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His Love

Would if everything we have been taught about God is wrong? Would if those lessons are the reasons for the resentment we may hold about him? Because we have become accustomed to the one-sided-ness of his wrath and never of his greatest power, that of Love? Quornesha S. Lemon © All rights reserved empowermentGodhis loveinsightlovequotethe…

Wheel Of The Dharma

Favor is circular as a wheel, rolling right back to you what you have given! Believe! Quornesha Silas Lemon  dharmaempowermentfavorinsightProphecyquotethe wheel of favorthe wheel of the dharma

Time Is Now

You can’t focus on your yesterday, it’s leaves and how they changed, you can’t watch the sunset and rise at the same time. Quornesha S. Lemon empowermentinsightProphecyquotesunrisetoday