I am a teacher of Love and Light; To send healing energy to all who seek to integrate wealth, success prosperity, legacy, and stability.  I teach others How to use their voice, how to serve and live a life that is purpose driven. As well as follow in the leadership of these beliefs myself. To lead from within. I am permitting myself to live, without living a life of lies or regret. I tend to shine a little light and illuminate it in a very big way.  I am also aware of the emotions during the human experience. It is my goal and purpose to not will them away, but to also give to them no power. I’ll never be ruled by emotion, therefore, No enemy or friend can do me any harm.

Life Costs, and I am rich enough to pay all of it’s expenses! ~Quornesha S.

It is my purpose and intention to walk in the light of all that is love and spiritual divinity/truth. Without absorbing whatever or whichever,  that has existed before me as the truth or a truth of mine.

It is my mission to teach myself and others to stand powerfully in what our inner selves hold as truth instead. Without concern for the opinions in our world.

I can see, hear and know, beyond and behind time. It is my gift to interpret + truly define whatever that is or is to be as what it truly is. Nothing gets past me without being viewed through the supernatural x-ray vision. To which I am truly blessed with.

What’s on the surface holds nor presents as a veil for what really is. When I take on something or try something new, It is because I choose to. When I wait for something or for someone or being, it is my will and choice that I do so. In truth I do not wait, Instead, I stay open to my blessings unfolding. In truth, I may not be so patient. But I know that it is only a human experience. I allow myself to be patient instead. I allow myself to be compassionate. I allow myself to love. I allow myself to be open. I allow myself to care and feel. I allow myself to give. I allow my human experience to be as great as I choose it to be.

I know that choice is one of the ultimate human powers. I never succumb to ego, whether that is from self or others. I always hold myself and frequency in high vibrations and inner confidence. I renounce always, any influence of disclaimers. It’s only what one thinks they need to stay grounded. When they can simply, just be great and choose humbleness.

Every emotion is like a pair of shoes, if they’re ugly, you can always choose to take them off.

I see and seek truth + I always see, sense, hear and know the truth.  Whether it was intended to be made known or not. I can see, sense, hear, feel, tell and know all things. And so I do. I am here on earth to guide others to the fulfillment of their dreams, ordeals, and purpose. It is my purpose to teach all LOVE, and To empower everyone to help themselves.


All rights reserved ©

All rights reserved ©

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