Divine’s Help

Your father is indeed very proud of you, he calls you his baby child. A soldier, one in battle + one in life. One you admired so much it is difficult for you to cope in private when you think of how far you have come in life + career.

His hands are still around you holding you dear to his heart. What you miss the most is his guidance. He taught you of your spirituality. When others question a new style you are set to take on in your work, you should listen within instead. What was the purpose of your intentions. That is what you should listen to instead.

You are fierce actually, regardless of your faith. You take no prisoners + neither are you one yourself. You will not take it from anyone, It is the absence of your Father (through death) that you have become so thick skinned. Don’t become a companion to the wall though. You’ll heal in time, because you’ll see that he is actually just around you know. You say “Lord I need you help” especially when you do not understand something.

It’s okay to have/ask questions, it is actually the only way out through the maze you had been traveling through.

Divine has you heavily upon his mind, this message was not a day late, a moment or the hour. It is on time.

Don’t worry so much. When you have questions, imagine your father next to you. He is closer than you might think.


The Supernatural Healer

Quornesha S.

Thanks for sharing so kindly, with all due respect to the author.

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