of High Order 

Intuitive Life Coach 8

Thanks for understanding that, as a Priestess, I do not appreciate, thieves, liars, and backstabbers. So to visit this page or any other content on this site/email/page for the purpose of Inhabiting/taking/infringing on what does not rightfully belong to you is to provide permission to work against you with the spirits to bring justice to the situation as they see fit. Always acknowledge the rightful owners of this website and all other writings from the author and may you be blessed for doing so.

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Atlantic Puffin Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Medium| Life Coach| Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach| Hypnotist| Hoodoo Priestess| Intuitive| Crystal Reiki Master Teacher| Animal Reiki Master Teacher| Reiki Master Levels I, II & III Teacher| & So much more| The Atlantic Puffin represents self-acceptance. You are to step up for yourself at this time. You are to stand your ground against spiritual warfare, psychic attack or the attacks against your character from fellow human beings. Right now, it is time to subside from the past, not to forget it. But to place the priority of hurting or grieving from it beneath you. As soon, a project or life event requires your strength, will, power and tenacity.

The Atlantic puffin is symbolic of self-empowerment. Right now is the most pertinent and utmost time to grow up and be what you are meant to be at your highest level. Right now, you can no longer blame your past for where you are. Right now is not the time to compare yourself to others. Right now, isn’t the time to doubt yourself or the plans the higher powers have for your life.

You must understand, that the trust and confidence you must have in anyone, is within yourself. You cannot place anyone on a pedestal, above what you think of yourself.  Take caution in the trust you place in others over yourself. Or the superiority over others. Take caution, as the very people you hold accountable to do right by you, to be there for you…trusting so much to not or to do a thing on your behalf. Wind up, being center stage and front row…seated at your pain. On a stage called ‘life’. Don’t place others above trusting within yourself. Do for yourself always. Trust yourself to do right by you. It’s called individual salvation for a reason.

The big “moment” you’re waiting for, comes from within. Otherwise, no one will ever be able to satisfy your needs and ideas, the way that you can. Stop expecting others to revolve around your ordeals. Why don’t YOU, revolve around your own expectations. Be whatever you are seeking first. Be a trailblazer. Lead the way. The Atlantic Puffin is symbolism of that. The power to take control of your own fate. Once you take responsibility for how you feel and what you feel. What others think about you, cease to matter. Hold yourself in a higher perspective. Don’t give that power over to others.


If you see things or expect things in any special way. The best person to fulfill those ideas is yourself. Don’t place humanity, anyone, to any measure above the voice of the spirit *nor above what YOU should integrate within your own actions*. Don’t get too comfortable with people. No one. Can feel the passion that you feel about something. Because you are a unique person to fulfill that mission and no one else can do it other than you. Spread the light and the fire that you feel about anything in this world. The causes. The pains that bother you. The events you cannot sleep on. The laws of this world that dismember your thinking, because you know they are not right. IT WAS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN YOU! Whom the great I am, the higher power above all powers of this world. Assigned YOU TO DO.

It is up to you to keep going to do something different than you’ve already done. No one is responsible for the mistakes you’ve made, but you. No one is responsible for how you feel, but you. No one is responsible for your life’s purpose or mission, but you. When you leave this life, for a new one, or simply as a God in the afterlife, the higher powers will see to it, whether you have completed a task or not. And it is up to you, to show forth receipt, that you have. Meaning, your actions, and all of the things you were set out to do in this time of your life.

ONLY YOU can fulfill the destiny on your life. And only you are responsible for how that life is written or remembered. Leave a legacy that makes a difference. YOU CAN integrate with all manner of people. And you should. Just remember who you are, and defeat all that isn’t right. Overcome all evil with righteousness. That doesn’t mean go on without making any mistakes yourself. That means to stand in the light and power of diversity and equality.

You can live in a world where others are different, who might hate you because of your indifference, and yet still, stay woke. And there are times in life, where you may be forced to be in the presence of an enemy, stay knowledgeable and awakened to who you truly are and that of your ancestors and honor your truth always. Never forget. IN the end, only YOU are responsible for how your life has played out. NO MATTER, what occurred along the way. Don’t become bitter only…stand up for what you believe in, and make a difference. Seek healing where you need healing.

Ultimately the Atlantic Puffin represents leaving the ‘crowd’ and following in the footsteps of your own mind. Being unique, and different. Also sadness and grief.  Overall, the overcoming of the past.

Yes, I am available for coaching, healing, alternative therapies, spiritual services, mojo bags, readings & so much more!

Namaste & Ase, 

~Quornesha S. Lemon 

Intuitive Life Coach 8


Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use
The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©


Coffin Symbolic Meaning

Channeling by Quornesha S. Lemon: Certified Life  & Life Purpose Coach, Medium, Intuitive, Healer, Reiki I, II & III Master, Animal Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Shaman, Outspoken and Forthright Speaker, Hoodoo Priestess, Hypnotherapy Certified Practitioner, & So Much More| Seeing a coffin in your dreams, waking life or visions or otherwise is a sign of an ending. If you see yourself in the coffin it could represent illness directed at yourself. If you see money in the coffin it represents ideas you are allowing to go to waste.  To see yoru loved one in a coffin beneath the ground with money around them, represents a gift of financial stability to you as an heirloom and is a warm welcome into the family.

A coffin also represents an ending. Or retirement. So, if you are concluding a situation at this time know that it has come to it’s ripened age and it is time for it to end. The coffin in rituals represents putting an end to someone or something. If you are in the political industries, it is a sign, to see yourself or a coffin around you in your dreams, that, someone’s voice is being vilified and you will need to speak up on behalf of others. Use your platform to make way for others. And you will find that others’ needs and that of your own are provided for.

Honor your spirit guides. As the coffin is also a synchronicity that you will need to ask and seek the aid of your spiritual guides and ancestors. Stop waiting for the world to change to ‘get it’ or to understand your race, culture or rights. Stop waiting on higher powers to act on behalf of justice for you or your people.

You must invoke the help of spirits. Once you realize this, you will act upon it and find that there are forces which will cause you to be protected from dangers and dishonest or disloyal forces. Being or having friends of any particular race does not equal inclusion or diversity for those who are outcasted by the majority or elite of this world. The Gods are angry with this world and the injustices in it, yet, they cannot unleash wrath or justice if you do not speak up, or if you don’t ask for it.

Invoke the spirits, to do you righteously. To toil and wait on God to fix people, is like saying, you want to be cured of disease, yet, the herbs and foods which are vital and natural to heal you, you are simply waiting for them to come to you in the most perfect of ways and come perfectly packaged for you to use. It doesn’t work this way. For every good thing, YOU MUST WORK FOR IT! You must be denied or closed from something before another door can open. Think of chain reaction. PAY YOUR DUES.

Nothing will come to you without taking action, or active measures. Have no fear of standing up for whatever you truly believe in. Whatever you desire for your longterm future must begin the moment it is thought about. You must put into practice and initiate steps to see it come about. If you need money and don’t have any to start with, you ask the spirits for assistance in obtaining the right amount that you need and then go out and apply for a reasonable amount of money. It will not all happen overnight. So, don’t expect it to. You’ll have to be denied, rejected or either a door close before the spirits intervene on your behalf and exhaust all resources before asking for their help. As they take offense when you ask them for something you can do yourself.

Do not allow your dreams and ideas or mission in life to die with you. Be great now. Don’t wait for a mansion in the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of heaven is within you. Don’t wait for a creator to fix things, if a Divine being created you, chances are, you have the gifts of your heavenly father or heavenly mother. You must use your inherited wisdom.

If there are matters that concern you, speak…up…on…it! No one can hear what only you’re thinking, make time for your destiny. Don’t allow it to die resting or lying dormant inside of you.

The coffin symbolizes death and ending to a portion of your life. You need to express your love for others, compassion, or even mission while you are here, don’t wait for yourself or others to leave this world without making an impact on their and your life. You were given the gifts you have for a reason,

Use what is naturally yours already.  You are being forewarned to get your life in order and to set legal matters in place, “wills, property, taxes, probate, or otherwise at this time, as these will greatly serve you in your favor if you rightfully plan it out! If you’ve been facing some turbulent times in your life, then the coffin is of a positive nature mostly, meaning, something will end and bring a new beginning. Prepare for your life to fall apart so that it can rightfully come together.

An open coffin represents the ability to fix something that has come to a drastic end, whereas a closed one represents something that will cause you to move on. A coffin with flowers represents acceptance of a loss. A coffin in a cemetery plot represents inevitable ending. Which may be painful. A coffin in a cemetery uncovered represents fears and failures. One that is covered represents recently buried truths and acknowledgment of a divorce, settlement and letting go. A coffin in an unmarked grave represents some spiritual workings. Not necessarily a person but workings against or for someone.  A coffin laying adrift with a lid opened, represents you’re still holding onto your past or that of someone else’. To see yourself climbing from one, means you will avoid traps and false friends.

Blessings & Ase,

Quornesha S Lemon

Powerful Mystic 8

Priestess of High Order 

Intuitive Life Coach 8

Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use
The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©



Angel-Confirmation Number 301

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Certified Life, Group and Purpose Coach, Medium, Intuitive, Shaman, empath, Reiki Levels I, II & III Master teacher, Channeler, NLP Practitioner and so much more| The number 301 represents/symbolize that the Gods are preparing to work things out for your highest and greatest good.  You are asked to keep pushing forward. Things will change/shift momentarily. If they aren’t already. You have some fortune to reap and it will greatly ease your mind.

It is safe to release present fears, as these are vibrations that don’t even belong to you. Your soul is flashing back to it’s origins *past life or past memories*. Be reassured that your highest hopes will come into fruition and that the things you’ve overcome and learned from will not repeat themselves.

You are on a very pertinent mission in this lifetime and the spirit world will see to it that it gets fulfilled. You are a reflection of love and the angels, ascended masters, ancestors and spirit guides surround you and they applaud and commend you for going further. Use your gift to heal yourself, as you need it most during this phase, which may have been ‘just for a day, an hour or a moment’. You are allowed to not be in a good mood, but as all things end and begin, you shouldn’t allow your past experiences to shape your attitude. Rise above the pasts, even if you never can trust the same people again. Yet, the universe has opened doors for you to garner new and fresh people in your path whom will benefit you.

Release your anger back into the universe, as everything has cause and effect, in a way that you are asking mother earth to place this where it originated from. To teach you what it is you need to know, and ask that you never have to repeat this same story of your life again.

Ground yourself at this time and keep your distance from negative people, vibrations or any negative self talk. As right now your emotions and empathy are quite fragile. Listen to and with your heart. You know when something is a little off. And when something a ‘go for it’. Trust those inner feelings, those feelings you cannot shake. You are not what others see you are, you are what and how you see yourself.

If a hiatus from any particular group, person, thought or thing is necessary take heed to the inner guidance and let your voice be free. Know and enforce your value. Don’t underestimate your worth. Not even for friendships. False friends you have to impress and buy, real friends will be there for you, whether you are feeling blue or heavenly. It doesn’t matter. A good friend will always uplift you, and you to them when needed. Good friends are rare, so don’t be naïve and trust so easily. Quality and very seldom quantity!

Read the signs that surround you and study and master your craft. Don’t allow others to mold you… You should prefer loyalty over anything else, more so, above it.

Do not compare your flow to that of others, we are all on different yet synchronized journeys’ and we each have our own unique identity *even twins* for a very special purpose. Learn to accept things as they truly are. Have no fear of what is to come. Always strive for the very best, and when that door of the very best doesn’t open to any specific aspect of your life, try another door, and keep going until that door that is rightfully yours opens up.

You are appreciated for your knowledge and wisdom. You will be able to apply so much to your daily life and you will find assistance from the universe and from others along the way. Don’t worry about those who were once upon a time, let those leaves fall away, whether it is family, loved ones, partners or friends, or otherwise. Don’t worry about those who think you know it all. Remember the saying, those that mind, don’t matter and if they matter, they don’t mind. So, find your tribe. People love you. You may not have met them all just yet. Something beautiful awaits you, as you step into your weirdness, step into it, lean into it, because it is awesome. And you are wonderfully made. Spread your light! No matter how powerful you are!

3+0+1= 4 (also associated with the number 31) This represents the moon and spiritual phases. This means you are one powerful soul and you are not responsible if others feel threatened by that in any way. You are to get back to work on your rituals. As now you know, through this synchronicity that all is well, and that you truly are a blessed soul and the spiritual work you are doing is manifesting into a reality. So, have no fear. Your powers are limitless. Go after your good dreams and you will find yourself blessed through your devotions. Don’t let others demonize you for who you know you are. Be yourself, and the spirits will take care of them. See also the number 4 and  number 31

Namaste & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order

Intuitive Life Coach

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©



Tiger Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Hoodoo Priestess, Intuitive, Medium, Shaman, Reiki Level I, II & III master teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Group Life Coach & So much more| The tiger, when seen in dreams, waking life, visions, synchronicities or otherwise is a sign of protection. You need not fear. The tiger is also a message that you have overcome something as of late. And even though it may seem a little odd or that something special may be taking place in your life that you are not yet aware of, something indeed, has blessed your life.

Why do you seek external approval? Is the question that the tiger totem/symbol asks you…As, you don’t need it. You are unique in your perspective and snakes cannot see as the eagle does. Eagles see what is high, while snakes see what is low, and in order for them to seem like they can see at an eagles’ level, they would have to toil. With the eagle, it comes with ease.

The tiger represents providence and protection for those who are rightfully deserved of his/her presence. The tiger’s cub represents innocence and also, represents blessed children that are forthcoming. To find a tiger which is small in your dreams or  waking life and the mother do you no harm, is to mean that you are trusted far more than you may be aware of. The tiger in your dreams or waking life, represent that you will be watched over and all you and your family will ever need may come from and through your own leadership.



The tiger in your dreams and waking life is a sign and synchronicity that, things are about to shift. You have come to the conclusion of something and you are on the verge of shifting your life into a whole other direction. To see yourself getting attacked by a tiger in your dreams or waking life is forewarning of troubling times or the need to cleanse after a psychic attack or forthcoming spiritual transformation.

The cub of the tiger represents, peace…and when the cub is trusting of you, this represents that others trust your perception. You are very powerful in what you teach others and others look up to you. Beware of those who’d like to use you for their own personal gain, but won’t be able to give to you in return.

Use your innate wisdom and stay on the ‘prowl’ and watch out for any backstabbing or malicious people who don’t exactly have your best interest in mind. The eye of the tiger means that you will stay a step ahead of those who despise you or that hunt after your dreams, like mental and emotional vampires. Always choose to speak your own truths and stand up for your own rights unless you are so moved to do so for or on the behalf of others.

You will overcome life’s greatest struggles and adversities, and will find yourself rather blessed, when the tiger crosses your path in your dreams, visions or waking life and choose to do no harm to you.

Stay humble, as you will be called into leadership over others. Use your highest knowledge to awaken others. Teach others who they are, or lead them to it. What serves others may not be what truly serves you. Stick to what you know for sure is true. And use your gifts to remain undefeated. Don’t allow others’ and their biased perceptions to overcome your own. Place no one above yourself. But compromise with your life partner/spouse or otherwise as you are one. Love yourself and that which matters to you completely as you were granted power to lead the way.

Moreover, stay true to who you are! So that your innate teachings will not become tainted. You are to share this innate wisdom with those who come after you, and those you choose to walk through life with and the world as a whole/in general. Leave a powerful legacy and come from a place of integrity and strength, power and tenacity. Use the voice and gift Divine has given to you. Your perception is wanted more than you may ever know. Don’t let the opinions of others, drown out your own. Refuse to argue with others, and choose to have healthy and respectful conversations or debates instead. Stay high above waters. You are protected.

Many Blessings and Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order

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Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use
The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Angel-Confirmation Number 299

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Reiki I, II & III Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Hoodoo Priestess, Shaman, Witch, Tarot & Fortune Card reader, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Purpose Coach & So much More| The angel-confirmation number 299 is a message of completion. It is also confirmation from higher powers that you are being encouraged to stay on the right path. All is being provided for you to take full advantage of forthcoming opportunities.

Whenever the number 299 appears to you in your waking life, dreams and visions, it is a sign that a door is preparing for you, and you will most definitely walk into it. You are encouraged to express your personality as it appeals to many people. Have no fear, stay humble and know, that you will make a difference when in this position.

You are to express and bare your light to the world through this opportunity. Come from a place of diversity and you will be appealing to those who look up to you. It is okay to change and shift beliefs at this time. As, it is now a time to encourage making a difference. There will be harmony that comes about as a result of these changes. You will receive the accolades, recognition or financial accommodations required to share your gifts. The number 299 is all about a conclusion and balance. It will bring you great stability as this opportunity makes it’s way into your life. You will receive stability in many areas of your life, especially in finance and education at this time.

Let your fears subside as you stand boldly before this opportunity forthcoming. Use wisdom and understanding when dealing with others, and delving into your own personal matters in the eyes of others. Recognize that you are truly doing the very best that you can. And that, you will receive the support, love and anything else you may need along the way, to help move your forward, towards and into completion of whatever purpose you may serve at this time and in times forthcoming.

Beware of anyone who are only about themselves. Stay focused and trust yourself first before trusting others. You are set to make a powerful impact on the world and in your own life. Be prepared to take notes and captivate the memories you will create and share with the world. You have come through a transitional period and you appear far from what you have been through.

You must step into a new leadership position soon. And you will thrive against all odds. Something powerful will upkeep you and keep you stable. Be humble, and stay above the mess that others may delve in. You are appreciated in other means in several fields and you are greatly respect. Tarnish not your reputation for momentarily friendships. Stick to the Divine plan and defy going off course.

Be who you truly are, not what others have brain-washed you to be or raised you to think you are. Use your intuition in all situations and apply great wisdom to your choices and you will see your way through life, flying  high. Your expectations may differ from that of others, and their expectations in life may differ from your own. Just because you appear successful, doesn’t mean you are happy. Always do things that align and resonate with what you are truly passionate about. Your passion leads you to your destiny, others lead you to doors, but it is you who must choose whether to open or close a door.

The number 299 is 2+9+9=20 & 2 + 0= 2 Empowered! There will be stability which will be granted to you. And you will lose the fear of the unknown and go after what you truly want/wish/aim for, and you will achieve it! Use your innate abilities to see your way through. Your worries at this point will cease. And you will become new in your perspective. Keep going, keep moving forward. Something is on the verge, you are breaking through! Congratulations on lessons you have learned. Something in your life is coming to a mature fruition. You are commended.

Blessings & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess of High Order

Also see the number 2

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Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use
The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©


Symbolic Meaning of Shoes

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Channeler,  Intuitive, Hoodoo Priestess, Shaman, Reiki Shinpiden Levels I, II And III, Animal Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Life Purpose Coach, NLP Practitioner, And So Much more| Seeing shoes in your dreams, in your waking life through synchronicity, visions or otherwise is a sign of change to situations that deal closely with your personality. Seeing shoes, also denotes a change in wardrobe. Or that you need to update your current wardrobe habits, etc. Depending upon the type of shoe(s) seen, it is also an indication of spell work.

Beware of the people or individuals you trust. DON’T be too trusting! And also be very careful whom you eat from. Watch your surroundings and don’t take any unannounced visitations to your home. Sweep the path of all visitors that come to visit. And Use protective measures. Do not leave your shoes whenever you take them off. Take your shoes with you or if need be, don’t remove them at all.

So much magic can be cast with shoes. You must be on your toes, pun intended. Don’t leave tracks of your feet in places where you know you cannot trust a person. If need be, sweep where you have walked or do not get out of the car without protecting the print of your shoe.

If you are currently changing jobs or careers, this will be a position where change is constant, so you will need to keep up with the pace. As it will be fast paced or it will require that you be able to think well on your feet. Have no fear, or do not be nervous, let your confidence speak.

Don’t be arrogant, protection isn’t the end all be all. Because if you are truly owed a wrong doing, it will come to get you, sooner or later, whether you are protected or not. This does not matter to the ancestors. The best protection is to keep away from other folks’ business, other people’s companions, other peoples’ money, and other people’s life or home or even family and mind your own business.

Don’t be so arrogant and easily offended. Is the message of the shoes. Remember, the cycle/circle of life. We are all but dust, and of dust we shall return. It is not others’ job(s) to help you through your life or any situations you may find yourself. in. But it is your responsibility to respect others and their business.

Dreaming of shoes, denotes travel. And or movement. You will be doing so in the coming months. So, if you have intended for a new home, new job, new career, get ready, because movement will be required to attain the position.

Shoes may or may not go unnoticed, but they are vital part of your grooming or attire. Burn old shoes, or release them of your ownership before giving them away. Even if you do so, they were still part of your past. So, be cautious.

If you see shoes in a closet in your dreams, this means that you have some hidden abilities, or if the shoes don’t belong to you and they are in a closet, someone has a hidden agenda. Shoes that are painful in a dream or synchronicity is a sign that you are just going along with life or with a situation, even though you know it may not serve you in the long term. This situation is temporary and you know it, and will come to an end that is beyond your control.

The interpretation of shoes in dreams, visions or synchronicities is a sign that you love to express yourself and have the last word. It is important to balance, even in leadership. There are some things you can learn from those who follow your lead and something they can learn from you by following your lead.

Shoes, sitting outside in a dream or synchronicity is a sign that a door will soon close and a journey will come to an end. Shoes sitting in the sun is symbolic of new beginnings and bright future. Shoes sitting opposite of each other, is sign of some oppositions, setbacks or otherwise. Shoes mixed with one another *belonging to others, different shoes, represents a time of social events.

Different shoes have different meanings. If they are stilettos, it represents a time of admiration, tennis shoes, a time of relaxation and unwind, dress shoes, a time of laughter and gathering of family. Ballet shoes represents the arts, creativity. Boots represents travel and outgoing ventures forthcoming. Type of boot also matters. Baby shoes represent the new additions forthcoming in your life. And so on.

Always protect your shoes. And be careful not to wear others’ shoes if you can help it. Take caution in where you walk.

Blessings & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order

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Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use
The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©


Year of The Dog 2018 Prophetic Report

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Shaman, Author, Life Purpose Coach, Fortune Teller, Mystic, Certified Reiki I, II & III Master, Certified Animal Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Reiki Master, Egyptian Healer and so much more! 2018, The Twenty Eighteen’ “NEW YEAR” Represents Fortune, Luck, Creativity, And Money! This will be a year where wealth is possible.

If you’ve ever felt like your financial situation or status needed a change or shift, this is the year that it will find favor. This year favors casinos, betting, horse racing, Not the stock market, sorry! As we all know, much of the stock market is something that is controlled by invisible poppet strings. ;-). In this case, elitists will see their monies dwindle in this year ahead. This year is about karma. There are four stages of karma that will be dealt with! What is owed or due to you. (stage one), What you owe to others, Stage two, and the karma for good deeds and bad deeds *Stage three*. And the money you have the potential of earning and/growing.

This is not a year for those who think they can control others through financial means or through the power of the dollar. The thing to be cautious of this year, is splurging on the unnecessary. While it is safe to invest for personal means, financial or business matters, it is smart to set powerful strategies for spending, such as, prioritizing the importance. Yet a year where resolution of debts can and will be resolved!

Beware of opening any new accounts with banks, loan companies, etc. Higher interest rates may prove later that they were overcharging. Reimbursements will occur this year. Not necessarily for debtors, but the one who accumulated the debt to begin with. Savings will improve this year. This is also a year of Vacation. So much good things are happening this year. And it will bring great success to those in the mentorship *financial, Life, sports, or other coaching/consulting* this year.

This will not be a favorable year for college however, while this may sound like a nuisance. “Am I supposed to wait a whole year to apply? etc, etc?” Well no…it will just be difficult. Follow your own intuition. As it can go in a favorable or unfavorable direction. Depending on your karma!

This year you will spot many rainbows and Financial prosperity all around you. Again, this is not for the greedy, sticky hands. But it will go to those who are rightfully earning and honestly working their way to the top. To be specific, whether you are consultant, coach, teacher, alternative therapists, healer or spiritual facilitator, this is considered working your way there. This will not be a very good year for scammers. As the prosperity Gods will be overlooking all things this year.

This will be a great year to grow crop, raise sheep or cattle, if you are considering changing your diet, natural is the best way to go. This year however, will not favor too much of the unnatural or fake health food stores, ‘soy, wheat grass, etc’. As this year will put a spot light on dangers of false cures and ailments. Beware, beware of what you are putting into your body. Again, this is a year of karma.

Year of the Dog! So, this is good news for pet owners, if you are not one, you may want to consider adopting or obtaining an animal companion! Dogs will seem to do, miraculous or unthinkable acts, in a positive manner. We may lose many of our Beloved companions also, *pets*, I am so sorry for that news. But, you must love them while God gave them life to be with you. Care for them and watch over them, as they are watching over you. If you ask the Gods to protect your animals, they will do the best that they can to see to it, that no harm comes to your pet companions and pet family.

Turkey’s are also very prestigious this year. For some odd reason, it will bring you great joy to consider using this meat as a welcome for the new year. * I DO NOT CONDONE ANIMAL SACRIFICE* I AM HOWEVER A MEAT EATER, AND I AM HIGHLY RESPONISBLE WITH MY FOOD CONSUMPTION*

To even own A turkey this year, or an amulet of a Turkey will serve you well. It will help heal ills and keep your health in alignment and protect from the ills of life, death, sickness, etc.

In family matters, if there are constraints weighing negatively on your shoulder in regard to family, you will see yourself taking positive vacations with your beloved to escape and get away from any negativity as you deserve it. And you will take your Life Partner with you. Relationships are favored this year. However, this does not favor third party individuals who try to butt into a closed and 2 person or exclusive relationship. If it is not your business, best stay out of it. Sorry to say, those who are creeping will get caught in their acts this year and the rightful karmic action will be rendered. The ancestors are watching very closely the relationship sectors, especially in favor of faithful partners. Also take caution in mistreating a good thing, as the ancestors will find a way to bless the partner doing good to you while you are out doing wrong…with someone else. Not to worry if you are doing right! If you are keeping your vows, you will see your relationship blessed, if you are trying to resolve messes *not infidelity* of 2017, you will find favor in your relationship this year.

You will find many people, marrying on the whim this year. Because many people will find soul mates this year. Not that anyone is perfect. But, if you are lucky ;-). you will find someone special. Or someone special will find you. You will see many proposals, beautiful, sweet, subtle proposals. It is a great year for marriage! And those who intend to do the will of Divine by their significant others. This year, old and outdated relationships will end. Including past friendships, family, etc. Hold onto those that matter and those that don’t will be removed.

DON’T GAMBLE WITH THE FEELINGS, HEART and emotions of a loved one this year. You will find yourself hurt and not others. However, gamble responsibly, on something that can easily be replaced. ‘Monies, lotteries, bingo, etc’.

This year favors those in the hoodoo, magic, wiccan, voodoo, conjure, etc… industries *for lack of better term*, as many clients will come from around the world, to bring about good fortune in their life and you can make a pretty hefty amount of money in turn for your services. This is a great year, need I remind you.

You will find that visitations to foreign lands and reception of foreign gifts are blessings. So do not fear! This year favors food also! This year favors ritual! Magic, and Money! Above all, prayers will get answered with help from spirits, according to your karma.  A God of wealth  but he will be here for the 365 day period and beyond.

There will be some ancient knowledge and wisdom to be discovered this year, 2018. Also, Alien like energy will be here on earth, if you happen to stumble upon a site where UFO or extraterrestrial activity may have been, you will find yourself lucky this new year.

2+0+1+8=11 And 1+1=2 This year will bring harmony and balance, and justice. So, it is a great year for court case workings, and any justice or relationship workings. This year is about restoration, financial gain and Changes to prosperity for the better. This year will favor the career sector. Depending upon what you are doing. Do things of the highest integrity and intent always! Blessings!

Namaste & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order

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Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use
The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©



Repeating Angel/Confirmation Numbers 6’s & 0’s

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Life Purpose Coach| Medium, Certified Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Reiki I II & III, Certified Animal Reiki Master, Shaman, Hoodoo Priestess, Intuitive, Channeler, Author and so much more!: The numbers 6’s and 0’s appearing to you repeatedly, in the format of 660, 606, 066, 006, 6000, 0006, 0606, 06,  etc is sign and confirmation that things are going according to Divine plan in your life in every way. Something karmic is happening & this is for your betterment.

The numbers 6 represents karma, family, home life, marriage, relationship, material/physical realm, earth, the even numbers, favor while the number 0 represents nothingness. God force, Divine will, prophecy, and so much more.

The Numbers 6′ and 0’s represent a change to these dynamics. You have reached a higher level of respect or maturity. With every blessing comes life lessons and for each level you go, there are obstacles to overcome. Or blessings. Depending on your karmic challenges or blessings.

The angels want you to have no fear for what is next. You are to respect your value first, as others are not responsible for this first and foremost. Yet, whenever you lead, others will, follow. The numbers 6 and 0 can equate to many outcomes. Granting it the power to express variant perspectives.

This number sequence in detail: The Number 6 in this synchronicity also represents the occult forces and the number 0 represents the creator of life, destroyer/creator, resurrection and death or death and life. It represents reparations for loss or damages in past life times. Or current ones. The numbers, 6 & 0 is then a message that all energy can be transmuted for your own personal good. Most of what happens to you can be of use/service to you until it has been served.

The occult, however feared, belongs to the African people and their culture, *Voodoo, Hoodoo, Witchcraft, etc*. Regardless if they are aware or unaware of their culture/heritage. Others, have merely borrowed. The number 6 and 0 represents the ancestral evidence of spirit influence. We all experience life differently and are granted access to the same knowledge and wisdom. It is a matter of using that wisdom for their own greater good and that of those which matters most to them.

Angels, Spirits, deities of every background are able to serve you, no matter if you perceive them as ‘good’ or ‘evil’. Be cautious of labeling the spirits. As, you must learn to drink of both wells to truly master spirit Divination or communication. Think of it this way, if you only lived your life, aware solely of how good people are, you may miss vital aspects that will protect you from those who can abuse or misuse your power and abilities for their own personal benefit. The spirits deserve their rightful offerings. So, always, give thanks and express gratitude for all blessings expressed from the Gods and deities.

Remember that everything we are given must return to it’s rightful place. It is up to you how you get to use those tools and blessings. You are to express to every measure, gratefulness at the same measure you were met with a need. Spirits will not continue to assist the ungrateful and the unrewarding of their time and energy. Always, always, give honor to those who have paved the way for your work to be possible.

Repeating 6’s and 0’s is also confirmation that you will begin to work moreso in culture and historical or ancient wisdom. Beware of those you think you can trust. Keep your practice to yourself. Divine and spirits of every walk have entrusted their wisdom to you. This is your key and entry way into their realm. It allows you access to them. It is best if some things are left unheard and unsaid, especially to unready ears/eyes, or hearts.

6′ and 0′ Also represents the power to manifest magic. It is safe for others to believe what they wish, because you are content with where you are in life and in your practice and need not convince others that your way of life is right for them or the world. You are happy in your skin. Continue to believe deeply within yourself..

The Gods will bless or continue to bless you with supernatural powers. Appreciate them at every moment and know that your work is making a powerful and life changing impact around the world. Have no fear.

Many blessings & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order

Yes, I am available for readings, reiki, rootwork, hoodoo services and so much more! visit also, Life coaching services will soon become available, stay tuned. Blessings and ase!

Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use
The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©





Angel-Confirmation Number 600

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Medium, Intuitive, Animal Reiki Master Healer, Reiki Levels I II & III Master Healer, Crystal Reiki Master, Shaman, Channeler, Hoodoo Priestess, Prayer Warrior, Certified Life Purpose Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT Facilitator, Author & So Much More: The Number 600 when seen in waking life, dreams, visions, or otherwise is symbolic and synchronicity of The Power of Divine, watching over your home life, marital, relationship, friendship, material life and otherwise. At this time. You are being assured peace and happiness whenever this sign appears to you.

The number 600 is a reminder, to not allow anything or anyone to get you down. Keep a positive force of people around you and beware of all that you take on. Including projects, emotions, or even thought processes. The ‘law of attraction’ claims that we are what we think, we attract what we want. This is not absolutely so. Since, often oppressive constraints come about to those whom have no power and control over how it has happened. You must question everything, you are being taught, especially unsolicited advice, wisdom or assistance. As, to not be brainwashed of who you are truly meant to be in this lifetime.

Stay on your path. In other words, it is safe to accept the assistance you seek, desire and want, this is all part of that which you choose to learn. It is when the advice comes from anyone you may not have asked of assistance in your personal matters. Take all matters up with higher powers always. And beware of those who forge their opinions. While advice is always welcome, be sure that all comes from a high vibration and not simply an opinion.

The angel-confirmation number 600 is also a reminder, that you may call in extra angelic, ancestral, or even Divine assistance. Be open after this, as your prayers are often answered in ways that aren’t easily explained. Start to create your life. You actually have power and control over your dream world, if you master the art of intent.

You are being granted special privilege from spirit world in order to forsake the adversities that may have happened or may occur in your life. Do note, that all past experiences must balance themselves out before moving on and forward. While we may be forgiven, the pattern must be fulfilled.

The number 600 represents Good fortune and God/Goddess/Heaven like energy surrounding you. Do not shield yourself from your reality, as your greatest lessons in life are taught through adversities, hardships, and life in general. The Gods, however, will make it a smoother and much easier path for you to continue along.

You are not a reflection of your adversities, you are a reflection of the strength you use to overcome them. Life will not always offer the things you want, when you want them. Just know that all will go according to how it is meant to happen in your life. Not sooner, not later, not in between. But, at the exact moment it is meant to be born it will give birth, the exact moment it is meant to die, death will come. Understand the nature of life, it is not meant to last forever. All things given, can and will be taken away. Although you may not have come into this world with nothing, because you were born with everything you needed *family, friends, loved ones, and even inheritance, and fortune, fate and all the concerns meant to take place along the way’ Right down to the last whirlm, soul print, birth mark, character, beliefs and nature. You were born with something, and it SEEMS like you leave this world with nothing. But in the end you carry the memories, life events, scars, bruises, ties, or even any part of your legacy you have not lived just yet.

It is all part of the plan, Divine has for us all. And no two plans are alike. No, Bad things don’t happen to good people, it is a matter of, this is your life lessons. Whether you are good or so called bad. If these are your lessons, you must learn them. And that’s all there is to it. So, learn, grow, evolve, change, become all you are here to be. Because it is gonna happen. One way or the other. Buckle up. You are still alive, because of those lessons, that are yet to be learned.

In the end, all material things, are just vehicles, that helped formed you. Mold you and use you for your life purpose. NO matter how it all played out. It’s your destiny. And whatever you are ordained to do, will happen. No matter what anyone thinks. But intend good always. Try, and try harder to stay on a path that is right, as it leads to abundance, peace of mind, happiness and love from many. Give life, to the soul’s purpose. It is breathing still, for great reasons. Whether they die with you or are passed on, as an heirloom and a mark on this world, of your character, aptitude and greatness. Be great. Be wonderful. Be a beautiful creation of God’s work on the earth.

6+0+0=6 Empowered! 6 is a representation of the home life, relationships, family, friends, etc. You are empowered to focus on these aspects and heed the guidance you have already received. And a knowing that Divine is with you and will see you through to the end. See also the number 6

Namaste & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of Higher Order

Yes, I am available for coaching, guidance through life’s adversities and hoodoo, conjure and root working. Namaste and blessings!

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