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Producer commentary

I Want you to Read the Script, But…Quorneshafy it!!! OMG! I love working with you, You belong on TV! I’m loving your videos, you’re being so funny!

Stepahnie J

Stephanie J Says: The angel number 1177 has popped up twice for me as of lately so far. Eye love it and thankh you for your message about this energetic(energy) number you are very powerful. Much love to you Goddess

Maximillian C.

Max C. March 6 2016 One of The Greatest “Quornesha is an incredible healer. I have had the great pleasure of playing with many healers all over the world, from many different schools of healing, over several years, and Quornesha definitely stands out in my mind as one of the greatest. Her time is worth…

Shannon Nycol

Your article gave me such reasurring warming chills and rolling tears of relief i thank you from the pits of my mind spirit heart and soul for all your ever so accurate feed back … BLESS YOU ALL FOR SHARING SUCH AFFIRMATIONS FOR THE ALL THE WORLD TO SEE AND BELIEVE … XOXO ALL MY…

Ms. Vicky

OMG! This prayer is so beautiful and addresses all of my issues with my husband and family. I feel so good after reading the prayer. I know God is working on my situation and all matters Will work out for the good. Thanks for the prayer and the healing link. May God our heavenly father…

Ms. Vicky

“I met Quornesha a couple of years ago while shopping in Kroger’s. Our conversation began from Angel numbers that were the total of my grocery purchase at Kroger’s. She gave me positive insight on the Angel numbers and advised me of her profession and to check out her website. I contacted Quornesha and she prayed…