Angel Number 28/Confirmation Number 28

Internal Wisdom/Knowing [Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudient]: Number 28 Appears in flashes, waking life, Meditations, dreams, Pictures or paintings + signs. When a door has closed and another is set to take it’s place. The Number twenty-eight appears as confirmation that your worries or concerns for another opportunity shall now cease. Anxieties will decrease. It may also signify that you have finally come to the completion of a spiritual venture. It has definitely ran it’s course.

Moving forward, keep your confidence. Do not display all of your secrets to others. As a Helping hand held out could also turn out to be the hand that denies you. In other words, your time, efforts and abilities are sacred. You have now developed the key to use yours in a way you feel. To move forward efficiently withhold as you see fit.  Only intervene when it is vital and stay out of the journey’s of others.

Twenty-eight is also confirmation or request for you to look into the mirror at the weight you already carry or at how far you have come. You will begin to only add to your course what is necessary and what you voluntarily commit yourself and abilities towards.

Angelic Channel [Clairsentience]:You have finally released what no-longer serves your spirit and even though it may seem stressful that you are on another journey or path, know that this is one you alone were destined to take. Twenty-Eight is symbolic for receiving supplies to do the work you were called here to do. If you sacrifice your tools for the progress of another hunter you become in need instead of supplied. Therefore you can only give of that which you have plenty to share. You now see yourself as your true identity. Heaven did not descend you neither rich nor poor. It is a choice.

Intuitive Conclusion: We each hold a key it is up to us if we will use the key or surrender it. WHY surrender it when there is a door, a final door beyond all journey’s just for you? It is up to you to interpret exactly what this key is. Just as snow flakes or people, no two keys are alike. It is never of the same source so to speak.

Moving ahead use your ability of discernment also known as Clairvoyance or psychic abilities. Toss aside all labels about yourself and discover your true self, your soul.


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4 thoughts on “Angel Number 28/Confirmation Number 28

  1. Hi, my name is Moises. Date of birth is 7/28/1990. I came across ur site, I was looking for another meaning to the number 28. I’ve been lead to other passages, but I’m still not satisfied with whatever I keep coming across. I feel as if the number 28 could be something more to me. If you can really do readings, I’d like you to do a reading on me… I said before my name is Moises Camarillo, born on July 28th 1990. I’m also a Leo.

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