Cheese Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing cheese in your waking life or dreams is symbolic that something sounds or seems cheesy. It is a message to put more creative thoughts into your projects. Or perhaps it is time to upgrade a creative idea.

Wisdom: Cheese is also a forewarning of an opportunity not having what is necessary to sustain you throughout the future. So take care to put things into order so that you are not only placing your energy into one avenue. It is time to consider  your future. Perhaps you are throwing ideas away or not putting enough time or effort into it’s fruition.

You don’t have to try so hard: Cheese is a message to create something you can believe in. Creating only for the pleasure of service to others or for the sake of being generous depletes the purpose of your abilities and gifts. It’s time to serve with direction rather than only kindness or sweetness.

It is possible: Cheese is a message and generally a wake up call. For you to awaken balance, as it is possible. You must not allow others to change your point of views. Instead, choose to stand in them through conviction and confidence. There is not only good in any situation. There is not only bad in any situation.

That which truly serves you: It is time to dispense your energy in a way that empowers you. If you are considering moving or travel or a dream of any kind. Be sure to put your reasons why, weigh all pros and cons and then make your final choice.

Serenity: It is time to deny consideration of what does not serve you, to test the waters. As the energies and interpretations about yourself drain you. Even positive ones. You must check the intention of them, when you allow someone to positively speak over your life instead of you doing so for yourself, you will seek them to do so at all times. Because you have given your authority away.

Take back your power: When you allow others to negatively prophesy over your life, you have released all control over your fate and have given the will over to someone else to ‘call the shots’.

When In dreams: Cheese in dreams is symbolic that it is time to set forth actions and boundaries for your life and your future. As something is not stable. Something is only one sided and not equally viewed. If you are one to use your opinion, consider humility rather than arguing with others.

Who you truly are: It is time to be authentic rather than too kind or too anything. We miss out on more than life when we choose to surrender our opinions or surrender our own needs so that others can be happy. Do something for yourself before you do good for others. If you are donating or contributing your time toward any charity or volunteer experience. It is now time to reconsider your directions and intentions.

To move forward: As your authentic self is required to be a priority at this time. Do not overlook what you truly want or wish to do, for what becomes available. Always be receptive to upcoming opportunities and be receptive to what is unusual. You hold the power to be true to yourself as no one else can express your ideas for you. Speak up and use your identity.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Egyptian Healing + Psychic Sessions With Quornesha S.

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect.







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