Divine Prophecies

In my visions, I see many priests. This is signifying that now is the utmost important time for us to get to work on what our mission is.

This may seem a bit religious, however, it is not. In order to do our work, we must do so in the name of Divine and his son. (that’s what I believe) So If you consider yourself distant or par from the context, do feel free to leave this page at any time.

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Divine is not pleased with the demons working on your nerves. Working on your life. He did not ordain these spirits to come into your life. However, they have come about, perhaps to the people in your life, the shows you watch on the T.V screen. The habits that are repeatedly in your life. So I am guided, with this truth to share with you the power of prophecy. It is not for the faint of heart or those who prefer a ‘less’ Higher Power approach or some may prefer secrecy, I will share as I have channeled.

Many people may experience, sleep demons, demons that deprive you of waking up, finding it very difficult for you to breathe or sleep peacefully. so here is the following, which is however not intended to convert anyone…


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