Great Kiskadee Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Shaman, Hoodoo Priestess, Conjurer, Prayer Warrior,  Quantum Touch Healer, Ordained Marriage Minister, & So Much More; I am available to assist in legal, marital, personal, finance, etc through my abilities: The Kiskadee appearing to you in dreams, waking life, visions, synchronicities or otherwise is a sign and power question of; What are you waiting for? You should get going on projects you may have set aside or that are in the background. The Kiskadee encourages you to take a shot, try, leap and go for it!

The worst thing you can do is to sit around and wait for yes answers, for the approval of others. For the consistency of other folks’ and their loyalty. Bring in the reigns and take back control of your own decisions. Everything in your life will begin to fall into place: Bills, finances, business, independence, material gains, personal concerns..etc, whenever you decide that you are dependent upon yourself first.

There will come times of support of others. And it’s okay to be receptive, open and welcoming of their assistance. But you must have strength aside from all of this. You will never have fear of rejection, being told no, whenever you accept yourself, love yourself and support yourself in the highest and most loving way. You are meant to soar in this lifetime. And it’s up to you to open the door to which you have a key to do so.

In life, it really is about your own happiness, by choosing to be happy, you are able to empower and inspire others, possibly masses of people. By just being yourself. Get on with your life and know that anyone who doesn’t accept you fully, you need to let go of and accept that this is for the best. It is OKAY to close doors, that are no longer serving you!

Let me clarify the last paragraph, as often, with wisdom, some forget to gather an understanding…YOUR happiness includes that of whom you choose to live this life with! Doesn’t exclude others. So, above all others, it is truly only that of your spouse and YOUR happiness that matters most! Above all others.

The Kiskadee is a reminder that, you cannot live your life to the fullest being concerned with how others feel, worried of their judgment, opinions or what not! You are an individual and at one with yourself, you cannot live out the lives of others. It is safe to offer your support, guidance or lack thereof, but we each must carry our own burdens. Do not carry the weight of the world. Nor that of which of those who shouldn’t matter as much.


Always uphold yourself in a higher light. With a grain of salt, listen, with rays of the sun speak. Do not be weak. Do not bend to the commands of others. Be yourself. And only be around those who will assist in your thriving, your resurrection whenever you fall/fail. Don’t accept failure as an excuse to give up. You can’t always have your own way. It’s okay to allow others to be happy. Judge what matters, and withhold judgement from anything that has nothing to do with you! Be genuinely happy. Ask yourself always, if you can’t be happy with someone else, be with yourself. & most of all heal! Heal, because there’s someone out there waiting for your greatness and have been praying for it for quite some time.

Don’t allow yourself to be treated any less than you would treat others in a positive manner. Allow Divine to direct good in and extract negative out! Remember you ARE That divinity! You are who you are for pertinent reasons. Be patient with being who you are. You are still under construction. as Long as you are alive. Live to the best of your know-how! So that once you are gone, you will not be forgotten. We are all here for a reason. Even though, sometimes, there are negative people, who don’t deserve to be here. They are the bad, which the good overweighs and are here to serve a purpose we may come to correct and align with Light! Pass through this world only but once! Do things the way you choose! It’s your experience and YOUR lifetime!

The Great Kiskadee, in short; represents, tolerance & surrender!

Namaste & Blessings,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess of High Order


Yes, I am available for readings, reiki, rituals, and rootwork/conjure/spells and advice!

Many Blessings & Ase!

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  1. jeanel

    This was exactly what I needed to see. Thank you. I’d love to book a reading and get advice.Where can I do that?


  2. enya

    hey, i have been trying to quit smoking and to get my finances in order and i keep seeing these birds since i started this endeavor; i had no idea what it meant, but thanks to you i feel incredible assured!! thank you


  3. vdelectat

    hey, i have been trying to quit smoking and to get my finances in order and i keep seeing these birds since i started this endeavor; i had no idea what it meant, but thanks to you i feel incredible assured!! thank you


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