Blue Brudgegriar Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Medium, Intuitive, Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Healer, Hoodoo Priestess.: Blue Bridgegriars’ message, A favorable outcomes is in pursuit. This outcome is for and not others. You will find yourself rising above jealousies, enviousness or covetousness. You are to continue in your own power. No matter what others think they know about you. They can only see you as far as they are going themselves.

So, Take not to heart any disbelief or skeptical people. They cannot elevate you any further than they are going or have gone. Only an empty person will find the time, energy & space to put down another person. Whether by opinion or by truth. Again, others cannot see you past their own greatness or lack thereof. This is why it’s pertinent to love yourself.

Things/Solutions will begin to take place imminently & you will feel at ease in mind, body and spirit. Any golden opportunities, you may miss were never meant for you to begin with. Rise above the faulty or ugliness of other peoples’ spirits. It’s possible. While you may not be able to change the character of others. you can change the time you spend with those particular people. NO ONE, can ever choose for YOU! Nor how you will live your life.

ONLY YOU can do that! And, if you are with a spouse or business partner, only what is mutually beneficial for all involved and those affected should be processed. Do not be fooled by the excuses of ‘in a perfect world, it could be that way’. NO, we all choose how we treat others. Therefore if you are being negatively treated in any way, it is because those people have chosen to treat you this way. No exceptions.

Continue to teach others how to treat you. You deserve respect, your privacy & your voice deserves to be heard. Do not be fake. You can be diplomatic and fierce in the same token. Take no bull crap from anyone. Do not bend to the will or way of others. Furthermore if a way of living or thought process so much as serves another so much that they try to persuade you to live it out, walk away. They need to be living those truths and not you.

God is watching your enemies & will see to it that they each fall into the ditch they have dug for you. Watch your friends, partnerships, family or otherwise. No matter who they are, you need to use your discerning capabilities. & Quite often, watch yourself.

You need to hold your head up high, as a new horizon & breakthrough is just ahead for you. Nothing will get in your way. Yet, you must continue your ‘work’. Continue your prayers, as you are one of the righteous ones. Regardless of your so called flaws. Disregard of what anyone thinks.

Step aside, as high powers will & has avenged something on your behalf. Get into your mystical powers & do not let others deter you of your own power, will or way. You are someone very special to Divine. They may not like your boundaries but they cannot shoot the messenger…If so, God has a plan for those wicked ones who dare raise plans against you.

You inspire people & people love you from all walks of life. And it is you whom loves them back. This is Often the only love which truly matters if or should all else fail. You have many blessings in your life to look forward to. NO one can get in the way of God’s Divine plan for you. As he has set the table FOR YOU,  before your enemies.

Command that your enemies, haters, doubters, known & unknown be silent and have several seats. Only one guide matters as far as your journey goes. & That is Divine’s plan for your life. Therefore, remove the plans of the world has over your life far from you. Replace it with the love and light of God.

Be fierce!! You are the anointed. Your blessings, including, past, present & those forthcoming were ordered by Divine will unto you, and they are and were set to come about. You will watch yourself rise & see your enemies defeated. Trust in and Believe in this word from Divine.


Enemies will claim they have you beneath themselves, yet Divine says, “NO’. & When Divine opens a door for you, they cannot shut it up. Not even with the most Powerful of forces. *Light or Dark* Nor that which is in between, hidden from sight nor done in secret. You will prevail. Divine will grant the adversities unto your enemies & all that come against you. You are Divines’ property & are protected.

Divine has great things in store for you & these plans are far from your destruction. You cannot be denied, your destiny is at hand. Continue spreading your love & light. You are loved beyond measure. FOLLOW YOUR OWN INTUITION ALWAYS.

Namaste & Blessings,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess of High Order


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