Letter F Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: F Reveals itself when things have come to a completion, perhaps a journey has ended. A person has learned their lessons + now they are prepared to move on. F Is also symbolic for the other worlds outside of humanity. The Animal Kingdom, The Heavens, Gods + Goddesses, the hidden elements of our planet. Known to man there are four but beyond our world there are millions of elements.  The Letter F Stands for. Favor, Fierceness, Flavor, Fun, Feng Shui, Favorable, Fanatic, foreknowing, forthcoming, fortune, fortune telling, future, focus.

When you can see the letter F in your waking life, cup readings, in paintings, in graffitti, or acknowledged in ancient scribes. It means that great things are on the rise. It asks you to be careful what you wish for. As YOU are manifesting things for yourself + humanity rapidly at this time. The F Often appears to those who are intuitive + will ask he/she to take a look closer to use your clairvoyant power + abilities.

Angelic + Divine Channeling: F suggest that you do not worry of your ascension + how it may appear to others. It asks you to be content in your spirit with what is coming through to you. It may not yet be clear to those who know what you know as of yet. You must continue along, moving quickly + with caution to the path ahead. In other words do not procrastinate as those around you may do. As the true meaning of confidence is to fly even when your ability is being questioned or tested. You must not take things personally. Those around you must know, just because you are reluctant to their ideas does not mean you hold no space of love in your heart for them. It simply means their perspective isn’t big enough for you to captivate entirely.

Intuitive Conclusion: You cannot take a circle + mold it into a square without changing what it was intended to be since the very beginning. When you are leading the way it is most difficult for anyone else to see what you are doing until a destination is arrived upon. When the way is clear for everyone, it’s easy for the group to be in agreement. When it isn’t they must trust your guidance to continue along the path you are leading. They have the power to choose if it is not for them, but you must never in your existence put down your own map to follow that of someone else.

They must trust you to be able to understand it. When they will not you must continue anyway, you are meant to reach your destination, what happens along the way are only lessons along the path.


Quornesha S.

The Supernatural Healer

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