Married or Marriage

The cold hard truth is: Just because you get married doesn’t mean you’ll have a marriage. Marriage is like a machine. If you set it aside and expect it to work itself out or work on itself. You’re wrong.

Just like the machine, you need to be the oil of life for your husband and he the oil of life to you.

Just as a river you need to be there for when thoughts are expressed and require healing. You’ve got to be there, you’ve got to show up for the work. You’ve got to be willing to accept the responsibility that it’s not about you working on yourself anymore. You did that when you were single. If you didn’t then you were not possibly ready to sign up for the marital position.

I apologize for the relation of marriage as a car, but it is actually quite similar.

When you love your car, you wash it, you take it for a spin, you admire it. You cater your time and energy to it. You even play music for it. You even TALK to your car. You touch and feel your car. You buy your car luxurious accessories.

Even if you’re not married and dating, you must practice giving all of ourselves to the person as if they were. You can’t half love someone. You don’t half or one-sidedly contribute either.

You’ve got to do what you feel like doing. Love people in a way you feel like loving. You never ask a painter to paint only half a face or half his art would you?

Remember! The same love you invest, you will deposit, withdraw and cash the same check.

You are what you attract. Karma is a lesson and a teacher. If you do of it, you do not know better yet. The wrong must then be righted. Your mind must change. Even if the lesson should appear, again and again, until you get it.

The Universe is Kind and Patient. But doesn’t it move in it’s own Divine timing? Don’t make promises you cannot keep. Ships have anchors, it doesn’t float if it’s secured. PAY UP.

There would be no talk/radio shows (none which are successful) if all they do is sit around and sip coffee and eyeball the news on screen or paper. Communicate.

You can’t reach the playoffs volunteering to be on the sidelines. Don’t be lazy, be active.

When you’re passionate about anything, it shows, and you need a willing individual to allow you to be a painter and showcase the art inside of you.

Those I experience love with or share any part of myself with, is good for the soul. Those I welcome into my heart are there as a reflection of who I am. I am willing to share the road, the spiritual journey with someone other than myself. I am open to love and Divine healing. I feel grateful for my relationships. I am open to change. I am open to accepting the journey and free myself the anxiety and worry of making it more than what it is or needs to be. I feel free and independent and am open to sharing the space in my heart with someone other than myself. Life is beautiful and it is a captivation of the person I am in my soul.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved

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