Symbolic Meaning Of Birds (NO Type In Particular)

Internal Wisdom, Clairaudient, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience: When birds are seen in Visions, waking life, paintings, dreams, etc. It is notion of an awakening period set to come in your life. NO is not the final answer. You can get exactly what you want as long as you alter the direction or desire in order to change your perspective.

When you cannot depict which form these birds are or species, they are therefore silhouette’s and are not intended for you to interpret at this time. Look at the overall message. Also it is a message that you have closed a chapter in your life.

However if you can, pay attention to the number of Flock that you see + the direction into which are they flying. Variant birds are symbolic for a more stable environment. Suitable to your personal beliefs + spirituality.

Angelic Messages:

5 Birds are signs of changes you need not fear.

6 Means an awakening in concern to your relationships.

7 Divine, Spirit, the Universe

8 Substantial wealth or changes that bring about financial progress.

For them to fly high denotes victory. To see them closer to you is a heightened level of trust with the spiritual + metaphysical realms.

Psychic Medium + Intuitive + Reiki Master Conclusion: Expect more company Spirit-mind-body-heart wise. As you are being entrusted with a secret at this time. Please see the meanings of particular *birds + colors* as they become available. Shadows of Birds could signify a teaching phase. Take caution what you put out there. Lessons are equipped with their own boomerang effect. Until a belief is altered for the better.



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3 thoughts on “Symbolic Meaning Of Birds (NO Type In Particular)

  1. Namaste, I so resonate with every word you spoke,even down to the fact my spiritual animal is a Eagle and I get to see him/her all the time that i think about seeing on,As a seer I have a strong knowing about all that i see,and that I was a eagle in my past life.luv ya’

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    1. It’s Afternoon Here in Southern Texas, Great to hear your perspective. I can most definitely see that you have the personality of an Eagle. One who Soars above ground. In the perception of wisdom. I do find a likeness to that of a Hawk. Hope this helps. You may visit the site for any further spiritual assistance if need be. xoxo Quornesha


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