Prayer for Our World and Japan

Dear Heavenly father, I come boldly before you today on behalf of Japan. In the Midst of this crisis. Homes, lives and people have been displaced and and cry out for aid. I ask that you guide us all through this turmoil. I ask that we unite and come to realize what it means to be human. I ask that peace be obtained in the midst of this storm that may now be experienced in Japan and us in the world.

I am asking boldly for your favor and healing in the place of fear. I am asking you to send out healing to the situations at hand. I ask that you guide us to be a nation that aids in times of such crisis’ Give and bring peace to those who feel discomforted.

Give and bring peace to those who feel their safety is not assured. May there be no further harm in our world upon this day. I ask for recovery and restoration. I ask that you supply the support needed to continue forward. I ask that your love be shared and showcased through all of us. Teach us to comply with compassion. Teach us to love and rise with open arms as we see fit.

In this time of overwhelm. May your miracle be produced. May love and light stand in the midst of our world, in this moment of disdain, sorrow, loss, pain and disruption of safety. In the holiest and highest of all names. Amen. Bring us to peace and safety. Reveal all terrorists and let them not be given way to freedom without consequence for their actions. If this is your will and it is written, let it be done and so it is . Give us all comfort and healing in this hour and this moment of crisis. Amen. You shall restore above and beyond. Knowing this too shall pass and shall not be so again, in 2015.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect.


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