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Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman, Author, Transpersonal Life Coach| with Abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship, & Credentials in Animal Communication, Healing, Egyptian Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hoodoo Practitioner, And so much more| Love & Relationship Readings:  So, we all want an advisor we can go to discuss our most sacred experiences. While this can prove to be rather beneficial, I myself as a reader, healer among other credentials, find it sometimes to be a waste of time, money and worry.  Many of the times, we want peace of mind, and not that we don’t gather it from those readings but it is sort of senseless to continue asking and inquiring about the same individual again and again.  And Yes we have all been very guilty of feelings of overwhelm, followed with questions of ‘does he/she love me’? Is he/she seeing someone else? Is this person my soul mate? Here’s a way to get the most of your reading and your money’s worth.

Compound all of your fears into one/more question(s)  you Should ask yourself: Am I my best self when being with this person? Does this person truly add to my well-being or my stressed out self? You will need to confront the person. As this is you doing your part. You will know in your intuition whether he/she serves a higher purpose in your life or not.

One thing I as a reader refuse to do is to tell you what you need to do, for what is supposed to be something you  CHOOSE. By your own free will. It is safe to use rituals and readings, and healing services IF and ONLY IF, the other person feels the same way about you. Then the road is open to working on any constraints that may be holding the passion, love or trust back.

The most powerful psychic in the world, cannot tell you what another person can and will not do for you or what you will do for them. Because it is about personal choice, obviously. I can tell you one minute that it’s going to work out. And the next moment after discovering the truth about this significant others’ character, you decide YOU WANT or YOU DON’T WANT or feel that this person in question is or isn’t worth your time.

You’re gonna have to get to know a person for yourself. It’s okay once in a while to ask and request from spirit as the feelings you both feel for one another are legitimate and not forged or felt out of obligation.

To judge whether you are happy with a person based on their looks rather than character and how they add to your life is a step in the wrong direction. Of course attraction matters. But instead of solely being happy with how something looks, be attracted or unattracted to the character, communication, honesty and truth, support and all of the good things you can imagine in a person. No one is perfect, nor will they fulfill all of our desires and needs. And there will always be something we do not like about a person because there are plenty of people who do not like everything there is to like about ourselves.

All of this matters, before you book services with myself or any other reader for that matter, in regards to love/relationship. We are all having a human experience. And while I am not condoning any bad or positive behavior from others. I am simply advising the best option to garner the best results from what you are ordering. As we cannot force a reality into existence if the people involved in that reality do not want us. When you know someone wants to be with you, only then can you make anything going wrong work. Then rituals go smoothly, readings go in a positive manner.

But how do I know or begin to understand if the person is right for me? Once again, it is okay to seek advice from a reader. But do not linger upon the same subject time and time again. Focus on other means of your life. I have found that relationship and love readings or workings can be rather draining. In part, because we have to be sure of what we are fighting for. In my opinion, I believe “love” is overrated and often misunderstood. If a person does for you the things that matter, they love you. If they are there for you when you are emotionally distressed, that is love. I love you, doesn’t mean that the person cares. It is often a term used rather loosely. I love my animals, but at the same time, I do not always want my animals around me all of the time. They scratch, they claw, they S*it everywhere *sometimes in the house*, and I discipline them.

I’ve got cows, cats, ducks, goats and other animals I am thinking of having. Because I love the fact of having other beings of different natures around me. They benefit my well being. In exchange they are well fed, they have a place to live. We are all doing something with someone that benefits us. Whether that is true or otherwise.

There are many aspects of loving someone or something. But just remember, anyone can be loyal to or love what benefits them. And that is the higher purpose of love readings. To give you a sense of peace. Not to be a replacement for therapy or counseling. Speak directly to your significant other. That is how you grow as a person and use money wisely in a reading.

You must experience and feel life. And the other person you are sharing it with, do not have to be in perfect condition. I will not know what is best for you. Because anyone, at any time is at liberty to change their minds. As with my animals, I can get through this need to have them and let them be. Nothing is meant to be forever. When you make commitments BOTH parties should stick to them. Whenever one or the other decides they do not want to follow through. It’s best to move on.

A procrastinating mind is a made up mind in distress about whose feelings they don’t want to hurt. ~Quornesha Silas Lemon

IN other words, develop and focus on yourself, once you know for sure that you have. You know that you are ready and so will the Divine energy. And the right person begins to fill your life. NOT because you are empty without someone, but because you want someone to share the best part of you with. Ultimately, YOU have to deal with the person you share your life with, not others. So do not allow others to determine who’s right for you or who isn’t.


Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess of High Order

The Prophetic Life Coach

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here! You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you! There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Quornesha S. Lemon
Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Professional
Rituals| Reiki| Rootwork

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