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Recognizing Diversions

Every person represents a mind, an influence, an energy. To work on any frequency with love is to know and understand what it is you’re faced with.
xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo


We have confused life with obstacles, life is actually quite easy all by itself. It’s the obstacles and lessons that make it seem difficult. You cannot have the victory without something opposing it. Accept your challenges they’re worth it.  I Thank The Universe I have the courage to face what I need to. Quornesha Silas…

May There Be

In 2015 May you finish your story, May your Guardian Angel be with you always, May you always listen to your inner voice, May you always ask and receive, May, no matter how hard it gets you keep moving forward. May there be light and companionship for you, May the soul be fulfilled and find…