Crucifix Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: As known As: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience: The crucifix has been around far beyond deities or religion.In fact to see them in one’s waking life, dreams, visions, flashes, paintings or even in photographs are symbolic of one’s life path being at a cross roads. One or all will come to an end. Or simply you must choose your own way. It is also quite potent in protection but also impotent if one should use it incorrectly.

 Depending upon the opinion of the beholder it can also symbolize division. Careful in interpreting others according to what you believe, this is your path alone. Careful in trying to convince anyone at this time. As one’s beliefs may be restricted you’ll be guided or forced to open to your own way of thinking.

Continue to review the opinions in your mind + heart. It is each of our own responsibility to not take on the external ones as our own beliefs.

You have the right to not allow someone else to inherit your time, feel free to speak what’s in your heart.

When you have decided to live your own best life, + to not be a victim of any situation you become free + discover various opportunities for your taking.

We have been taught that through biblical word or prophecy that An ascendant master in particular was beaten + endured as a matyr for the saving of his people. This is rather outdated + we are not certain that what we have been taught of the past is true or accurate. It is only then by faith that we believe what is written.

Angelic Channeling: Also known as Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, CLairsentience + Claircognizance: It is now time to create your own fate when the Crucifix appears to you. Or perhaps you’re already on your way in doing so. You are asked not to deter from this journey that you are guided to take. Do not allow refutation or upheaval to take the wheel + drive you off course. As often this is symbolic for jealousy or hate or lower frequency or convergence to another path that has nothing to do with the course into which you are set to take.

Internal Wisdom: Do not allow any phase to settle here. As any storm passes, allow those opinions to pass also. If you’re feeling vulnerable, remember that the best makeup is your own self love + confidence.

If you have lost your way as of recently, know that a way is being aligned for you to take a greater journey. Being in position to say that you have it does not bring happiness or spiritual peace. But being at peace within + having your passions accordingly will motivate the soul to do more in the world.

You must calculate what it will cost you in terms of endurance or strength when you take on paths you aren’t truly passionate about. With the same level of endurance you can be who you really want to be. If you’re considering higher education then you are being advised to take the steps carefully as the time you give + the money you receive cannot be reverted.

Once you align something such as this it becomes a long term assignment. You’ll have to parent the upcoming changes in order to keep it on the right path. YOU have to make a decision very shortly, don’t be confused. clarify! Don’t take that first step unless it has your name on it.

Intuitive Conclusion: The right path is to take the one you’re most passionate about. There’s temporary passion + there is long term passion. Which one is up to you, + your personal life choices. Only one flame can flick per wicker. Not two or three. To sacrifice is to choose to live that life as only messenger, you’re not just a messenger, you are the creator of how you’re going to live.


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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