How to E F T With Quornesha S.

You will tap on the points as guided in the info-graphic. Repeatedly until each statement is completed for that tapping point as coordinated by the numbers provided.


  1. How am I going to make these changes, I do not yet know all of what is going on within this much needed transitions. To which I must go through. But I am open to them. As I know, greatness awaits.
  2. My life, what life have I lived, I have not just yet. So I clearly understand why, I must make them now. These changes, I know are for my highest good.
  3. All of the fears, floating within my mind, body and soul. I am free to renounce these fears and replace them with the faith I have and hold. Deep within me.
  4. There is not a setback, stronghold or worry or constraint that can halt these changes from coming about. They are not as powerful. Although I have given previous power to my fears, I take it back today.
  5. My life, surely it will never be the same. Surely, I cannot be in the same place twice. These are all changes I have requested and so, I set all fear and worry aside so that I can take on this new chapter in my life.
  6. I am so grateful to those thinking of me during this transition. But I know that the rest comes from me. So I put in the necessary ingredients, to make the journey ahead possible.
  7. As I say goodbye, I am also saying hello. Hello because, As this door closes, many opportunities abound.
  8. I renounce my fears, fears that it’s not going to work. Fears that my life will be wasted or that harm may come to me. My heavenly father, knows the plans that are in store for me and these are all to help me prosper and not faint or fail.
  9. I say yes to all that is good. I say yes to being rich in mind, body and spirit. I say yes to living the life I can wake up to and love. I say yes and I say thank you, for all that has served me in this time. But I say farewell and good bye, to that which is now ending. Namaste.

Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

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