The Symbolic Meaning of Siamese Cats [Felis catus]

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: The Siamese cat comes into your life when you are stepping through a new door. Siamese is a synchronicity of twins/twin flame/ Inner reflections. The Siamese ‘enters’ your life at this time as a message and confirmation of an auspicious time or period in you life.

The Siamese is a blessing to those who are entering a marital stage or relationship. As it is confirmation that the partner in question is indeed of a spiritual nature and will compliment you well along your journey.

The Siamese appears as a message from the animal kingdom that you are not alone, and that you are blessed far more than you know. Cats are quite intuitive and if they simply ‘show up’ on your doorstep or nearby it is a sign of trustworthiness from the astral plane or spirit realm and world. You are entrusted with the lives of others in some way and you have much work to do. You will find that every where you turn you will be blessed. And favorable events will take place in your life.

It is important to take caution in everything you are doing and to also get going. To trust the path that you are own. To trust the steps you are actively making. You are wanted in another chapter and it is now time to move on. The Siamese asks us to hang tight as these changes are made, as it will not be long before good news surfaces.

It is important to be surrounded by people whose beliefs match or are compatible with our own. Although they do not necessarily have to be exact, they must in some nature or form compliment what is already present in some way. it is of importance to choose your mentors in this likeness and to invest and give to charities (if you choose to do so) that resonate where you have been. For example if you were ever homeless you may feel inclined to give food to those you feel are in need. Or, if you were ever in a relationship crisis or violent situation you may feel that you are a light to others for domestic violence or abuse.

You are supported and powerful in your own way, as well as I and all of us. We are each powerful lights and forces in the universe, called to earth to fulfill a mission for a specific cause and purpose. If you feel inclined to be of difference in nature now will be the time to get moving.

The Siamese asks you to see your inner light and express your true self, as this is who you are for a very pertinent reason in the world. At this time, something may leave your life or you may uproot it yourself as whatever it is has served a vital need and purpose in it’s rightful timing. We are all destined to go on a path that is fully supplied and abundant when we steer from our purpose filled paths, we tend to find ourselves unhappy and miserly. We are all here for a reason. Do not think less of any human regardless of who they are and what their beliefs may be. If you must judge, judge yourself first.

Right now you are reminded that you are fulfilling your earthly mission and you have friends on the other side. Know that if there are friends you are in contact with but communicate unusually, the Siamese is confirmation that this friendship is blessed and it is Divinely orchestrated. Have no fear and hold to your belief or faith.

Know that every piece of the puzzle is falling into place in it’s rightful way. You are listened to more than you know. If there are special prayers you’d like to make, right now will be the perfect timing to do so. Our prayers are always being responded to. As when we seek, we shall find. That is something the creator has inherited to us. We are far more blessed than we may realize. Pay attention to the items that enter your life and those that leave as well. As at this time, is a time for new beginnings. You are being watched over by someone in heaven at this time. And you are assured, that, no matter what you are loved and appreciated.

Know that if there is someone who expresses a power or ability it is also capable in you. Know that everything you see you are able to do also. The Siamese asks us to see our inner selves, and our reflections.



Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect.



3 thoughts on “The Symbolic Meaning of Siamese Cats [Felis catus]

  1. I am so happy to hear this, I dreamed of a siamese cat named Farah (which means happiness in arabic) after the death of my cat, I am glad to read this, the death of my cat weakned me a lot, now I am reay to head to a new beginning now ^^
    thank you for sharing this


  2. My husband is waiting on news of a job. A Siamese cat called Bella has started visiting our house. Please pray for us. I am trying to remain hopeful


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