Cardinal Symbolism

If you’re afraid for what’s ahead that is definitely a notice that you must release some energy around you.

Cardinal is confirmation for renewal. It is a sign to free up space in your spirit. The cardinal appears when we are beginning something new and fear is present or steps required feel daunting.  Yet the steps are necessary for growth. You are reassured that this time should past. And surely you will feel in your perfect medium.

You must also take into account that once we grow and learn from an experience we will move on. Clinging to any situation out of fear or contemplating out of fear only results in one lesson. That the Universe makes the ultimate decisions. If it is time for a person or lesson to leave our lives and we continue to remain, often changes will come about abruptly.

As it was agreed between you and Higher powers that we were to do one thing. Evolve. That we’d set out here on earth to make a difference.

Cardinals are signs that the best is still yet to come. SO even though you fear that the best is over, it is not. Move ahead without fear or regret. If you didn’t do what you needed to do yet, there is still time.

Regret is an energy, fear is an energy, the past is an energy, if you hold onto it, it’s going to manifest again and again. Make changes leaping, into your tomorrow. When you use affirmations, affirm: I am Evolving right now. As when you say tomorrow or soon, it will always be non-existent. Because when that tomorrow comes and you say ‘tomorrow’ you still have the other tomorrows’ to look forward to, in order to determine IF it will manifest.


Focus on right now. If it doesn’t come about, it’s not meant to be. Don’t forge ahead without looking first, if you feel confident trust your instincts. Then follow your guidance.

Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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