Kangaroo Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman, Author, Transpersonal Life Coach| with Abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship, & Credentials in Animal Communication, Healing, Egyptian Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hoodoo Practitioner, And so much more| Seeing a Kangaroo in your waking life, dreams, visions, synchronicities, or otherwise is a sign that you need to ‘go at it alone’ on some matters. Right now some things may come to an end. A chapter of your life is drawing to a close.

Shamanic Animal/Dream Interpretation

I will do a small shamanic animal/dream interpretation for you, that may have occurred in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicities.


You are being commended for having the courage to love yourself. Know that as you close certain doors, that when they are truly meant to be, they will reopen in a better or different way. At this time. It is time to surrender anything or anyone that is not elevating you. It is high time to express your most authentic self. Don’t be afraid to burn some bridges. While it may feel as though you are making abrupt decisions, know that you are making these choices for a reason.

Go with your gut feelings. Because you feel out of place for a reason. Use prayer as a tool to get you through some tough situations. Or emotions. Have the courage and wisdom to understand, that everything in your life has a season. It is time to end some seasons with specific people, situations or things.

While you may feel as though you are in a period of grief. You are only making room to allow yourself to see the world through your own lens or perspective. As you cannot continue looking at it through the confirmation or the opinions of others. The confirmation on the outside of you is usually for the other person doing the confirming and not for you. We can only connect with OUR higher selves and not that of everybody else and consider ourselves to live an authentic life.

Reiki/Egyptian Healing Session

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The Kangaroo may also be a symbol that you may be a sage or spiritual teacher and will need to convey to the world your own messages theories, thoughts, philosophies or ideas. You are assigned to serve the people you are meant to serve. It is time to release the perspectives of others. And adapt to your own way of thinking. The outside world or outside mind cannot fix what is on the inside of you. The outside mind can only help you to heal it yourself or get in your way.

You yourself have many life lessons, which will be a success for you but a failure for others. These are considered your very own blueprints and are not to be used as opinions to be expressed publicly or to others. As these are keys to unlock YOUR potential and not that of others.

While others may have helped or assisted you along the way, know that it is time to give an offering to the universe for sending these people your way and lovingly but boldly let them go. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO any lessons they may have taught you but now no longer serve you.

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You are beautiful inside and out and you don’t need to prove yourself any further to the outside world. Know that karma will return to you and you will feel like Neo of the matrix. You may not know why this all happened the way that it did and why you made the choices you had to make, but you will fully understand that you had to or have to make them. If you have run after a dream for a very long time and there are others involved who’ve still are yet hesitant to invite you to the table. Close those doors and you will see, your tribe will uplift you and your dreams and everything else that involves you.

You will never have to prove yourself to those who truly care about you. They will simply seek you out and pour into you, and gratefully too. Speak to every door or doors you must close as it is done. Serve yourself first and then the world comes second. When you are serving yourself, do not worry, because those who are closed and beloved to you will benefit greatly. Stay happy and enjoy yourself in this lifetime, and in the lifetimes to come if any at all. Choose a spiritual advisor and stick with it if you trust their opinion. You may find that you will benefit your longterm good.


Quornesha S. Lemon 

Sacred Spirit Shaman™

The Prophetic Life Coach 

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, you’re more than welcome to book a session.  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©
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