Barn Owl Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Certified Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Shaman, Medium, Intuitive, Hoodoo Priestess, Obeah Master & So much More: The Barn owl is symbolic of Power. It is often used in Occult practices. It is often a sign of something hidden being revealed. Whenever the barn OWL appears, it is a synchronicity that you are, at this time, receiving enlightenment.

The Barn owls’ lesson is that this shall pass, whatever it may be that you feel is standing in the way, shall soon pass. You are asked to be authentic no matter how this may seem or appear to others. You need to continue on your path, as something will come into fruition just ahead. You cannot live out your life on the whim of someone else’ faith, skepticism or lack thereof. Your life is yours for the living and you should never allow any other to choose for you the experiences and how you should learn your lessons.

The Barn owl is a reminder that, even though things have been a little hard on the emotional front. You are to continue expressing yourself wisely. Do not conform to the beliefs of others. You are a person of great honor in the spiritual realms. Therefore your journey, however weird, may be one of a daunting task for another, but a task that comes without much effort on your part. The Barn Owl appears to let you to know, You are responsible for the path your soul will take and not others. If you aren’t happy with the way things are flowing, you have the power to change it. You must also keep in mind, it’s not just about serving the world. IN fact, it’s not at all about serving the world. As all that we do, we do for our own betterment.


The Barn owl reminds you, take religion with a grain of salt. How you worship or not worship is totally up to you. Release any feelings of inferiority and get going along your unique journey. NO ONE, can force you to follow any path, whether that path is of the right or wrong. YOU are fully in control of your experience here in life. Even that which we claim is inevitable. YOU, orchestrated these very experiences before you descended here in the land of the living. You must therefore remember your calling, your purpose. As Things shift in perspective, Things will begin to shift on the emotional, physical and spiritual plane.

The Barn owl is a sign, of strength Above adversity. You will overcome many things/obstacles in THIS lifetime. You are to use your innate wisdom for yourself and the energy given to you is for yourself. You must know the value of your gifts and understand, your power is not in vain. The Barn Owl, Is a reminder, You are more powerful than you realize, that you have so much within you, ready to soar and upon up to the world for all to see.

While you may not be above the life and it’s harshness, you have the power to overcome anything and you will. You can invoke the power and influence of the barn owl and Things will begin to materialize and bring epiphanies, which will allow you to see things very clearly. The Barn Owl, is no Eagle. Yet, it is resourceful in spite of. The Barn owl, will bring you Illumination. Those who come across the Barn Owl are usually Empathic people. And is therefore a reminder that often what you are feeling is what others are feeling, so those feelings, aren’t necessarily always yours. It’s Imperative to differ your feelings from others.

The Barn owl is a prophecy, Be strong. There’s something ahead that you cannot see. Or that isn’t allowed your access until it is time. Hold on a little while longer, you are getting prepared to rise out of whatever adversity standing in your way. Things will immediately shift and you will feel much lighter and blissful. You’ve got to get through this, it is your birthright. It is written in your birth chart, and this shall pass!

You will not go under the things you are facing at this time. Although you are experiencing an upheaval of emotions, don’t give up. It will be something that you will feel much more grateful for in the future, having to hang in there. The storm is nearly over. Don’t give up or in before you reach your shoreline. Something exciting is forthcoming.

You must reclaim power and authority of your mind. As it belongs to you and not others. Others do not have such control over you to make you feel any way at all. You can give power and you can take it away. CLEAR ENERGY!

If you feel brainwashed by media, people, or manipulated into certain ways of acting, doing or being. It’s imperative to wash the controlled thinking. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN DO! We cannot carry into the next world anything we have or own. Let everything just be. And allow yourself the sense of humor to laugh in the face of adverse or conforming constraints.

As the Barn Owl appears to you in dreams, waking life, meditation or synchronicity, you have a telepathic or other connection with your spirit guardians and they are protecting you from something. So, fear not if an opportunity isn’t working out. You are being kept, from Danger and harm. It’s true, often, we can do more damage and harm spiritually than anything else.  So, keep the faith, Your ‘new moon’ is coming.

Namaste & Blessings,

~Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order

Powerful Mystic 8


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  1. Always enjoy reading your posts, and interpretations on life in general. Thanks for this; the articles are much appreciated!


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