Angel Number 671/ Confirmation Number 671

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: The confirmation number 671 Is a message that you’re really powerful in manifesting your hearts desires. Use this ability to bring your soul mission closer to fruition each day. Know that this is a journey you are to take throughout your lifetime. If there are any wishes, goals or aspirations, write them down in incremental ways rather than in broad aspects (Vision boards, lists, bucket lists. etc)

When we see the goals in forms of a list(s) it may appear too much to do at one time. At some point you must plan, integrate, or have a strategy for your prayers, your desires, your life or spiritual goals. You must remember that you are not in control of the outcomes, (how it should play out) which is why planning has been refuted until now.

You see it in a different way though. You’re ready to take on the new aspects of your life and it’s journey.

You are beginning to fully understand those hidden untapped perspectives of yourself. Be open to learning as long as you are here. You’ll have the help, support or anything else that is required to fulfill your destiny.

Prophecy: You are now in a position to guide and teach others. It is time to release some memories from your spiritual closet. Even though a portion of it may have been beautiful it is time to move on.

Everything you pursue will begin to feel as though the heavens are shining down on you. If you want something to come to pass, always give from that energy. Prophecy only the things you would be willing to bring about for yourself. If you cannot endure, speak no word of it, by thought, word or frequency.

You’ll find your unique ‘envelope’ in the way to which you are to put your healing ‘stamp’ on, in order to serve yourself and all others. You may find that teaching opportunities come about. You’ll have exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond what you can ask for so dream big.

Intuitive Conclusion: You’ll experience some favor in regards to all projects at this time. Remember to use ‘favor’ wisely. As this is also important to help you complete your journey. You’re going to make many people happy with your message, your gift. Continue to shine bright.

You have dug really deep within yourself and the Universe or higher power has chosen to reward you. as a a way to say ‘well done’.

xoxo Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing with all due respect!

For healing beyond the wisdom of the number or to have numbers interpreted click here

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