The Letter D Symbolic Meaning

D is symbolic for Deliverance, The Ending of something, a chapter that has ran it’s course drawing to it’s final close. What we have been longing to finish is now complete. D is confirmation that what we have considered as done or no longer what we wish to continue with has served it’s purpose & for us to make the transition without whatever we held onto for some time now.

Dating, Deliverance, Demeanor, Defiant, Defy, drastic, Dishonesty, Dis, Doom, Dreams, Divinity, Done, Death, Doves, Destiny.

As noted D is associated with rebellion or stubbornness, know that this phase has now come to a screeching halt & Better circumstances are now on the way. Things will begin to flow more easily in every area. As you move ahead leave all the baggage behind you. Your reflections has changed.

In the future/future reference: Allow others to choose their lessons. You hold the wisdom now to not allow anyone to trample over you via frequency, emotions, etc. Allowing others to choose their lessons means that even when it is unkind to you move on. They have so much to learn. When people do negative things to throw you off focus of your dreams. It’s important to put your focus more so on your goals & dreams.

The purpose of disruption is to get you out of balance & harmony. Stand strong & keep moving beyond all those obstacles.

When you are faced with a grief such as death, look for things to feel grateful for. Show gratitude, Gratitude moves you from worried to serenity. You’ll begin to see things lighten up & heal. OUR life & words are but a circle. The more we say something, it goes around & comes back around to serve us. As long as there’s no change it will not change. If you decide to change it up, the negativity begins to change also. It slows down to adapt to your new normal.  As it goes around into this circle you notice that it brings you this change you sent out into the circle. You’re in a circle. You create your own worth.

You don’t have to prove anything, as long as you look at every difficulty as tests, you’ll get through them much faster. Change your words. Your thoughts, your surroundings. Your life.


Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

Thanks for sharing with all due respect.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

xoxo 88

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