Year of The Dog 2018 Prophetic Report

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Shaman, Author, Life Purpose Coach, Fortune Teller, Mystic, Certified Reiki I, II & III Master, Certified Animal Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Reiki Master, Egyptian Healer and so much more! 2018, The Twenty Eighteen’ “NEW YEAR” Represents Fortune, Luck, Creativity, And Money! This will be a year where wealth is possible.

If you’ve ever felt like your financial situation or status needed a change or shift, this is the year that it will find favor. This year favors casinos, betting, horse racing, Not the stock market, sorry! As we all know, much of the stock market is something that is controlled by invisible poppet strings. ;-). In this case, elitists will see their monies dwindle in this year ahead. This year is about karma. There are four stages of karma that will be dealt with! What is owed or due to you. (stage one), What you owe to others, Stage two, and the karma for good deeds and bad deeds *Stage three*. And the money you have the potential of earning and/growing.

This is not a year for those who think they can control others through financial means or through the power of the dollar. The thing to be cautious of this year, is splurging on the unnecessary. While it is safe to invest for personal means, financial or business matters, it is smart to set powerful strategies for spending, such as, prioritizing the importance. Yet a year where resolution of debts can and will be resolved!

Beware of opening any new accounts with banks, loan companies, etc. Higher interest rates may prove later that they were overcharging. Reimbursements will occur this year. Not necessarily for debtors, but the one who accumulated the debt to begin with. Savings will improve this year. This is also a year of Vacation. So much good things are happening this year. And it will bring great success to those in the mentorship *financial, Life, sports, or other coaching/consulting* this year.

This will not be a favorable year for college however, while this may sound like a nuisance. “Am I supposed to wait a whole year to apply? etc, etc?” Well no…it will just be difficult. Follow your own intuition. As it can go in a favorable or unfavorable direction. Depending on your karma!

This year you will spot many rainbows and Financial prosperity all around you. Again, this is not for the greedy, sticky hands. But it will go to those who are rightfully earning and honestly working their way to the top. To be specific, whether you are consultant, coach, teacher, alternative therapists, healer or spiritual facilitator, this is considered working your way there. This will not be a very good year for scammers. As the prosperity Gods will be overlooking all things this year.

This will be a great year to grow crop, raise sheep or cattle, if you are considering changing your diet, natural is the best way to go. This year however, will not favor too much of the unnatural or fake health food stores, ‘soy, wheat grass, etc’. As this year will put a spot light on dangers of false cures and ailments. Beware, beware of what you are putting into your body. Again, this is a year of karma.

Year of the Dog! So, this is good news for pet owners, if you are not one, you may want to consider adopting or obtaining an animal companion! Dogs will seem to do, miraculous or unthinkable acts, in a positive manner. We may lose many of our Beloved companions also, *pets*, I am so sorry for that news. But, you must love them while God gave them life to be with you. Care for them and watch over them, as they are watching over you. If you ask the Gods to protect your animals, they will do the best that they can to see to it, that no harm comes to your pet companions and pet family.

Turkey’s are also very prestigious this year. For some odd reason, it will bring you great joy to consider using this meat as a welcome for the new year. * I DO NOT CONDONE ANIMAL SACRIFICE* I AM HOWEVER A MEAT EATER, AND I AM HIGHLY RESPONISBLE WITH MY FOOD CONSUMPTION*

To even own A turkey this year, or an amulet of a Turkey will serve you well. It will help heal ills and keep your health in alignment and protect from the ills of life, death, sickness, etc.

In family matters, if there are constraints weighing negatively on your shoulder in regard to family, you will see yourself taking positive vacations with your beloved to escape and get away from any negativity as you deserve it. And you will take your Life Partner with you. Relationships are favored this year. However, this does not favor third party individuals who try to butt into a closed and 2 person or exclusive relationship. If it is not your business, best stay out of it. Sorry to say, those who are creeping will get caught in their acts this year and the rightful karmic action will be rendered. The ancestors are watching very closely the relationship sectors, especially in favor of faithful partners. Also take caution in mistreating a good thing, as the ancestors will find a way to bless the partner doing good to you while you are out doing wrong…with someone else. Not to worry if you are doing right! If you are keeping your vows, you will see your relationship blessed, if you are trying to resolve messes *not infidelity* of 2017, you will find favor in your relationship this year.

You will find many people, marrying on the whim this year. Because many people will find soul mates this year. Not that anyone is perfect. But, if you are lucky ;-). you will find someone special. Or someone special will find you. You will see many proposals, beautiful, sweet, subtle proposals. It is a great year for marriage! And those who intend to do the will of Divine by their significant others. This year, old and outdated relationships will end. Including past friendships, family, etc. Hold onto those that matter and those that don’t will be removed.

DON’T GAMBLE WITH THE FEELINGS, HEART and emotions of a loved one this year. You will find yourself hurt and not others. However, gamble responsibly, on something that can easily be replaced. ‘Monies, lotteries, bingo, etc’.

This year favors those in the hoodoo, magic, wiccan, voodoo, conjure, etc… industries *for lack of better term*, as many clients will come from around the world, to bring about good fortune in their life and you can make a pretty hefty amount of money in turn for your services. This is a great year, need I remind you.

You will find that visitations to foreign lands and reception of foreign gifts are blessings. So do not fear! This year favors food also! This year favors ritual! Magic, and Money! Above all, prayers will get answered with help from spirits, according to your karma.  A God of wealth  but he will be here for the 365 day period and beyond.

There will be some ancient knowledge and wisdom to be discovered this year, 2018. Also, Alien like energy will be here on earth, if you happen to stumble upon a site where UFO or extraterrestrial activity may have been, you will find yourself lucky this new year.

2+0+1+8=11 And 1+1=2 This year will bring harmony and balance, and justice. So, it is a great year for court case workings, and any justice or relationship workings. This year is about restoration, financial gain and Changes to prosperity for the better. This year will favor the career sector. Depending upon what you are doing. Do things of the highest integrity and intent always! Blessings!

Namaste & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order

Yes, I am available for personal reports of the Year ahead, and Yes, I am available for rootworking, Mojo Bags, candle rituals, hoodoo workings, powerful prayers over your life in the year ahead & more! visit

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2 thoughts on “Year of The Dog 2018 Prophetic Report

  1. Hello I was born on 18 03 1963 and I have been told this is a good year for me I have had a lot of misfortunes in the ever is this true because I am all ways thinking negative thought,would be so grateful if you can right back yours Pauline ty x


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